The Greater Good - Recap

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The scene opens with the liberation of a slave wagon at the hands of Spartacus and his growing band of warriors, which again involves a gruesome battle, with Spartacus and his slaves showcasing their fighting prowess. A part of the quest is to also find Naevia, Crixus’ beloved, for whom his heart ails. Agron and Nassir (the ex-slave once known as Tiberius) question one of the Romans, who barters with them for information; the questions directed at him are a mystery. It is also not hinted in any way what these questions are, but before you know it, Agron thrusts his blade through the man’s throat, again a very gruesome killing; with enough blood and gore. Then he and Nassir give Crixus horrific news: Naevia is dead, thus revealing their line of questioning to the Roman.

The Roman was probably killed by them, as he too probably had a hand in her killing. Crixus instantly grieves in most agonizing, self-defeated fashion; it’s understandable as Naevia was the love of his life, and her loss is virtually unbearable to him. Meanwhile, treacherous Ashur has been charged by Glaber to torture Oenomaus in hopes of forcing the ex-Doctore to give up information on Spartacus’ whereabouts. This is a daunting task made all the more difficult, considering Ashur doesn’t exactly inspire confidence within Glaber (indeed, Ashur has to prove his new loyalty by painfully cutting off the mark of Batiatus from his forearm, an act he carries out with relative bravado, thus managing to convince Glaber to quite an extent of his loyalty towards him). Glaber must also contend with his dreaded father-in-law, who has commanded that he host ceremonial gladiator games as a goodwill gesture, a task which is quite daunting and on the success of which, a lot is at stake.

Meanwhile, Crixus is wallowing in his grief, a fac that is visibly apparent. He tells Spartacus that, he feels responsible for her death and wonders if he’ll ever get over her; he is completely riddled with guilt, and mending his broken heart wouldn’t be easy. Spartacus gives him a tough love speech, intimating that they all have lost loved ones, but yet are rising above for the greater good. He understands the pain Crixus is going through, but feels that the pain of one pales in comparison to the pain of many. Soon enough, Crixus recovers and delivers a rousing speech for the benefit of his fellow Gauls, saying that they will fight on for ultimate liberation; Spartacus it seems has rekindled the fire that was burning within him, before his great loss. The Gauls are inspired by his courage and his strong heart, especially for him having the strength to rise above his personal loss, for a cause that is much greater than him.

Thus, plans are made for the grim band to journey to Vesuvius, and thus on to their ultimate cause, headed by their leader Spartacus, and the brave Crixus. However, it seems that Agron and Nassir have not told Crixus the truth about Naevia’s real fate; as is shown. As they are about to head off, Nassir’s conscience compels him to reveal the secret to Crixus: Naevia is alive, but forced to work in the harsh mines; a news that would surely bring some relief to the ailing heart of Crixus. They are all the more riddled by guilt, on having seeing Crixus wallow in the pain of heartbreak, the past few days. Crixus lashes out against Agron on hearing the truth, who emphatically states that he will no longer be deterred by Crixus’ fixation on finding Naevia; as he has a much bigger cause to strive for. He tells those who choose to follow him that he’s headed to Vesuvius, the ultimate aim of the whole group.

Spartacus sides with Crixus, headed for the mines in the search of Naevia, his beloved. Nassir, who has taken a secret fancy to Agron, nevertheless decides to go with Spartacus, saying that his Syrian heritage may prove useful, in the ensuing quest. Meanwhile, Asher is torturing Oenomaus to the brink of his own physical exhaustion, but his captive shows no signs of breaking; much to his frustration and dismay. In frustration, Asher intends on killing Oenomaus; as he isn’t of much use, if can’t get information out of him, but Lucretia stops him, essentially telling him to rethink his strategies; as killing him now wouldn’t be the most prudent thing to do. Later, Ashur does just that, filling the ex-Doctore’s mind with thoughts that his wife and friend betrayed him by sleeping with each other; so that he suffers at the thought of his friend’s betrayal and wife’s adultery.

Meanwhile, Spartacus and the others are disguised as slaves, being taken to the mines in a wagon; just so they aren’t recognized by anyone and can reach their goal, without too much resistance. Nassir is their “captor”, and he does his best; to play the part convincingly, but the Roman slave master needs better convincing, from the looks of it. Mira emerges from the wagon, all too “willing” to service the sleazy man; and thus divert his attention from the men incognito. Inside his quarters, Mira deftly maneuvers herself, and her blade, and gets the man to confess that Naevia is indeed in one of the mines. She has to defend herself when the slaver tries to overpower her, killing him savagely in this process, another gruesome killing Spartacus style. Spartacus and Crixus take care of the others, quite deftly and again in the skillful fashion of a warrior, then head into the mines to find Naevia.

But at the same time, Ashur is on his way to the mines, dispatched by Glaber, who sends his soldiers to accompany him; from the looks of it, a gruesome battle is on the anvil. This initially doesn’t go over well at the opening of the games, which is minus the pomp and circumstance Glaber’s father-in-law required, something which doesn’t go unnoticed by the father-in-law; much to the embarrassment and irritation of Glaber. Glaber does save face with a rousing speech proclaiming Spartacus’ impending capture; managing to brighten up things a bit, and thus being acknowledged with a rousing cheer from the audience. Meanwhile, Spartacus, Crixus and Mira advance into the belly of the mine, and they indeed locate Naevia, cowed somewhat due to her harrowing ordeal; their happiness and relief knows no bounds, with it especially apparent on the face of Crixus.

But even as Crixus reunites with her, Ashur and the soldiers appear in the mine, forcing Spartacus to engage them in extremely close quarters, a bloody skirmish ensues. All the while, Mira uses a map to lead them to a way out of the mine, so they can escape without too much bloodshed or without any loss of life or limb. They reach the doorway; use the key to unlock it, feeling a bit relieved. But just then, the soldiers arrive; much to their dismay. Crixus leaps into them like an enraged tiger, sacrificing himself to ensure the others’ safety; once again exhibiting his valor. Thus, as Spartacus restrains a horrified Naevia, they watch as Crixus is overwhelmed, and then apparently, is killed by Ashur, much to the dismay of the whole group. The episode ends.