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South Park: Eek, A Penis!

Despite receiving a sex change, the boys teacher Ms. Garrison still believes to be a man on the inside. With Garrison out searching for a way to become a man again, Cartman substitutes for the day. After the kids receive stellar test scores, Cartman is taken to an inner-city school to teach. But before he does that, he decides to change his appearance.

Episode Info
Episode number: 12x5
Production Number: 1205
Airdate: Wednesday April 09th, 2008

Alternate Airdates:

UK (COMEDY CENTRAL) Oct 24, 2008

Guest Stars
Kyle McCullochKyle McCulloch
voiced Unknown
C.D. MickC.D. Mick
voiced Unknown
Ness BautistaNess Bautista
voiced Unknown
Main Cast
Trey Parker (2)Trey Parker (2)
voiced Stan Marsh, Eric Theodore Cartman, Herbert Garrison, Officer Barbrady, Terrance, Timmy, Ned Gerblanski, Satan, Randy Marsh,& Various
Matt StoneMatt Stone
voiced Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McKormick, Gerald Broflovski, Pip Pirrup, Jesus, Jimbo Kearn, Phillip, Saddam & Various
Mona MarshallMona Marshall
voiced Sheila Broflovski, Linda Stotch & Various
April StewartApril Stewart
voiced Liane Cartman, Wendy Testaburger, Shelly Marsh, Sharon Marsh & Various
Episode Notes
As of this episode, Garrison has changed back into a man. "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" was the last time Garrison was seen as a man.

Episode Quotes
Cartman: All right, lets go get you an abortion.
Maleta: No, I'm Catholic. I think abortion is wrong.
Cartman: Abortion isn't wrong! What's the one thing I've been teaching you?
Maleta: That cheating.. is good?
Cartman: Yes! And abortion is the ultimate form of cheating!

Cartman: Everyone review the section on sports casters forgiving the Patriots for cheating and saying it was no big deal.

Cartman: Abortion is the ultimate form of cheating! You're cheating nature itself! Why do rich white girls get ahead in life? Because they get abortions when they are young. They get pregnant but they still want to go college, so whatever, they just cheat. They cheat that little critter in their belly right out of a chance at life.

Linda: Stephen! Stephen, come quick!
Stephen: What is it, dear?
Linda: A penis is loose in our kitchen!
Stephen: A penis?
Linda: Yes! It just ran across the floor.
Stephen: Now darling, calm down.
Linda: Calm down nothing! I don't want that penis running through my house!
Stephen: (aside to Butters) Oh, women. Always afraid of penises.

Mr. Garrison: But you know, I've learned that I've really been a dude all along. Because the key difference between men and women is that women can have babies. If you can't have babies, then you're a man.
Thompson: Whoa, uh, wait, hang on a second. My wife had ovarian cancer so she can't have babies.
Mr. Garrison: Well then get an AIDS test Thompson, 'cause your wife's a dude, faggot!

Episode Goofs
The school Cartman teaches at is called Jim Davis High School. But when he plays basketball with one of his students, the scoreboard outside reads East High School.

Cultural References
Stand and Deliver:

Cartman's subplot in this episode is a parody of the film Stand and Deliver (1998). In the movie a Hispanic man named Mr. Escalante, played by Edward James Olmos, teaches a class of troubled students. Much of Cartman's dialogue, "how do I reach these kids," as well as his appearance are in direct reference to the film and characters.

Another reference found during Cartman's subplot was the name of the school he teaches at. In the episode, Cartman teaches at Jim Davis High School. Jim Davis writes the comic Garfield, which happened to be in the name of the high school in Stand and Deliver.

An American Tail:

The scene in which the mouse and penis are singing under the moon is a parody of the film An American Tail (1986), the story of Fievel. During a scene in the original movie, two mouse siblings begin to sign the song "Somewhere Out There."

Thomas Beatie:

At the beginning of the episode, Garrison talks about a pregnant man who appeared on Oprah. That man, Thomas Beatie, was a woman until 1998. Thomas then decided to become a man, but retained the female genitalia parts. After artificial insemination, Thomas became pregnant.

2007 New England Patriots:

Throughout the episode Cartman refers to Bill Belichick, and the Spygate scandal from the 2007 season of the New England Patriots. Coach Belichick was caught videotaping the New York Jets' signals during a game in September, an act that was in violation of league rules. The Patriots then went 16-0 to complete a perfect season, only to lose to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorTrey Parker (2)  |  Matt Stone
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