The Felix Paradox - Recap

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The episode begins with Sammy and Sherman inside a house loading their guns. They take their positions and keep a watch. Cut to 15 hours earlier, Cooper is on the bed when his phone rings. It is one of his friends complaining about the neighbor who keeps the generator on and the sound is unbearable. Sherman is with Elena and she wants a quickie but he tells her that he needs to leave for work. Lydia and Reuben arrive at their new crime scene. The victim’s name is Scott Hill and he is the son of a cop. At home, Sammy’s lawyer tells Sammy that Tammy has a DUI where not only was she drinking and driving, but the cops also found open bottles of pills in her car.

Lydia and Reuben arrive at the precinct to meet Sergeant Hill. They tell him that his son Scott was shot to death. Hill tells them that they haven’t spoken to Scott since the time they kicked him out of the house. Sherman is with his girlfriend, Brooke and her family. He gets into an argument with her father and walks away from the table. He tells Brooke that he doesn’t think that they are right together. She is pissed and tells him that no one treats her like this. She says that she will screw him over if he breaks up with her. At the precinct, Hill arrives and briefs the team about the drug dealer, Felix’s, death. He points out that Felix’s death has given the smaller dealers an opportunity to fill the void and in doing so, they are killing each other. Hill looks distressed and Cooper takes over the briefing.

Hill doesn’t talk about his son’s murder. Instead, he tells his team that drug dealers are like a disease that needs to be eradicated. The team then goes to a house and round up few men. Three of them enter a room and a man hiding in the closet starts firing blindly. Lucero gets hit. Later, the paramedics dress up Lucero’s wound. Sammy and Sherman are on their rounds and they find a woman driving erratically. They signal her to pull over. Sherman sees that there is a kid in the car and that the crazy woman is hiding her gun in her child’s car seat. Reuben gets a call saying that that Miguel Santos is the guy Scott was last seen with. Lydia thinks that Santos was the one selling dope to Scott. They arrive at Santos’s place and hear gunfire. They radio for back up. They find two men shooting and they arrest them.

Sammy and Sherman hand over the crazy woman’s child to the Child Services. Sherman and Sammy talk about the tape and Sherman hopes that Sammy wouldn’t tell the IA about the tape because it would screw up their careers. Sammy tells him that he will handle it. Sherman doesn’t look too convinced. Lydia and Reuben tells Hill that they have his son’s murderer in custody. They still don’t have a confession. They hand over some of Scott’s things that were found at the crime scene. Hill breaks down into tears. Cooper and Lucero are watching Felix’s funeral procession. They meet two other officers and Cooper knows them.

The officers tell Cooper that they are looking for Marney and Little Z and they are expected to attend the funeral. Cooper tells them that he hasn’t seen them. Cooper then shows him the picture of the guy they are looking for. The officer hasn’t seen this guy. He agrees to inform Cooper if he happens to spot him. Next, Lydia interrogates Santos and tells him that he killed a cop’s son. Santos tells her that he shot some crack head. Lydia tells him that the gun he dropped during the chase is most likely the murder weapon. Santos tells her that he got that gun from a cop. Lydia is surprised. Later, she tells Reuben that the gun Santos was carrying is the same one used to kill Scott. She also says that this gun was booked as evidence two years ago by Officer Jones (the one who brought down Felix).

Sammy and Sherman are discussing something and they see that a small girl, who is riding her cycle, ends up blocking the traffic. They walk up to her and ask her where she lives. She shows them her house. Sherman follows the girl on foot and Sammy follows them in the car. They reach the girl’s house and find that it is empty. They look around the house and find a lot of dope and heavy ammunition. Sammy walks out of the house and sees a man walking towards it. It is his house. Sammy knows this guy as ‘Stroke Face’. They get into an argument and start hitting each other. Sammy arrests him. Cooper and Lucero arrive at a restaurant. Lucero tells Cooper that it is his wife’s restaurant. Lucero introduces Cooper to his wife Dena.

Later, Cooper overhears Dena and Lucero talking. He learns that Lucero hasn’t been living with his family and the children keep asking about their father. Dena tells Lucero that they are doing fine without him. Cooper is surprised to hear this. After leaving the restaurant, Lucero tells Cooper that he loves going back to his family after a long day. It makes him feel better. Cooper simply nods. Sammy is not too happy about arresting Stroke Face. He tells Sherman that they made an illegal search and got the drugs and ammunition. Sherman tells him that he should be happy that they got drugs out of the streets.

Next, Lydia tells Reuben that she did a little digging on Jones and found out that the drugs that he checked in as evidence after arresting Felix has dropped in purity. This means that Jones has been using it. Lydia is pissed that a bad cop like Jones is getting all the credit for busting a big drug dealer when all he is doing is taking the dealer’s place. Reuben tells her that exposing other cops will make them look bad and he doesn’t want to do it. Lydia thinks that she should get a partner who is ready to walk the distance with her. Reuben thinks that Lydia is able to play the good cop because she has nothing to go back home to. Later, Reuben meets Lydia in the parking lot and Lydia tells him that the case is with IA. Lydia also tells him that she hasn’t forgotten the things he said. Reuben tells her that he is not going anywhere.

Sammy arrives home and finds blood on the wall and floor. He freaks out and follows the trail. He finds the babysitter on the kitchen floor and her head is bleeding. He goes to find Nate and sees NBK painted on the walls. Sherman is with Elena and one of his guys knocks at the door. Sherman goes out to meet him and sees that the guy is freaking out. He hands Sherman the tape. Sherman tells him to calm down. He asks Sherman why he hadn’t told him that he would find someone at Sammy’s place. Sherman is worried and asks him what happened. Cooper arrives to meet his ex-wife and tells him that he is ready to have a baby. He says that he could cut his hours and they can work out a schedule. He says that even the thought of having a family makes him happy.

Next, Sherman arrives at Sammy’s house and sees the blood. He is glad when he sees that Nate is with Sammy. Sammy tells Sherman that this is NBK’s (Stoke Face’s crew). They roughed up the babysitter and she ended up getting stitches on her head. They put Nate in the closet and stole Nate’s piggy bank. Sammy is super pissed and he is about to teach NBK a lesson. He pulls out two shot guns and hands one to Sherman. They take positions and keep a watch on the street. Sherman looks nervous. The episode ends.