Babel - Recap

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The episode begins at a crime scene where an Asian woman is in tears and is questioning Sherman. Sherman looks lost. Cut to 13 hours earlier, Lydia clears up the house after the funeral. Cooper is assigned his new partner, Henry. Cooper behaves very coldly with Henry. Henry seems to be a smart guy and he is able to counter Cooper’s comments. He tells Cooper that he heard about his former partner; and he tells Cooper that he is nothing like him. Sammy and Sherman are at a school and they give a lecture to the kids on “Stranger Danger”. Sammy is not very comfortable with explaining things to the kids; but Sherman handles it really well.

The class teacher likes Sherman and she tries to flirt with him a bit. She then asks him for his number. Lydia arrives at a crime scene and she complaints to Reuben about the bill the funeral home handed her. She also tells him that she got a babysitter for her son. They then walk up to a car and the officer in charge tells them that the victim, Floyd, was a college student and he rented out a place in the nearby building. Floyd is shot with a 9mm and there is a casing found. The neighbors told the cops that Floyd had a visitor the previous day. Lydia tells the officer that they will need a description of the visitor. The neighbors did not see the shooter because by the time they came out; the shooter had fled the scene.

Sammy does not appreciate the fact that Sherman exchanged numbers with the class teacher; he thinks it is unprofessional. He then tells Sherman that Tammy did not show up this morning and he is worried. He remembers Tammy telling him about moving to Chicago. Just then they get radioed for help. Sherman tries to make contact with dispatch; but there is no reply. They arrive at the scene and find that Dudek and some other officers have arrived as well. They are trying to catch a roadrunner. Just then a lady officer runs into a wire and her forehead is slit. She is bleeding. Next, Cooper and Henry try to break up a street fight between an old woman and a young skater kid.

He guy tells them that their group was skating and a car sped their way and so he swerved and ran into the old woman and she hit him. The old woman claims that she hit the guy because he hit her. She tells Cooper that she lived in this neighborhood for sixty years and her family has contributed a lot to the neighborhood. Henry asks Cooper how he wants to charge this; Cooper has no idea. The guy tells the cop that he is good and the crowd disperses. Dudek feels bad about what happened to the lady officer. Sherman asks Dudek for updates on dispatch. Dudek tells them that the generator blew up and so it is gone to take them hours to reboot. Dudek then sees that his car has been spray painted by the guys in the neighborhood and he is pissed.

Sammy tries to calm him down. Lydia and Reuben go to meet Floyd’s mother and break the news to her. The mother tells them that her eldest son, Leroy, was shot in the neighborhood and her middle son Julian also was shot; but that was an accident. She was expecting something of this sort to happen. She tells them that Floyd has been very careful after seeing what happened to his brothers and used to only attend class and come back home. Lydia feels sorry for the woman. Sherman and Henry arrive at a restaurant where they see that a man drove his car right into the restaurant. But the woman who owns the restaurant tells them that the accident was caused by “the white lady”; a ghost.

Cooper tells Henry that it is a Pilipino superstition. Sammy leaves a message for Tammy since she did not show up for the custody exchange. Cooper and Henry see some guys peeing on a man. They chase them and Henry gets hold of one of them. The man they were peeing on is deaf and dumb and Henry warns the guy never to repeat this and asks him to leave. Reuben tells Lydia that they got a description of the visitor; a black male, 5’11” tall. Lydia tells him that the ballistics prove that the casings are a match to the bullets that were involved in a shooting that took place last year. Lydia and Reuben go to see the victim who was shot last year with the same gun. She tells him that if they find Floyd’s killer, they would also find her shooter.

They decide to round up some guys. Cooper and Henry are driving to the precinct with the deaf guy and they see a speeding vehicle. They turn on the siren and the driver pulls over. But they see that the driver does not speak English and he is hysteric. They find a green cup in his truck. It is the same cup they found in the man’s car that drove into the restaurant. Henry, who understands his language figures out the place the guy, last went to. They arrive at the place and sees that a kid is selling a drink. Cooper sees that the small kid has spiked the drink with datura, a poisonous flower that causes hallucinations and which can also kill people. The kid is confused. Lydia and Reuben interrogate few guys with the name ‘Mohammed”.

But they find nothing on them. The guy who Lydia questions, has changed his name to Stanley. Stanley tells Lydia that Floyd used his brother’s murders as street credit and used to sell weed. Sherman gets a call from the class teacher and they decide to meet for coffee. Sammy finally finds Tammy and he demands to know why she wouldn’t answer his calls. Tammy calls Sammy a crazy stalker. Sammy loses his cool. Tammy slaps him and they end up getting into a tussle. A guy is recording this whole thing. Sammy realizes what is happening. He takes away the camera from the guy. Tammy was going to use that video against him. Sammy gets into the car and drives away.

Next, an enraged woman walks up to Lydia and wants to know why she is leaving text messages on her husband’s phone. Her husband, Tyrell and Lydia had an affair. But this time Lydia assures her that there is nothing and she is not the one who is sending him pictures and texts. Tyrell sent her a message on learning about her mother’s death and she replied only to that one. The rest is not her. The wife leaves. Cooper and Henry bring the deaf guy to his sister’s place. It turns out that the deaf man was a well known cop, who got reduced to nothing because of his addiction. Cooper and Henry then find a black guy driving a car and he looks nervous. They signal him to pull over. He is the notorious roadrunner the cops were looking for earlier, when the lady officer ran into the wire.

Next, Sherman and Cooper are asked to go to the community center. They arrive at the center and they hear gunshots. When they enter they find six dead bodies lying on the floor. Sherman is leaning on the wall next to the door that opens into the courtyard. Sammy sees the shooter and warns Sherman. The shooter fires a shot right next to Sherman’s ear and Sherman’s ear is bleeding. Sammy follows the shooter. Later, we see the scene from the beginning, where the whole team is at the community center and Sherman who is barely able to hear, looks confused. Sammy tells the reporter that none of the witnesses spoke English and it is very difficult to learn anything about the killer.

Just then a man arrives with a shot gun and begins to fire. Sherman alerts the team and they take him down. Lydia and Rueben tell Floyd’s mother that they have caught the killer; they also tell her about Floyd being a drug dealer and that Floyd was killed because of “drug debt”. Next, the Sergeant tells Sammy that Tammy has filed assault charges against him. The team is on a boat and they are celebrating.

The Chief arrives and tells Cooper that he heard that Cooper has decided not to train anyone. Cooper tells him that he has trouble training the new kids who consider the badge as a source of income and nothing else. The Chief tells him that there will always be something new about the new guys and he should learn to accept it. Lydia arrives home and the babysitter, who seems to have had a tough day, storms out of the house. Lydia then takes a picture with her son. The episode ends.