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South Park: Worldwide Recorder Concert (a.k.a. The Brown Noise)

Mr. Garrison takes his class to Arkansas to perform in a worldwide recorder concert. Cartman spends the bus ride trying to find the "brown noise" - a pitch which causes people to lose bowel control. Once they arrive, Mr. Garrison confronts his father about the lack of molestation in their family, and the boys get in a verbal battle with some kids from New York.

Episode Info
Episode number: 3x17
Production Number: 317
Airdate: Wednesday January 12th, 2000

Director: Eric Stough
Writer: Trey Parker (2)

Guest Stars
Andrew KemlerAndrew Kemler
voiced New York Kid
Giancarlo GanzianoGiancarlo Ganziano
voiced New York Kid
Main Cast
Trey Parker (2)Trey Parker (2)
voiced Stan Marsh, Eric Theodore Cartman, Herbert Garrison, Officer Barbrady, Terrance, Timmy, Ned Gerblanski, Satan, Randy Marsh,& Various
Matt StoneMatt Stone
voiced Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McKormick, Gerald Broflovski, Pip Pirrup, Jesus, Jimbo Kearn, Phillip, Saddam & Various
Eliza SchneiderEliza Schneider
voiced Mayor McDaniels, Liane Cartman, Mrs. McKormick, Wendy Testaburger, Shelly Marsh, Sharon Marsh & Various
Episode Notes
This was the first South Park episode to receive an 18 rating in the UK.

Episode Quotes
(As the children play 'My Country Tis of Thee')
Mr. Mackey: M'kay, that sounded great, kids.
Mr. Garrison: Sure, if you like the sound of a peacock getting its neck broken.

Cartman: We're trying to find the brown noise - it's this one pitch, this certain frequency that makes people lose bowel control.
Stan: What's 'lose bowel control?'
Cartman: That's a scientific term for crapping your pants.

Mr. Mackey: There comes a time in every father's life when he must ask himself, 'How far will I go to save my son's life?'
Mr. Garrison Sr.: Well, I won't have sex with him!

Mr. Garrison: I don't think you children have been working on your fingering!
Cartman: That's not true Mr. Garrison, Kyle was working on his fingering with his mom all night long.

Mr. Mackey: Mr. Garrison, I know this is very difficult, m'kay, but I have to ask, is there a history of sexual abuse in your family?
Mr. Garrison: Some, yes. There was my uncle, Richard, he molested me.
Mr. Mackey: M'kay, when was that?
Mr. Garrison: Saturday last, last Saturday. He's a paraplegic.

Mr. Mackey: Mr. Hat, I need you to let me talk to Mr. Garrison, m'kay.
Mr. Hat: No! Why would he want to talk to you? You're just a second-rate, dopey-ass, elementary school psychologist!
Mr. Mackey: What did you say?
Mr. Hat: You heard me, jackass, there's monkeys that make better counselors than you!

New York Kid: I didn't know they were inviting rednecks to this.
Stan: We aren't rednecks!
Kyle: Yeah, that's Texans, butt-hole!

Mr. Garrison: I've come to ask you about the sexual abuse, Dad.
Mr. Garrison Sr. What?!
Mr. Garrison: Yeah, we're gonna talk about this.
Mr. Garrison: Sr. What the hell?! I never sexually abused you!
Mr. Garrison: I know! I wanna know why not!
Mr. Garrison Sr. What?!
Mr. Garrison: Was it that I was ugly, Dad? I wasn't good enough for you? You could go off and screwed any whore on Ryeland Street, but when it came to your own son, you were just too busy!

Mr. Garrison: Did you know, Mother, that Dad never sexually abused me?
Mrs. Garrison: But . . .that can't be!
Mr. Garrison: He never did. Not once.
Mrs. Garrison: Well, that's just not true! Your father loved you!

Episode Goofs
When the concert is starts and it's announced on television, the announcers say it's live from Oklahoma City. But it was mentioned earlier in the episode that it was being moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. This was a major plot point, so a fairly large error.

Despite already shown dead, Kenny is seen on the bus at the end of the episode.

Cultural References
Visual: POX Presents . . .

The network that the Worldwide Recorder Concert airs on is called POX, a spoof of the network FOX.

TV Announcer: Special guest conductor Yoko Ono and woodwind virtuoso Kenny G will lead this fantastic event!

Yoko Ono, a Japanese musician and artist, is best known for being John Lennon's widow.

Kenny G is an American saxophonist and jazz musician. His most famous song is "Songbird".

Mr. Garrison: Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning.

This is a famous quote used by Captain Kirk in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991).

Cartman: That they should bring back Chicago Hope for another season?

Cartman is referring to the CBS drama series Chicago Hope, which was canceled the year this episode aired.

Cartman: That's nice. When I find it I'll just make you crap yourself so you look like Karen Carpenter.

Karen Carpenter
was the drummer and singer for the musical duo, The Carpenters. She died of complications from anorexia nervosa.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorTrey Parker (2)  |  Matt Stone
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