Under the Big Top - Recap

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The episode begins with Sherman and Sammy at the train station and we see that there is cash flying everywhere and people at the station are in a frenzy, trying to grab as many bills as possible. Sammy and Sherman are looking for someone and Sherman spots a guy running inside the train. Sherman alerts Sammy and then follows the guy. Sammy tries to run towards the train, but is too late. The doors shut and the train leaves the platform. Cut to 9 hours earlier, Cooper steps out of the shower and tells Al that he had a great night. Al smiles and Cooper asks him to stay back for a cup of coffee, but Al tells him that he needs to get to work.

Next, Sherman is with his new date (the teacher from the previous episode) and he tells her that they could have lunch together. At the briefing, the officers are told about some recent vandalisms and a dry humper that they need to catch as soon as possible. Lydia arrives to meet her ex-husband and he tells her that he is getting a divorce. He tells her that he thinks about Christopher, their son, all the time and how he wants to be a part of his son’s life. Lucero and Cooper arrive at a store that has been vandalized and they see that there is a crowd that has gathered in front of the store with the broken glass. They talk to an old man who says that he liked the store very much.

Cooper finds this man suspicious but leaves without saying anything. Next, Cooper and Lucero arrive at the Sexton Hotel and call out to Dewey. Dewey then shows them the kitchen where they find skeletons hanging. The hotel belongs to a guy named Ted and his girlfriend is away on vacation. She tried calling Ted and couldn’t reach him and that is why she called the cops. They then find a large skillet which is emitting some foul smell. They stir the liquid and pull out a skeleton. They also find a nipple ring. Cooper thinks that they found Ted. Sammy tells Sherman that he spoke to Waters and there is no update on the assault charges that Tammy filed against him, but he needs to redo the entire plumbing in the bathroom.

Sammy says that the court evaluator came by for an inspection and said that the water is too hot and it is not safe for the kid. The forensics unit arrives at the hotel and they find a bullet hole on the skull. That could be the probable cause of death. Lydia is present at the scene and she is in charge of Ted’s case. Just then the girlfriend, Christie arrives. Lydia and Reuben talk to Christie and she tells them that Ted was a nice guy and the last time she spoke to him was eight days ago before she left for Massachusetts. She then tells them about a girl, Belinda, who Ted had promised to help out with some body parts, but he wasn’t able to. So, Belinda got angry and put up some weird and threatening posts on Facebook.

She also says that Belinda called Ted a couple of times. Sherman and Sammy go to a restaurant to meet a school kid, Charles Hamilton. Charles is having some trouble with some kids at school and he wants to talk to Sammy about it. Sammy tells him that he needs to fight back if the kids trouble him. They then take him to his foster mother. Sammy tells Sherman that he met Charles while he was solving where Charles’s father was killed. Since that time Sammy checks on Charles often. Later, Cooper and Sherman get radioed to go at a house that is on the hill. On their way uphill, a woman stops their car and tells them that her son saw some blood inside the house through the window.

The duo barges inside the house and find that a butcher is cutting up a goat and all the blood around, is goat blood. On their way back, Lucero offers Cooper his lunch and Cooper tells him that he has lost all his appetite. Just then they see a man and a woman fighting on the road and they check the man’s id. The man’s name is Gus Jameson and he is carrying a weapon. They then arrest Gus saying that he is the proud owner of a warrant for murder! The woman is shocked. Lydia and Reuben go to meet Belinda. Belinda tells them that she was sleeping with Ted and she found out that he had a girlfriend and that he wanted to be with her. That is why Belinda was so pissed at Ted.

She also tells them that Ted had a lot of gambling debts and also owed a lot of money to some drug dealers. Lydia asks Belinda where she has been for the last couple of days and then looking at the alcohol and drugs around, she realizes that Belinda wouldn’t remember where she was. So, she asks Belinda’s permission to go through her credit card records. Later, Reuben tells Lydia that he thinks that this is some gang’s work and Lydia thinks that Belinda is the one who killed Ted. Next, Sherman and Sammy are radioed about a bank robbery and they are told to follow the getaway car. They follow the vehicle and get pissed when they see that the robbers are throwing away their loot on the road.

The people are in a hurry to grab as much money as possible and end up blocking the path. The robbers then get out of the car and run towards the station. Sammy and Sherman follow them. We then see the scene from the beginning where Sherman enters the train and Sammy is left behind on the platform. Inside the train, Sherman manages to cuff the robber. Lydia and Reuben check Belinda’s credit card records and see that she did make some suspicious purchases. They interrogate Belinda. Belinda tells them that she did not make any purchases and she did not kill Ted. She tells them that she does not really remember where she was.

All she remembers is that she had a photo-shoot and some parties. And then she had an audition for some website. Lydia and Reuben leave and Lydia still feels that Belinda is the culprit. Just then she gets a call. Later, we see Reuben and Lydia standing on the roof of a building and keeping a watch on Christie, who seems to be waiting for someone. They then see a car pull over and Ted gets out of the car! They arrest Ted for faking his own death. Christie was the one who called Lydia and told her that she got a call from Ted and to keep an eye on Belinda. At first, Christie had thought that Belinda was some crazy woman, but she later realized that Belinda is a nice girl and also, Christie learned the entire truth about Ted and his debts.

Ted had stolen Belinda’s credit card and made that purchase. Ted thinks that Christie did a foolish thing by informing the cops. Lydia and Reuben take Ted away. Next, Cooper and Lucero are driving around and they see the same old man who they met at the store earlier. They see that he is carrying a sling and some pebbles and realize that he is the guy who has been vandalizing the stores. They arrest him. The man tells them that his wife left him and he is very lonely. He says that every time he breaks a glass, it makes him feel better. Lydia and Reuben arrive at the office and Lydia finds lots of baby stuff on her desk.

Reuben realizes that these are from the baby’s father. He asks Lydia about the father and Lydia doesn’t want to discuss it. Despite that, Reuben tells her that she was wrong in having an affair with a married man but she will be making a bigger mistake by keeping the father away from his son. He tells her that Christopher will never forgive her. Next, Cooper is alone at home and he pours himself a drink. He then lines up some empty bottles and aims at them with the sling that he took away from the old man. The bottles break and Cooper smiles; he too seems to be liking it. The episode ends.