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The List - Recap

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The episode begins with the boys finding out that the girls made a list ranking all the boys in class from best looking to ugliest. After two attempts, the boys manage to steal the list and discover what the girls think of them. The list features Clyde at #1, Stan at #3, Kenny at #7, Cartman at #15, and Kyle dead last. Kyle becomes immersed in depression and misery and realizing he is unattractive, while Clyde's ego soars as he begins acting and dressing differently as a result of his good looks. Kyle begins to hang around the ugly, unpopular kids at school. One of the ugly kids claims that being unpopular makes him so depressed that sometimes he wants to burn the school down. Kyle decides do just that.

Stan begins to notice Kyle's behavior and starts to worry. He then goes to Wendy to ask why Kyle was voted the ugliest. She is confused that Kyle was ugliest since she herself voted for Cartman. She begins to investigate and discovers that the list was rigged. Clyde was only listed as number 1 because his dad owns a shoe store. The girls simply wanted to make Clyde popular and then date him to get free shoes. the real list was hidden by the girls who purposely let the boys get ahold of the fake one. Wendy steals the real list, and her and Stan run to find Kyle who is about to torch the school.

Stan and Wendy explain the truth about the list to Kyle, but then Bebe shows up with a gun and hold them all hostage. She admits that Kyle was a"casualty" in their plot. Wendy however has called the police who arrive almost immediately and apprehend Bebe. While she is being arrested, her gun goes off and winds up killing Kenny. Kyle then burns the list, fearing an inflated ego like Clyde experienced. Wendy tells Stan that she's enjoyed his company and that her feelings for him have returned. They almost kiss, but Stan throws up, like he usually does when he's in love.