Chaos - Recap

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The episode begins with Lucero and Cooper arriving at a building under construction. They find a man and ask him to put his hands in the air. They assure him that they won’t do anything to him and that they just want to go through his stuff. If they don’t find anything, he is free to go. They are searching for drugs. Lucero takes a look at the truck standing nearby. At that moment, a person hiding behind the truck attacks Lucero. Cut to 14 hours earlier, Lucero tells Cooper that one of the officers was checking him out and he is uncomfortable with that. Cooper tells him that they should get a beer.

He takes Lucero to a gay bar and tells him that he is gay. Initially, Lucero thinks that Cooper is messing with him, but when he realizes that he isn’t, Lucero tells him that he doesn’t have a problem with gay people. They leave the bar and both of them are drunk. They begin to wrestle, but then Lucero suddenly calls Cooper a faggot and asks him to stay off him. Cooper is surprised. The next day, they are on their rounds and they get radioed about some suspicious activity in some building. They arrive at the building. A man with a rifle attacks Lucero. Cooper goes to his rescue, but the other guy hits him with a crow bar. Both the officers are on the ground.

They tell Lucero and Cooper to take off their clothes. Later, they tie Cooper’s and Lucero’s hands and put them in the back of their vehicle and drive off. Since the dispatch received no updates from Cooper and Lucero, they send Dewey and his partner to the building. Dewey spots the police car, but there is no sign of Cooper and Lucero. He feels that something isn’t right. Elsewhere, Sherman and Sammy are on their rounds and Sherman is tired of Brooke and her calls. Sammy tells him that he wants to question some people about NBK. Sherman tells him that they should let someone else look into it. Sammy thinks that Sherman is being sheepish. Sammy meets one of the lady officers and tells her to inform him if she hears anything about the NBK or Strokeface.

Lydia and Reuben are called to the Hollywood Division. They arrive at the precinct and Sgt. Hill tells the team that Cooper and Lucero are missing and they need to find them as soon as possible. Elsewhere, the kidnappers bring Cooper and Lucero to their house. One of the guys does not like the idea of cops being at their place. He takes drugs and tells his partner that they need to find a way to fix the situation. The guy decides that they should cut their hair so that the cops don’t recognize them. Cooper tells Lucero that the guy has put his phone down. This is their chance to grab it and inform their unit. At the building, Dewey, Lydia, Reuben and the rest of the team canvas the crime scene.

Elsewhere, Sammy is still looking for Strokeface and Sherman is nervous. Sherman gets a call from Elena and he goes to her house. She tells him that Chris, her cousin, is freaking out and he doesn’t want to talk to anyone else but him. She fears that Chris has done something stupid. Sherman goes in to talk to Chris. He is told that Chris was spotted by the neighbors when he tried to jump a fence. Sherman notices that Chris is wearing one of Sammy’s jackets. He gets upset and tells Chris to throw the jacket in the river and warns him not to pawn it or do anything else with it. He comes out and sees Sammy talking to Elena. Sammy tells Sherman that Cooper was one of the officers who went missing. Sherman is shocked.

At the house, one of the kidnappers, hears some sort of a noise and thinks that the cops have tracked this place. He thinks that Cooper and Lucero have trackers on them. They decide to undress them and check them. Lucero warns them not to touch his ass. They drag him to the bathroom. He screams and yells and Cooper is not able to do anything to help his partner. They find nothing on Lucero and bring him back to the hall. Cooper tells Lucero not to give up. The kidnapper wants some cash and he takes down their ATM numbers. Lydia and Reuben canvas the neighborhood to find some leads. They find a homeless guy wearing a cop’s pants and boots. They question him and he tells them that he found the clothes in the dumpster.

Lydia and Reuben work on the time window and check the traffic camera footage. They spot a truck next to the dumpster and run the license plate. They find out that the truck is registered to Francis O’Brien. They pull up the address. Brooke arrives to meet Sherman and she yells at him. Sammy gets a lead on Strokeface. They leave. Later, they find Strokeface and Sammy questions him. He tells Sammy that his boys didn’t do anything, but Sammy does not believe him. Strokeface tells him that he is not going back to jail and drives off. Sammy and Sherman chase him. Stokeface stops at a building under construction and runs inside.

Sammy and Sherman go into the building. Strokeface tries to jump off the first floor, but he falls on some iron rods that pass right through him, instantly killing him. The Sergeant is upset with Sammy. Sammy apologizes and Sherman tells Sammy that he gave his statement and assures him that he has his back. Sherman goes to the precinct to help find Cooper and Lucero. The cops arrive at the address they pulled up from the license plate, but it turns out that the truck was stolen from that house. Dewey is totally frustrated that they are unable to find Cooper. He decides to go looking for him. Sherman offers to go with him.

At the house, Lucero has completely given up hope. Cooper manages to grab the phone, but before he could make a call, the guy arrives and yells at his partner for leaving the officers alone. He freaks out that Cooper must have called his unit. The partner shoots Lucero and tells his accomplice to kill Cooper. The other guy doesn’t think that it is a good idea, but decides to go with it since they have no other options. The two of them take Cooper outside and tell him to dig a grave for Lucero and himself. Cooper is still cuffed. He picks up the shovel and starts digging. After a while, they tell him to stop digging. They take Cooper back into the house and Cooper drags Lucero’s body and puts it inside the grave. The kidnappers tell Cooper to get inside the hole, but Cooper refuses. They hit him with the shovel and Cooper falls into the hole.

The bald guy immediately leaves and gets into the car. The guy who shot Lucero gets confused and shoots at Cooper. He gets into the car and they drive away. It is seen that Cooper did not get shot. He opens his eyes the moment the kidnappers leave. He climbs out of the grave and runs to a convenient store. The door is locked. He asks the woman at the store to help him, but she doesn’t respond. He is exhausted. He falls to the ground and begins to cry. The episode ends.