Heroes - Recap

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The episode begins with Cooper and Lucero arriving at a crime scene. Both of them looked shocked. A lady arrives and starts running towards the spot, but Cooper holds her back. Cut to 17 hours earlier, Cooper is driving with Hicks in the backseat, cuffed. Cooper then drags Hicks to the bathroom and chains him to the sink. Hicks hits Cooper in his face. He tells Hicks that they will talk once he is sober. The next day, Christopher’s father brings him back to Lydia and tells her that he would like to spend some more time with his son. He says that they should meet for lunch and figure out a schedule. Lydia tells him that she is never sure how her day goes. He says that he will call later.

At the precinct, Dewey’s daughter, Rayanne joins the team. Everyone is surprised to see that Dewey has such a “hot” daughter. Lucero and Cooper are ready to leave for their rounds, when the priest arrives to meet Cooper. He tells Cooper that his father is dying and he wants to see him. Cooper tells the priest that his father raped and murdered his girlfriend, Monica and he doesn’t want to see his face. The priest tells him that the girl’s family has forgiven his father, but Cooper says that he will never forgive him. Sammy receives a call from the Captain’s aide saying that all the charges against him are going to disappear. Sherman knew that Sammy would win, but for some reason Sammy doesn’t look too happy. They come across a guy who is about to jump off a bridge because no one likes him. Sherman manages to convince him to get down, and Sammy cuffs him.

Next, Lydia and Reuben arrive at the latest crime scene. The victim was strangled, his shoes are gone and there is no id. They find a card lying next to the dead body and they decide to meet Martin Deltora. Cooper and Lucero arrive at a playschool where a black woman is raising hell because one of the children’s parents has made her child wear a t-shirt that has two girls kissing. The kid’s parents are a lesbian couple. Cooper tells the couple that they have the right to be who they want to be, but dressing their daughter like that is inappropriate, especially in a play school. They are furious and decide to file a complaint against Lucero and Cooper. Alongside, Sherman is trying to get in touch with the jumper’s parents, but no luck. They then see Maureen, a hooker and she invites them to her “retirement party”. Sherman wants to go for it, but Sammy doesn’t.

Reuben tells Lydia that Martin has agreed to meet them in the afternoon. Next, Cooper, Dewey and Rayanne are having lunch. Rayanne tells Cooper that one day, her father came home drunk and beat her mother. She came to see what was happening and Dewey on seeing her hugged her and started crying. She learned that earlier that day, Dewey had a case where a baby choked on chicken and died. Dewey was feeling bad that he couldn’t reach on time to help the baby. That is when she decided to become a cop.

Next, Lydia and Reuben bring in Martin to identify John Doe. He tells them that the dead guy’s name is Don or Doug, he doesn’t remember well. He says that one day he saw a wave of blue suits walk by him, and a woman hit him with a Gucci bag. He says that he felt sorry for the guy and bought him a pair of shoes since he wasn’t wearing any footwear and it was very cold. They tell Martin that he did a good thing and Martin leaves. Lydia finds something not right and decides to take a look at the nearby restaurants to check if anybody is wearing the boots that was taken from the dead body. Next, Cooper arrives home to check on Hicks and Lucero is shocked that Cooper is holding a man in his house. Cooper tells Lucero that Hicks was his former FDO and also a drunk, who is scared that he might have his gun for dinner.

Sherman gets orders to go to the jumper’s house to meet his parents. They arrive at the house and find three dead bodies. They call for backup. Next, Lydia and Reuben get a lead on their John Doe and they arrive at the encampment where John Doe stuffed all his things. They also find a drunk who is wearing John Doe’s boots and taken over his camp site. Next, Sherman and Sammy arrive at Maureen’s retirement party and they hear her speech as to how she chose this career to support her children and how she hopes all this was worth it. Sammy looks upset. Cooper and Lucero arrive at an accident spot (the first scene) where a car ran into a fire hydrant and also managed to topple an electric pole. The loose, live wires are in the water and there is a child stuck in the middle of the pool of water, floating on a wagon.

The mother arrives and tries to run into the pool to rescue her son, but Cooper holds her back. Rayanne, Dewey and the rest of the team are also present, not knowing what to do. Anyone trying to get to the child could get electrocuted. Cooper has an idea. He gets into the car, drives it into the pool and picks up the child through the window, without stepping into the water. The crowd applauds. Next, Sammy tells Sherman that he lied about the tape and tossing it in the drain. He says that he took the tape. Sherman tells him that he knew that all along. Sammy is feeling bad about it and wants to turn the tape in. Sherman is pissed and tells Sammy not to do that because both of them lied under oath and they could lose their jobs.

The team returns to the precinct and the priest is waiting for Cooper. He tells Cooper that his father wants to donate some money to the church, but he wouldn’t sign the papers until he meets Cooper. Later, Cooper decides to meet his father who is in prison medical care. His father tells him that he used to pray for him every day. He says that he is not sorry for what he did, because he tried giving Monica what Cooper couldn’t. He says that he wished Cooper dead because he feels that having no child is better than having a faggot as a son. Cooper whispers something in his father’s ears and leaves.

Later, Cooper arrives home and checks in on Hicks. Hicks, is still in chains and he has urinated in his shorts. Cooper sets him free and says that they can now talk. Hicks, is irritated at Cooper and tells him that all this means nothing. He talks about his days of glory and how people have forgotten him today. He says he gave everything up for his job. He had made so many rules and walls that he couldn’t even hug his wife when she was sick and dying.

Cooper tells Hicks that he was always an inspiration to him and all he wanted is to be like him. He tells Hicks that he is like a father to him. Hicks, is in tears. He tells Cooper that this is not how he was supposed to end up. He hugs Cooper and cries. The episode ends.