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Bleed Out - Recap

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The episode begins with Cooper and Lucero at a house with their guns drawn. They are asking someone to step out of the house. We see that the man who is hiding, emerges holding a knife. He is covered in blood. Cut to ten hours earlier, Christopher cries and Lydia wakes up from her sleep. Sherman is in shower and Brooke joins him. Sammy is being questioned by the officers from IA regarding the assault on Tammy. Sammy defends himself by saying that Tammy attacked him and so he had to take control of the situation. The officer tells him that Tammy’s boyfriend, Victor has a video that shows Sammy in uniform and losing control. They then question Sherman about the incident.

Next, Lydia and Reuben arrive at a house and find Dewey waiting for them. Dewey looks a little ruffled while explaining the case to them. He tells them that the father and the mother fell asleep in the hall watching television. The mother woke up around seven in the morning and saw that the child sleeping in the bedroom wasn’t breathing and called 911. The father said that the window in the bedroom was found open, and he was sure that it was closed at night. Lydia and Reuben go in and check on the child. It is an infant and Lydia gets totally disturbed by the sight. Reuben states that there are no visible injuries or puncture wounds. Lydia asks Dewey to get the units to process the crime scene. Sammy waits for Sherman. Sherman figures out that he is worried and assures Sammy that he has nothing to worry about.

Cooper and Lucero arrive at a laundry mat, where two other officers have arrested a guy and they put him in the car. The lady officer tells them that the guy was trying to run away and they chased him. The guy then ran into a pine tree and hurt himself. At that moment, the guy fires a shot at the officers. He misses and no one is hurt. The lady officer gets pissed at her partner because he did not check the guy for weapons. Cooper finds the gun and empties the bullets. Sammy and Sherman are on their rounds and a shopkeeper stops them. He tells them that a stupid junkie came to his shop, tried taking his money and set the counter on fire. He says that he ran off screaming “Attica! Attica!” and Sammy takes his statement.

At the house, Lydia talks to the dead infant’s mother and asks her if she remembers anything. She says that she doesn’t and also that she is not sure if the window was open or closed. Next, Cooper and Lucero arrive at a building where a terrified, naked man is trying to jump off the balcony. He tells them that the woman is crazy and she has already “whipped” him twice. Lucero finds this hilarious. They then go and knock at the door and a woman wearing a kinky outfit opens it. The man tells the officers that they met at the library and had sex, but then the woman wouldn’t let him leave till they did it a number of times. They learn that she is into S&M. Cooper arrests her.

Lydia and Reuben leave the house and the father stops them at the gate. He tells them that the baby had a nanny and he caught her trying to breastfeed the baby. When he confronted her, she told him that she loved him and wanted to have a family with him. They fired her three weeks ago. He says that he did not tell this earlier because he had an affair two years ago and his wife hasn’t forgiven him for that. So, telling this in front of her would lead to new misunderstandings.

Next, Lucero and Cooper are on their rounds again and a bus driver stops them. He looks terrified. He takes them to a spot where Cooper sees that a woman is pinned under the bus. The driver tells them that he did not see her and accidentally drove over her. Cooper calls for back up. He then goes under the bus and tries to talk to the girl. Her name is Rebecca. She tells Cooper that she just moved to LA and has no one they can call. She wants Cooper to stay with her. Lydia and Reuben arrive at the nanny’s house and she tries to run, but they get her.

Sherman and Sammy are chasing the crazy guy, who has been destroying shops and screaming “Attica”. It is a wild chase and Sammy gives up. Sherman is frustrated and he tells Sammy that the whole Tammy thing is bothering him. Sammy defends himself. Next, the EMT arrives at the accident site and they manage to get Rebecca out from under the bus. She is in a bad shape and Cooper looks worried. During the interrogation, Carmine, the nanny, tells Reuben and Lydia that she worked as a nanny for the couple and that the baby’s mother, Rhea, got jealous of her and she fired her. Carmine tells them that Miguel, the father, was in love with her. Lydia thinks she is delusional and loses her cool on her.

Reuben gets a call from Miguel and Miguel tells him that Rhea admitted that she killed the baby and now she is in the wind. Lydia is shocked. Cooper and Lucero are having lunch and they get radioed to reach a house. They arrive at the house and hear a dog barking. They find the door open and the dog runs to the backyard. They enter the house and find blood all over the floor. They follow the trail and arrive at the backyard. They hear a noise and ask the man to step out. The man steps out and we see that he has slit his own forehead. A child arrives in the backyard and freaks out at the sight. He begs the officer not to hurt Mr. Daniels. Lucero cuffs the man and Cooper drags the child out of there.

Lydia and Reuben find Rhea sitting in a park. Lydia goes to talk to Rhea. Rhea tells her that she hasn’t slept for 2-3 weeks. She was either feeding her baby or constantly checking on him. She was too tired and so she decided to take a sleeping pill to get few hours of sleep. Rhea is tears and tells Lydia that the next morning when she woke up, she found her baby lying beneath her. The baby suffocated to death. She says that she tried reviving him, but couldn’t. Lydia feels sorry for Rhea and Lydia too is in tears. Next, Sammy and Sherman arrive at a building.

The “Attica’ guy is in the building and Sherman manages to grab him. However, he throws Sherman down the stairs and runs. Sammy follows him. The guy jumps a fence and Sammy is not able to take the jump. The man is about to escape when a dog attacks him. Sammy stands there watching. Later, the team arrives and Sammy tells Sherman that the guy died from incisors to the carotid artery. Sammy then admits that Sherman was right and that he was distracted with whatever was happening with Tammy. Next, Sherman is at Elena’s house. Sherman had arrested her brother a few days back. Sherman walks out of the shower and sees that Elena’s cousins in the hall.

Cooper goes to the boat to meet Hicks. Hicks, is totally sloshed and Cooper sees Hicks’s gun lying next to the alcohol bottle. He figures out that Hicks tried to kill himself. Cooper carries him and puts him on the bed. Hicks, admits that he tasted his gun for dinner. Cooper leaves. At home, Christopher is crying and Lydia wakes up from her sleep. She picks up her baby and tries to pacify him. Later, we see that Christopher is sleeping next to Lydia and Lydia tries to stay awake. The episode ends.