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The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers - Recap

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The episode begins with the three boys playing Lord of the Rings. Stan's parents have rented the movie itself for Stan, and they tell the boys to take it to Butters' house so he can borrow it. The boys pretend they are on a "quest" and they set off. Meanwhile, Randy and Sharon try to watch a porno film called Backdoor Sluts 9. They are stunned when they see that the movie they have is Lord of the Rings, meaning that they gave the boys the porno. In a panic, they drive to Butters' house, meeting the boys along the way. The boys say they've already given Butters the movie, so Randy tells the boys to go on another quest to get BACK the movie, claiming there's an evil power on it. The boys excitedly head back to get the movie. They arrive at the Stotch house to find Butters already watching it and quite traumatized. The boys take the movie but Butters begs them to let him keep it. Seeing the movie has made Butters slightly insane and he begins acting like the character Gollum. The Marshes are extremely worried, so they call the other parents and the adults in town all go out looking for the boys.

Returning home, the boys run into the 6th graders who snatch the movie and realize it's a porno. The boys take it back and then run away back to the council of the High Elf of Faragon (Clyde's house). At the council, all of the 4th grade boys are dressed like a different character from the movie. They decide that someone will have to watch it so they can better understand its power. Token is volunteered, and he goes in to watch. He backs back a few minutes later without costume and claims, "he's done." They try to talk to him but he simply says, "I'm done." Now the boys are convinced of the tape's power and they form the fellowship to return the tape to the store in Conifer.

The boys narrowly avoid the 6th grades on their journey, but they lose 3 of their members (Jimmy, Craig, and a kindergartener). Butters, who has been following them the whole time, offers to help them even though it's obvious he just wants the tape to himself. They eventually wind up at the store and are just barely able to drop the tape in the drop box (with Butters holding onto it) before the 6th graders can get it. The 6th graders are angry that they lost the video and threaten to beat up the boys. Just in time, the adults show up and begin to give the boys an impromptu sex discussion. The boys, having never actually watched the movie, are astonished and speechless at the vivid detail their parents give. Butters is seen hugging the tape inside the drop box in the closing moments.