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Le Petit Tourette - Recap

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The episode begins at Toy Safari, where Cartman is in aisle 3 with the action figures. He begins to look at several wrestling figurines as a boy behind them begins to blurt out various obscenities. Soon after a clerk from Toy Safari questions the boy's mother, to which she tells him her son has Tourette's Syndrome, a neurological disorder. Cartman takes his toy and waits in line to check-out. The young boy with TS, who is named Thomas, waits behind Cartman with his mother. After several tics, or involuntary utterances, from Thomas, Cartman turns around and addresses the boy. Thomas' mother quickly defends her son, telling Cartman, along with slowly gathering crowd that Thomas cannot help what he says. This is amazing news to Cartman. As Thomas and his mother leave the store, Cartman is already dreaming and singing of the possibilities.

Some days later, Cartman and his mother are at the Colorado Neurology Center. A doctor is examining Cartman as Liane explains what has been happening. She believes her son may have Tourette's Syndrome. To help further the case, Cartman continually fakes tics. After looking closely at Cartman, the doctor believes that he may in fact have TS.

Later at school, Cartman is walking down the hallway making occasional remarks at the students, cleverly hidden behind his tics of course. When Kyle tells Cartman to be careful of the principal, he innocently fakes a tic in front of her and walks away. Astonished at what just happened, Butters explains to Kyle that Cartman has TS. Kyle immediately calls him out on it, to which Cartman takes him aside and tells him he is in fact faking it. While in class, Cartman takes every opportunity to tic while Mrs. Garrison attempts to teach the class. The class starts to laugh out loud, only making Cartman more aware of his newfound power. Eventually Kyle, knowing he is faking, yells at Cartman to stop it.

Mrs. Garrison, obviously flustered with the way things are going with Cartman, seeks advice from the principal. She brought it upon herself to bring in Mr. Donaldson from the Tourette's Tolerance and Understanding Foundation. He also appears to suffer from TS. Kyle, with Cartman following behind, enters the principal's office. Cartman pleads with him, but Kyle tells everyone in the room that he's been faking his disorder. This does not go over well with Mr. Donaldson. He insists on taking Kyle to a therapy center so he can all the different forms of Tourette's Syndrome.

Now at The Children's Therapy Center, Kyle and Mr. Donaldson are in a room with several other young boys and girls with TS. Each child explains what their tic is to Kyle, but he continues to explain his case about Cartman lying. This only proves to offend the roomful. Finally Kyle apologizes as he mets with his parents outside the therapy center. Cartman soon approaches, eager to receive his apology from Kyle. After much savoring of the moment, Cartman accepts Kyle's apology.

The scene shows Chris Hansen of DATELINE, fresh off the success of his other show "To Catch A Predator," talking up a new subject. He's planning on doing a Tourette's Syndrome story. His main focus will be Eric Cartman, live and uncensored from South Park.

Back in his room, Cartman is dressed comfortably in a robe mixing drinks. Kyle enters as Cartman explains his plan to him. He is going to say horrible things on his DATELINE interview and people will call him brave. Kyle is completely against the idea and tells Cartman that he is going to stop him, no matter what. Cartman tries to help Kyle see it his way, only to blurt out that he wets his bed. Cartman looks just as shocked as Kyle at what he just said.

Before the DATELINE interview, Cartman, along with friends, family, and Chris Hansen, holds a party at Whistlin' Willy's. Stepping up the microphone, Cartman acknowledges the crowd, has a few tics, and finally blurts out that he's making this all up. Once again in shock at what he has said, Cartman stumbles along with words until he continues to say things he didn't mean to. Now in complete disbelief, Cartman rushes to the bathroom where Butters is. He tells Butters that he may be losing the ability to filter what he says and quickly leaves Whistlin' Willy's.

At the HBC studio, Chris Hansen is going over his lines for DATELINE. Cartman shows up and tells Chris that he can't do the show. This doesn't go over well with Chris so he tells Cartman to "take a seat." After much explaining, seat taking, and some threat making, Cartman see he has no choice. The DATELINE episode begins with Chris Hansen's introduction. Cartman is in the dressing room, minutes away from his interview. He begins to pray to God, telling him he understands why there are filters, why people can't say whatever they want.

Outside the studio, Kyle and Thomas are communicating via walkie-talkies. They are going to stop Cartman and his live, uncensored interview from ever happening. Their plan is to get pedophiles, who they spoke with earlier in chatrooms, to enter the DATELINE studio and interrupt Cartman's interview. It works.. but too well. The first pedophile enters the studio to see Chris Hansen. He thinks it was a set up, so he pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head. Back in the dressing room, Kyle enters and reveals his plan to a worried Cartman. They both hear noises as they look outside and see more and more pedophiles arriving. One by one they enter the studio, see Chris Hansen, and commit suicide. The crowd seated inside the studio run away and the interview is ruined.

Back inside the studio, Kyle emerges from the dressing room with Cartman to reveal an empty crowd. He's beaten Cartman, not realizing he's actually done him a favor. Cartman hugs and thanks Kyle, quickly leaving to see psychiatric help.