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Asspen - Recap

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The episode begins with the parents of Stan, Kyle, and Butters heading to Aspen to take a free 2 day vacation. All they have to do is listen to a 30 minute timeshare presentation. The first morning, timeshare people immediately coax them into attending the 30 minute presentation. While Butters is sleeping, Cartman gives a Hitler mustache of feces (his own). An instructor begins to teach the boys how to ski, but they are interrupted by an older skier named Tad, who begins making fun of Stan, calling him, "Stan Darsh."

The parents are becoming annoyed with the timeshare salesmen and try to leave, so they are told to turn over their plane cards. On the other side are prizes of free exclusive ski lifts. The parents take the ski lift, but it leads right back to the timeshare salesmen again, who begin talking their ears off once more.

The boys begin to practice skiing and they slowly improve, especially Stan who is catching on the quickest. Tad shows up and idiotically accuses Stan of stealing his girlfriend Heather. He challenged Stan to a race, which Stan loses of course. He is then approached by an older girl who invites him to the Aspen Youth Center to a dance. The boys discover that Tad's father plans to knock down the Youth Center and build something else. Tad appears on stage and begins singing a ridiculously stupid song called , "Stan Darsh." Stan asks him what his problem is, and Tad challenges him to another race, which Stan accepts. Stan then begins training and practicing hard to win the race.

The following day, the parents again try to leave the timeshare meeting but the salesmen won't let them. They call the police, only to be held at gunpoint by the cops who are also under control of the timeshare company.

The race at the K-13 between Stan and Tad begins and Tad quickly jumps out to a huge lead. Tad continuously attempts to sabotage Stan and is about to win when the girl who took Stan to the dance appears. She distracts Tad by lifting up her shirt, long enough to propel Stan to victory. The Youth Center is now saved thanks to Stan's winning the race. The teens all celebrate and the parents return saying that they all bought some timeshare property. The boys tell them that the ski resort sucks and everyone returns to South Park.