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Smug Alert! - Recap

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The episode begins with Gerald Broflovski getting a new hybrid car which causes him to smugly drive around town preaching about environmental awareness. He soon becomes an outcast, as the townspeople do not like his smugness. Gerald moves the family to San Francisco, the smuggest city in America.

Stan is horrified that his best friend is leaving South Park but Gerald tells him that the Broflovskis will only be able to live in South Park once everyone is as environmentally aware as they are. Stan begins to write a song which he hopes will convince everybody in South Park to buy hybrid cars.

Menawhile, Cartman is thrilled that Kyle is moving away. He even throws a going away party for Kyle (which Kyle isn't invited to). Stan tells Cartman that without Kyle to rip on, his life will become empty and hollow. Cartman claims he already has Butters to fill the void.

Stan's song is a success, and all of South Park buys hybrids and everyone begins driving around and being smug. A man named Ranger McFriendly then informs Stan that he has created a huge problem. McFriendly says that people who drive hybrids spew self-satisfied garbage into the air called "smug." South Park is now the 2nd smuggest town in the world.

In San Francisco, the Broflovskis meet their neighbors who are just as "progressive" as Gerald had hoped. they even go as far as to sniff their own farts. Kyle meets the children who all take acid. He claims that he doesn't want to do drugs, but the children inform him that it's the only way to deal with their parents being so smug.

The cloud of smug over South Park is growing and begins to combine with the San Francisco smug cloud. Also, a smaller smug cloud from George Clooney's Academy Awards speech is heading right for the center. It will create the perfect storm of self-satisfaction. Ranger McFriendly blames stan for the storm and says that it will entirely destroy San Francisco. Stan then has to destroy every hybrid car in town before the storm hits, but he is unsuccessful as the storm begins wreak havoc.

Back in South Park, Cartman realizes that Butters is no Kyle, and decides to go to San Francisco to find Kyle, wearing an anti-smug hazmat suit. He finds the family right as the storm is hitting to find Gerald and Sheila caught in their own smugness and Kyle and Ike no acid.

Back in South Park, the storm has ended although there was lots of damage done. San Francisco has "completely disappeared up its own asshole." It is assumed that the Broflovskis didn't make it but then they return safe and unharmed on a bus, claiming that they must have had a guardian angel (Cartman). The South Park residents realize that they are not yet ready to drive hybrids without being smug, and all go to buy big gas guzzlers.