Heat - Recap

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The episode begins with Lydia chasing a woman. She knocks her down to the ground. But the woman lands a heavy punch across Lydia’s face. Cut to 18 hours earlier, Sherman and Sammy arrive at the hospital. We see that Mendoza is shot and is on the hospital bed. Mendoza tells Sherman that some gangsters, who had an eye on him, shot him. Just then a man arrives and announces that Councilman Craig has arrived and will like to have a word with Mendoza. Sammy tells him that the Councilman can wait; he says that they want to spend few minutes with their colleague. Lydia is working out and she tells her mother that she slept for four hours last night and so now she is full of energy.

Just then she gets a text about a homicide. During the morning briefing, we see that Cooper’s girlfriend has left some muffins for him. Cooper goes downstairs and tells Amanda that he is not going to take her to the movies. He tells her to stop coming to the precinct and also tells her that she is not his types. She leaves telling him that it is his loss. Later, Sherman declares that he is organizing a barbeque fundraiser for Mendoza to help him cover his hospital bills. He says that he is also donating his sick days and, will cover his shifts; Mendoza always does these things for his colleagues. Steele and Cooper arrive at a golf course. We see that an elderly man has driven into to the golf course and he tells them that his GPS gave him the wrong directions.

Cooper sees that he has an expired driver’s license. He tells the man that he will be keeping his driver’s license and will also be impounding his vehicle. The man tells him that he is a war veteran and he is old and needs his car to get out of the house to get groceries and visit the doctor. Steele feels bad for the man and talks to Cooper. Cooper returns the license but he impounds the car. Lydia and Reuben arrive at the crime scene in the hills. The officer on site tells Lydia that the dead man’s wife reported him missing. Later, Steele tells Cooper that the impounding of the vehicle will cost the old man $150 and he cannot afford that.

Cooper tells him that he is not trying to be a bad person; he cites an old case where an old man drove into the market and killed 10 men just because he pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes. Cooper says he will not let something like that happen again. Lydia and Reuben arrive at a boxing ring and talk to Mrs. Dawson. Dawson is the dead guy’s wife. Dawson tells them that her husband, Rick, had gone for a hike because he wanted to clear his head. She tells them that she too had gone looking for him and made a number of calls when he went missing. Next, Sherman asks Sammy as to why he doesn’t want to give his days for Mendoza.

Sammy tells him that he wants to save these days for his son’s custody battle. He also states that Mendoza brought this upon himself by hanging out with the gangster’s girlfriend. He somehow doesn’t trust Mendoza. Lydia and Reuben discuss Rick’s case and Lydia tells him that there was a brand new carpet in Dawson’s office. She finds that odd. She then tells him that she is not breast feeding anymore. Reuben thinks that it is not a good idea. But he doesn’t say much. She invites him to a party that she is attending later in the day. But he politely declines. Sherman and Sammy pay a visit to the gang who shot Mendoza. They talk to Dwayne. Dwayne tells them that he has just gotten out of prison and it is his son’s birthday.

He swears on his son that he did not do it. He says that it could be the rival gang. They leave. They then pull up next to the street and approach another gang. One of them runs and Sherman follows him. The man hides in the courtyard of a house. But Sherman manages to grab him. He asks him if this is about Dwayne. He tells Sherman that Dwayne thinks that he is sleeping with his sister. Sherman is confused. Next, Reuben does not like Lydia’s idea of dieting and losing weight. She tells him that she is not happy being a mother. Sherman and Sammy are told that Mendoza lied. The gun shot was self inflicted. Mendoza shot himself so that he could collect the insurance money to pay some of his bills.

Looks like Sherman is now going to have to cancel his barbeque party. Lydia tells Reuben that the Phone Company verified that the wife made no calls to check on her missing husband. Her credit card records show that she bought the carpet after the day Rick disappeared. So, the wife killed the husband in the office, rolled him up in a carpet and dumped him in the hills and then bought a new carpet. Sherman and Sammy are asked to go to Dwayne’s house. When they reach Dwayne’s house, they see that the birthday party has now turned into a crime scene; Dwayne’s son is shot. Lydia and Reuben go to Dawson’s office with a search warrant. Dawson tries to run and Lydia chases her (the opening scene) and a fight ensues.

Lydia catches Dawson and Reuben arrives. He cuffs Dawson. At the hospital, Sammy tries to comfort Dwayne; but Dwayne doesn’t need any comfort. Sammy sits next to him in silence. Cooper and Steele are called to a house. When they arrive at the house, the neighbor lady tells them that she did not see her elderly neighbor come out of the house for a few days. They enter the house through the backdoor. We see that the house belongs to the elderly man who drove into the golf course. Cooper and Steele are shocked to see that the old man committed suicide. Sherman arrives to meet Mendoza. Mendoza doesn’t feel bad about a gang member taking the fall because he tells him that his debts were really bad.

Sherman doesn’t say anything and leaves. Cooper and Steele are driving back and Cooper tries to explain his actions. They then see a speeding car. They turn on the siren and chase the car. The car stops and, a man gets out and starts firing at the officers. Cooper gets worried that Steele is shot. He shoots the man. He then finds Steele huddled up next to the car with his ears covered. Later, Steele tells Cooper that he thinks that this job is not worth dying for. He tells Cooper that when the man fired at them, he couldn’t help thinking about his wife and kid. Cooper takes away his badge and walks off. Lydia leaves work to go to the birthday party. Sherman and Sammy get into argument about Mendoza and what happened to Dwayne’s son.

Sammy blames Sherman. Sherman tells him that he did not know that Mendoza was lying and all he did was go after someone who shot a fellow officer. Sammy tells Sherman that it has always been about him. Amanda arrives again and this time Cooper sits with her and talks. Lydia is at the birthday party and Reuben arrives. Something is wrong. Lydia arrives home; there is an ambulance waiting outside her house. One of the officers hand her the baby. The paramedics take her mother away; she has passed away. Lydia bursts into tears. The episode ends.