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South Park: Good Times with Weapons

The boys buy ninja weapons, and when they won't allow Butters to play with them, he re-emerges as his alter-ego, Professor Chaos. Of course, an anime-style battle ensues, and soon Butters gets a ninja star in the eye. The boys must figure out how to remove it without getting in even more trouble.

Episode Info
Episode number: 8x1
Production Number: 801
Airdate: Wednesday March 17th, 2004

Guest Stars
Adrien BeardAdrien Beard
voiced Token Williams
Main Cast
Trey Parker (2)Trey Parker (2)
voiced Stan Marsh, Eric Theodore Cartman, Herbert Garrison, Officer Barbrady, Terrance, Timmy, Ned Gerblanski, Satan, Randy Marsh,& Various
Matt StoneMatt Stone
voiced Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McKormick, Gerald Broflovski, Pip Pirrup, Jesus, Jimbo Kearn, Phillip, Saddam & Various
Mona MarshallMona Marshall
voiced Sheila Broflovski, Linda Stotch & Various
April StewartApril Stewart
voiced Liane Cartman, Wendy Testaburger, Shelly Marsh, Sharon Marsh & Various
Episode Quotes
Butters: Wowee! Hey, can I play ninjas with you?
Cartman: No, Butters. We are a very select elite fighting team sent to protect the world from evil, and you can't play with us.

Jimmy: Wha, what, what's the m-m-matter, f-f-fellas? Are you ninjas or p-p-p-pussies?

Stan: We... need a doctor. But we can't go to the hospital. Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait what about the veterinarian?
Cartman: Dr. Shafley?
Stan: He's really old and goin' blind.
Cartman: So if we make Butters up to look like a dog...
Kyle: Oh no.
Stan: We might pass him off as our pet.
Butters: Oh-hoo but, but fellas, if I... if I dress up like a dog with a star in my eye, I... I'm gonna get grounded.
Stan, Kyle, & Cartman: Shut up, Butters!

Chef: Hey, what are you children doin' with those weapons?
Stan: Nothing, just, playing.
Chef: Well, you children should be careful with those. You could put somebody's eye out.
Kyle: Yeah, we know.

Episode Goofs
Craig says that he has the "power of the Katana," but that is a samurai weapon, not a ninja weapon.

Cultural References
Cartman: I told you, it was a wardrobe malfunction!

This is a reference to Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at "Super Bowl XXXVIII."

Visual: Episode Recap

The recap that is shown towards the end of the episode is similar to those done in Dragonball Z. They really don't help much and are used to waste time.

Cartman: And if the road warrior says so, it must be true.

When Cartman is telling Kyle he saw The Passion of the Christ (2004), he says that "all Jews are snakes and liars and if the road warrior says it, it must be true." This line is also used in the movie Mad Max (1979) starring Mel Gibson.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorTrey Parker (2)  |  Matt Stone
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