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Goobacks - Recap

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Something strange happens on Interstate 285. A glowing ball of lightning opens, and out steps a small, thin, man. He tries to cross the highway in heavy traffic. Meanwhile, the boys offer to shovel a neighbor’s driveway, but Stan, Kyle & Kenny do all the work while Cartman talks on his cell phone. A fight ensues, so the boys go inside the neighbor’s house to get a bandage when they see a special news report. They hear that a time-traveler has landed outside of South Park and has been hit by a car. The time-traveler says he came to the present looking for work because the future is too over-populated and jobs are scarce. Soon, another man arrives from the future, also looking for work. Gradually, more and more time-travelers begin arriving.

During the next snowfall, the boys once again go to their neighbor’s to shovel her driveway, but she already gave the job to the time-traveling immigrants, who are willing to do the job for just 25 cents. They see every driveway has already been shoveled by the time-travelers. On the news, the time travelers say that in the future, all the races have melded into one, and all the world languages have also evolved into one common language. The news also shows that people are becoming angry because the immigrants are taking jobs away from the people of the present.

Soon, thousands of immigrants flood into the present. Stan arrives home to find his parents have hired a “Gooback” (named for the “ectoplasmic goo” that forms as a result of time-travel) as a maid. Stan’s parents scold him for using an ethic slur. On the show The O’Reilly Factor, the topic of the day is the immigrants. A “pissed-off white-trash redneck” argues against the time-travelers, and an “aging hippie-liberal douche” argues in support of them.

In school the next day, Mr. Garrison informs the class that he must now teach the class in both present-day English, and future-speak. The rednecks hold a rally to stop the Goobacks, and since the government won’t help, they decide to take matters into their own hands. The boys walk through the streets of South Park and notice just how many immigrants now live in their town. Stan finds he cannot even order food in a restaurant, because the immigrants who work there don’t understand English. Meanwhile, at the rally, the rednecks figure that if everyone becomes gay, no one will reproduce and therefore there won’t be any people in the future. The rednecks march naked into the immigrants’ part of town, and begin having homosexual relations in front of them to show how they will prevent them from being born.

Randy Marsh is at work when his boss tells him that he’s been replaced by a Gooback. Randy, who has always supported the immigrants, now joins the protest and the gay sex pile. A reporter asks Stan what he thinks of all this, and Stan says if everyone would work together to make the future better, then these people wouldn’t need to travel back in time. The men who are all having gay sex stop their orgy and join together to improve the future. They plant crops, paint fences, install solar panels - until Stan realizes everything they’re doing is more “gay” than the pile of men having sex, so they all begin stripping and head back to the pile.