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The Biggest Douche in the Universe - Recap

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The episode begins with Cartman being rushed to the hospital while being possessed by Kenny (See previous episode). The doctor tells Mrs. Cartman that Eric is running out of "time," and unless something gets done, he could die. Upon hearing about Kenny's possession of Cartman, Chef takes the boys and the Cartmans to the Crossing Over show to get help from John Edward. At the show, it is clear that Edward is a fraud by the useless vague statements he makes and the methods he uses. He does however, advise Kyle to keep an eye out for four white doves.

Very disappointed with Edward's show, Chef takes Cartman and his mother to Scotland to see his parents. Stan and Kyle are about to head home, but then Kyle sees a sign for Jewleeard that has four white doves on it. He deduces that his grandma must want him to attend the school and he says he is staying while Stan now tries to convince him to just go home. Kyle is stubborn, so Stan goes to Edward's house to try and get him to admit to Kyle that the readings are fake. Edward is offended, claiming that he has a gift, Stan leaves angrily, calling Edward the "biggest douche in the universe." Stan then tries to convince Kyle by doing some cold reading on passerby. The plan backfires, and the passerby believe that Stan is psychic too and he is therefore given his own psychic show like Edward's. Edward then challenges Stan to a psychic showdown.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Chef's parents manage to exorcize Kenny's spirit from Cartman, but Chef didn't bring a "victim child" and therefore the spirit has nowhere to go and is forced to fly around the room eventually landing in a pot roast. They head back home but later forget the pot roast at the airport.

At the psychic showdown, Stan finally convinces the audience and Stan that was Edward does is nothing special, but simply a trick. Edward begins yelling that he really is "special" and then a giant spaceship crashes through the studio roof. An alien walks out and says that John Edward has been nominated for Biggest Douche in the Universe Award. Much to his chagrin, the aliens fly Edward to the awards ceremony, where he wins the award and is crowned Biggest Douche in the Universe.