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Up the Down Steroid - Recap

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Timmy and Jimmy invite the guys to watch them compete in the Special Olympics. They are in the gym training for their events, when someone offers Jimmy steroids, and Jimmy decides to try them as a performance enhancer.

Cartman reads the Special Olympics brochure and realizes that they award a $1000 prize to the best athlete. He wants to pretend to be mentally challenged so he can compete and win. The other boys think it’s awful, and Kyle yells at Cartman angrily, but Cartman reminds him that if Kyle tells anyone, he’ll be labeled a tattletale. Cartman does research and prepares to act mentally retarded.

Jimmy is injecting himself with steroids when his father knocks on the door, so he quickly stuffs the drugs into a bag and hides them in his closet. When he opens the door, his father ushers in Jimmy’s girlfriend, Nancy, for a study date. Jimmy’s dad leaves them alone to study. Meanwhile, the boys are playing basketball, when Cartman appears, trying his best to look mentally challenged in a bike helmet, speaking differently, and acting slow. Kyle is angry at Cartman’s antics, and he shows Cartman that in the Special Olympics brochure, anyone under 18 who wants to compete must have a parent’s signature. Cartman goes home to ask him mom to allow him to compete, and when she says no, he even offers to split the money with her. When she says no again, he manipulates her with a story about how he wants to experience the hardships of being handicapped.

Jimmy and Timmy are in the locker room after a workout, when Jimmy asks Timmy to hand him his bag. When Timmy grabs the bag, all the steroids fall out. Timmy knows what they are, and Jimmy tries to explain why he took them. Clearly, Timmy is disappointed in Jimmy. During practice, Jimmy is doing great and his coach notes how much improvement he’s made lately.

Cartman’s mom takes him to sign up for the Special Olympics. Timmy goes to see Mr. Mackey to express his disappointment in Jimmy, but he doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe his problem. Meanwhile, Kyle visits Cartman and expresses how upset he is at Cartman’s scam, and that he’s afraid Cartman will go to hell for it. Cartman tells him that if he’d only seen The Passion of the Christ, he’d know that only Jews and those who don’t accept Christ as their savior go to hell. Kyle turns around and walks out without a word.

Jimmy keeps training and getting stronger. Nancy stops by and reminds him he forgot to meet her at the donut shop, and he tells her than he can’t waste time on things like that, or on her. She tells him she’s going to leave him, so Jimmy flies into a steroidal rage and beats her up.

The games start, and Cartman comes in dead last in every event he enters. Meanwhile, Jimmy wins all his events, even setting records. Jimmy wins the 2004 Special Athlete award for $1000, which is presented to him by Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi, and Barry Bonds. Cartman wins the Spirit Award, which is a $50 gift certificate, and as he goes up to receive his prize, Jimmy jumps up and accuses Cartman of cheating. Timmy approaches Jimmy, and this reminds Jimmy that he cheated as well. Jimmy walks up to the podium and confesses what he did, denounces steroids, and gives back his medal. Cartman tries to pretend he lost on purpose so that Jimmy could learn his lesson about steroids.