Chosen Path - Recap

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The scene opens with Spartacus, Crixus and the others, fresh from bringing the arena down, returning to the abandoned villa; the joy of rescuing Crixus clearly written on their weary faces. Crixus is reunited with Naevia; and both are apparently relieved and overjoyed at this reunion. They share tears and a promise of a more, um…proper reunion (more on this soon). Meanwhile, Gannicus is consumed with one thing: awaiting a return to consciousness by Oenomaus, for there is much he wants to say to him; and his anticipation knows no bounds. Meanwhile, Glaber and Ilithyia are listening to Albinius’ will; anticipation clearly written on their faces.

Glaber is irritated over the fact that he cannot sell some of the possessions as he would have much liked to do, as these are promised by the will to the unborn child Ilithyia is carrying; and thus these are possessions that he has no right over. Alone, Glaber tells his wife that he will not forget her actions before Albinius was killed, and adds that she’s only alive because she is pregnant; or he would have probably done away with her long ago. Ilithyia doesn’t like her sudden change in status one bit; she too is clearly as displeased with all that has transpired, as Glaber is. She too would have wanted nothing more, than to part ways with him; but now with the sudden turn of events, that possibility seems impossible. The same can be said for Lucretia, who watches as Ashur pays for his freedom by making good on his boast that he can kill three of the Roman soldiers; something that he achieves with quite some skill. Glaber looks at Ashur in a different light, as he gives permission to him to seek out some men for a secret mission.

Before he leaves, Ashur pays Lucretia a visit, and to show her just how the tables have turned, he forces himself on her sexually, much to her disgust; thus he does his best to prove his dominance over her. Back with Spartacus and the warriors. Gannicus is approached by Chadara, the blonde female ex-slave; she is clearly enamored by him. Also, now that her man is dead, she seeks a replacement; and who better than Gannicus. Despite her comely charms, Gannicus has no interest in her; he makes this fact very clear. As for Spartacus, he and Agron discuss the near future. They decide that there aren’t enough of them to survive against the Romans for much longer; as they are completely aware of the might of the Romans. They make plans to liberate slave ships and increase their numbers; if they are to have any chance against them. Gannicus, forever the survivalist, thinks this a fool’s errand, and awaits the chance to talk with Oenomaus, and then he’s leaving them; as he feels the whole plan is nothing more than suicide mission.

Meanwhile, Crixus hoped-for reunion with Naevia hits a stumbling block: Naevia is scarred by memories of her being raped by the Romans; and thus isn’t forthcoming as Crixus had hoped she would be, especially owing to the fact that she has seen him after so long; and after so many trials and tribulations. She feels herself unworthy to be touched by her beloved; as she has been violated. Later, Crixus is lost in thought over this when Gannicus tells him he’s a fool to stay with Spartacus and his quest; as it’s an exercise in futility. Still later, Crixus shows that he still holds a grudge against Agron for lying to him about Naevia; and thus he might end up giving a thought to what Gannicus said, from the look of things. Meanwhile, Lucretia is in the baths, trying to wash away her encounter with Ashur; she is severely scarred and disgusted by the encounter; and is probably trying to wash away her memories of it too.

Ilithyia comes in, reeling over recent unfortunate events. They oddly comfort each other, for the first time all season, seemingly sincerely. They both are after all victims, in a manner of speaking. Later, they are both in attendance as Glaber meets with Seppus, hoping to form an alliance against their common enemy. Seppus is somewhat defiant still, almost as if subconsciously knowing that Glaber has other motives. Lucretia whispers something to Ilithyia, who says out loud that she will offer guidance to Seppia, grieving over unfortunate passing of her relative. Seppia is seen as having much influence over her brother, and Glaber agrees that this could work to their advantage; hence her offer to provide guidance. Meanwhile, Ashur is assembling a group of assassins, including a sadistic killer so vile that he is kept in a well-like prison; as he is a menace to everyone around.

This man is known as the Egyptian. Finally, Oenomaus awakens, and Gannicus is there. He apologizes sincerely for what transpired, saying that he betrayed him, but Oenomaus’ wife was more a victim of circumstance in the situation. It is difficult to gauge if his apology appeases the ex-Doctore. Later, Crixus happens upon Naevia, contemplating killing herself; her self-loathing seeming to get the better of her. She is despondent, but Crixus is determined to make her see herself as having worth; as nothing that transpired was in any way her fault. She eventually turns her despair into rage, and desires to avenge herself, begging Crixus to teach her how to defend herself. So she gets back her own at the Romans, who defiled her so.

She will no longer allow any man to touch her without her consent; thus is her resolve. Not long before Spartacus and the others prepare to move, he is alerted that coins and the map have been stolen. Just then, Gannicus appears, anxious to be on his way; as he isn’t down with the ideas of Spartacus and his men. He is accused of being a thief; mainly because of his apparent hurry to leave, which stems a doubt in the minds of Spartacus and his men. He is forced into battling Spartacus. The two draw blood upon each other, evenly matched; each is clearly as skillful as the other. However, Mira spies Chadara attempting to slip away; he is thus clearly the actual thief. She uses her bow and arrow and fells the ex-slave. Mira laments having to kill Chadara, this after trying to change her mindset about bedding men down for protection.

Spartacus apologizes to Gannicus, who leaves anyway, as he now has another reason to leave. As for Glaber, he watches as Lucretia and Ilithyia convince Seppia to talk to her brother, and jumping in just as the naïve young woman begins to suspect a trick. Glaber lays a lust-filled eye on her, as if seeing a side of her for the first time. Meanwhile, we see Ashur’s assassin squad in action, taking out a villa…Seppus’ villa. And as Seppus himself is wounded, he’s shocked to find Glaber there, telling him that if he’d only agree to the alliance before, this action would have been unnecessary. Instead, Glaber delivers the killing blow to his rival, saying that he’ll be the one to comfort his grieving sister. With that, the episode ends.