Off Duty - Recap

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The episode begins with Sammy, who is not in his uniform, running towards the sound of gunshots. We hear a man shouting and the noise of cars crashing. Cut to five hours earlier, Cooper is having beer with the retired officer he met at the boat party. The officer tells him that he has two tickets to a game on Sunday, and asks him if he would like to come along. Cooper tells him that he will let him know, and leaves. Sherman and his girlfriend, Brooke, are out for dinner. Brooke doesn’t like the idea of Sherman carrying his gun outside of work. He runs into Drew, the guy who used to sell him weed in High School, and introduces Brooke as his girlfriend. Sammy gets out of a limo that he is the “bodyguard” for, and he looks drunk. He hears the gunshots, draws his gun, and runs towards the sound. This brings us to the first scene. He beats up the shooter and cuffs him. Some photographers take Sammy’s pictures. Lydia is leaving for Arizona, for an execution, and Reuben agrees to babysit Christopher.

Sammy wakes up, at the station, and receives a huge round of applause for his act of heroism. Lydia explains the reason she is going to Arizona. She tells Reuben about a guy who has been on death row for 15 years and he had told her that she turned his life around. That is why she feels that she should go. Cooper and Lucero arrive at the house of an elderly lady, and she asks Cooper if he is Gina’s son. They take her inside the house and she tells him that she is not able to find her husband, Arthur. Lucero tells Cooper that the lady has Alzheimer’s and that they should call someone to take her away. Cooper goes upstairs to get the lady’s coat and he finds a skeleton. Cooper and Lucero are very gentle towards the lady and they try getting some information out of her. She tells them that there was a stranger in her bathroom and she hit him with a hammer. Lydia tells Reuben that the inmate, who is actually a serial killer, had killed a police officer and she thinks that there could be more bodies on him, which they would never know about after he is executed. So, she is gaining his trust by writing letters to him. A lady arrives, wanting to confess a crime.

Sherman and Sammy are on their rounds and Sherman finds it cool that Sammy got his “guard” card. He thinks it is a good gig. Sherman comments on all the attention that Sammy is receiving, and Sammy tells him that he doesn’t like it. They see two men, and one of them is a drug dealer. They chase him, and Sammy cuffs him. The paparazzi that has been following Sammy get this on their cameras. Sherman is slightly irritated. The lady, who arrives to confess her crime, tells Lydia and Reuben that she raped a small, bald man with a sex toy. They are shocked. Sammy and Sherman arrest a drug dealer and his sister freaks out. She says that she wants to go inside the house because she needs to change and get to work. Sherman takes her to her house, which is a crime scene, and he watches her while she changes. He tells her that he will leave his card with her “just in case she needs something”.

Cooper and Lucero discuss the skeleton found in the house, and Cooper thinks that the man was dead for nine months. They wonder how no one noticed the smell of the decomposing body. Just then they get radioed for back up. Dewey and his rookie are on a high speed chase, with Cooper and Lucero as back up. The suspect then gets out of the car and runs, so Dewey chases him on foot. Cooper runs after Dewey. He finds Dewey lying on the bridge, and he is not breathing.

Lydia and Reuben are going over the “rape case”. Their officer tells them that the woman is a habitual crime reporter, so it is nothing serious. They are bored and go to get lunch. Cooper tells Lucero that Dewey had a heart attack and he is in bad shape. He then tells Lucero that he has known Dewey for a long time. The Chief tells Sammy that Tammy’s case has not gone away, and now IA will be coming after him. A young boy walks up to Lydia and Reuben at the precinct and tells them that he found some stuff when he was cleaning his grandfather’s attic. He empties his bag, and Reuben is shocked to see that they are live explosives. Cooper and Lucero arrive at a restaurant, where a man gets violent and attacks Cooper. Cooper falls on to the ground and bangs his head hard. Lucero takes down the violent man.

Sammy and Sherman are on a case of a gang related shooting and Sherman wants to see the case through. Sammy is not interested. He doesn’t want to be dragged into a gang war. Sammy tells Sherman that, if he wants to solve cases, he should take the detective exam. He says the best thing about patrol is that every day is a clean slate. He then cites an example about a case that haunted him for 18 months.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Cooper that there is a slight herniation in one of his discs. He agrees to take some medication. His ex-wife arrives to meet him and it looks like they have been out of touch for a while. Sherman sees that his ex-drug dealer has been arrested and he acts coldly. Lucero arrives to meet Cooper and asks him how he got his back injured. Cooper tells him that it happened around 10-12 years ago, when he tried to pull out a fellow officer from a burning car that flipped during a chase.

Lucero asks him if they managed to get the guy out and Cooper says yes. The officer, who arrested Drew, thanks Sherman for his tip and praises Sherman. Sammy doesn’t seem to care. Cooper visits Dewey at the hospital, and we see burn marks on Dewey’s legs. Dewey thanks Cooper for saving his life, again. Cooper is at the bar and Sherman joins him. They have a brief conversation. Sherman gets up and leaves. Sammy calls Victor and asks him if he could talk to Tammy. He then tells Victor if he could apologize to Tammy on his behalf and tell her that he is sorry for the way things turned out. Victor hangs up.

Lydia arrives in Arizona to meet the inmate, Eric. Eric goes on and on about how she turned his life around by arresting him. Lydia gets a little impatient and Eric realizes that she is trying to work him. Lydia then asks him if he killed any of the campers who went missing. Eric tells her that he thought she was his friend, and that he called her to meet him as a friend. He then tells her about the things she wrote in those letters about her son, and how she wasn’t ready to be a mother. He feels that she told him all that because she had no one else to talk to. He wants her to be real with him. He then asks her son’s name and she says, “Christopher”. Sherman’s phone rings and he leaves the bar. Sherman then arrives at the girl’s house, whose brother they had arrested earlier in the day. Lydia is in the desert, watching her team dig out the dead bodies. The episode ends.