Reckoning - Recap

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The episode begins with the team chasing a suspect, the same guy who had kidnapped Lucero and Cooper. Sammy and two other cops are in a chopper and the guy fires some shots at the chopper. The fuel begins to leak and Sammy is tensed. Cut to ten hours earlier, Lydia arrives at the house where Lucero and Cooper were being held. Cooper tells his ex-wife that he is moving back into his apartment. She doesn’t want Cooper to leave, but he assures her that he will be fine. Brooke arrives at Elena’s house and hurls abuses at Sherman. Elena loses it and both women end up in a cat fight.

Sherman intervenes and takes Elena with him. Christopher isn’t well and Russell decides to babysit him. Lydia thanks him for his help. At the precinct, Sgt. Hill briefs the unit and tells them that Philip and Cody are the first names of the suspects. They also have their license plate number. Dewey is pissed. Dewey says that it has been 18 days and the kidnappers took Cooper’s ATM pin number. He thinks that they should follow that lead as well. Cooper arrives and the Sergeant quickly changes the topic. Lydia and Reuben meet with the RHD (Robbery Homicide Department) and Lydia asks him if they have any hits on the credit card usage. She is sure that the kidnappers will try to use Cooper’s credit card. She also asks him about the lead on the kidnapper’s DNA.

The officer tells them that they cannot reveal any intel to them at the moment. Sammy tells Sherman that one of his buddies told him that Strokeface was at a strip club when his house was broken into. Sherman is slightly nervous and tells Sammy that Strokeface could have asked his men to break into Sammy’s house. Sammy also says that a couple saw a green car with a red hood, speeding away from his house after the break in. At the precinct, Cooper is agitated about the fact that he is being tied to the desk. This leads to an argument between him and Sgt. Hill. Elsewhere, Sammy and Sherman line up few guys. Sammy notices that one of the guys has his (Sammy) father’s ring. He beats him up and the guy tells Sammy that he bought it from a guy named Chris.

Lucero’s wife meets Cooper. She knows that they had gone to a gay bar, the night before he was murdered. She asks Cooper if Lucero was gay because that would explain the reason they grew apart. Cooper tells her that Lucero wasn’t gay. Sherman drops Sammy at the air base and Sammy tells him to find the car. Dewey takes Lydia and Reuben to meet a guy. The guy tells them that a man named, Jyreese, sold him a gun. He shows them the gun, it is a police issue. Lydia decides to grab Jyreese. Later, Jyreese tells them that he got the gun from two crazy tweakers and they buy from him all the time. Jyreese tells them that he could take them to the tweakers. Sherman locates the green car with the red hood and he reports it.

Lydia, Reuben, Dewey and the guy, set up a trap for the tweakers, but they manage to escape. Lydia and Reuben chase them. During the chase, one of the guys gets thrown out of the vehicle. Lydia and Reuben are caught by surprise and their car runs over this guy. Later, the officer from RHD arrives at the accident scene and confirms that this guy is one of the tweakers. Lydia wonders how they got a picture of the kidnappers. The officer tells her that they got it from one of the ATM machine cameras. Lydia arrives at the precinct and talks to Cooper. She wants him to try and remember anything new about the place he was held captive.

Cooper tells her that the guys smelled like sulphur. Elsewhere, Sherman meets Chris and tells him to leave town. Lydia and Reuben arrive at a tank yard and ask for Cody. Cody fires shots at them and runs away. Lydia calls for an air ship and some back up. Later, RHD arrives and the officer tells them that they have been hiding leads from them. Lydia gets pissed and tells him that they too didn’t share the leads that they found. This leads to an argument. Lydia gets a call and she leaves. She tells Reuben to stay there and catch Cody. The chopper arrives at the tank yard and tells the ground team that Cody is hiding on top of a tank.

Cody sees the chopper and shoots at it (the first scene). The fuel tank is hit and the fuel leaks. They decide to make an emergency landing. Sammy is tensed. Lydia arrives at the hospital and Russell tells her that Christopher had a seizure, common in children when their fever spikes. He assures her that it is nothing serious and that Christopher is fine. The nurse brings Christopher and Lydia is happy to see that her child her alright. Cooper’s ex-wife arrives home. Cooper tells her that they should move in together and have a family. She tells him that she doesn’t want to have a baby with him. She says she is sorry and leaves.

The Chief of Police commends Reuben for his bravery and contribution towards Cooper’s case. The RHD officer is not at all happy about the fact that Reuben and Lydia ended up getting all the credit. Sammy is in the hospital. His arms are bandaged. Sherman arrives to meet him and they chat for a while. Elena arrives and she is hysterical. She tells Sherman that she wants to talk to him about Chris. Sherman quickly takes her outside, so that Sammy doesn’t hear anything. She tells Sherman that Chris has left town and moved to Atlanta for some job. She knows that something is not right. Sherman assures her that he will look into it.

Lydia and Russell take a walk on the beach with Christopher. Lydia is happy to see that Christopher likes Russell. In the parking lot, Sammy confronts Sherman. He tells Sherman that he got a lead on that car and it is registered under Chris. He also knows that Chris is Elena’s cousin. Sammy is furious that Sherman broke the code and endangered his son’s life. Sherman tells Sammy that he always had his back. He says that he lied to the IA for Sammy, despite knowing the fact that Sammy beat the crap out of Tammy. He wasn’t ready to let Sammy’s guilt ruin their lives. Sammy is pissed and they end up in a dual. Sammy breaks up their partnership.

At home, Cooper’s ex-wife’s neighbor turns on the generator and it makes a lot of noise. This irritates Cooper because he knows that the noise disturbs his ex’s sleep. He goes out and turns it off. The neighbor arrives and tries to turn it on again. The neighbor’s brother arrives with a gun in his hand. A scuffle ensues, and Cooper repeatedly hits the guy’s head with the butt of the gun. The cops arrive. Cooper stops, gets up and walks towards the cops with the gun in his hand. The cops see the gun and shoot him. Cooper falls on the ground, he is alive. The cops realize that it is John Cooper. The episode ends.