Balance - Recap

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The scene opens with Gannicus dragging Ilythia through the forest. They are met by hunters who mention that Spartacus set upon a wagon and killed some people. He claims she is his wife. But she balks and spills the truth. So he kills them. She runs. She says Glaber will pay for her return. He says he doesn't see it forthcoming but that her life is not his to take. Mira and Spartacus flirt in the woods as they hunt. They make out. Gannicus appears and tells Spartacus to take the life of Glaber's woman. Lucretia is saying the kidnapping is all her fault since she slipped and told Gannicus she was on the road. Lucretia says Glaber's men must scour the forest or ask Rome for help. Glaber says word of this cannot reach Rome and have people whispering about him in the Senate. Lucretia pleads that she must be found.

Ashur reports that all traces of Ilythia's disappearance have been covered. Back at the temple everyone practices fighting and Crixus is impressed with Naevia's progress as they battle. Spartacus arrives with Ilythia and Gannicus. Spartacus drags her into the temple as Oenemaus and Gannicus trades glances. Lucius tries to stop Spartacus but he won't listen. Ashur and Glaber arrive at the brothel. Glaber asks about the whereabouts of Gannicus. He's not there. Glaber questions the whores and patrons. None come forward. One whore is grabbed by the neck when the owner says the one woman who did talk to him was crucified. Glaber cuts his throat. He approaches the one woman and wipes the owner's blood on her. He says Gannicus has taken something from him and he will see it returned. Ilythia pleads for her life. Spartacus says his wife probably pleaded too.

She says her hands are unstained and argues for her child. She then blurts out that the child is his. He calls her a liar. We flashback to their intimate encounter. She takes his hand in the present. He is aghast. He kneels and wipes her tears and then says he remembers his hands on her throat. She says to see to finishing that job then but his wife will be very disappointed when she sees him the afterlife. Crixus joins Gannicus and says he's amazed to see him. He knows that Gannicus and Oenemaus were friends once and hopes he can again. Crixus goes to chat with Spartacus and he informs her Ilythia is still alive. Gannicus can't believe it, that he declared himself an enemy of Rome only to see Spartacus wuss out. Spartacus says he's not Glaber and he won't punish a woman. Gannicus tells him about the crucifixions in Capua and says if he takes her life he can end it all now instead of seeing countless more fall for his cause.

Lucretia tries to chat up Seppia. She is less successful with her Gods-talk with Seppia and tries to get her to get Varinius to come from Rome. Seppia points out that Gaius wants no one to know. Seppia isn't having it she wants to go bang Glaber again. Lucretia says it's beneath her and the Gods will not look favorably upon it. Seppia says it's quite the opposite since the Gods led her to Glaber and removed Ilythia from her path. Lucius tends to Ilythia at the temple. He tells her not to get too excited about his help as he's an "animal" like the rest of them. She notices he has no brand and is a free man. She is surprised he stands for Spartacus. He says he stands for justice, and explains his family were slaughtered and his land and possessions taken by Rome. She asks him to lift her burden. He laughs at her.

She says Glaber will pay ransom. He tells her to save it for more important ears. She says he doesn't want to free her just to carry a message and what was taken from him can be restored by Glaber. Spartacus tells Mira about the possibility that the baby might be his. She's mad he didn't tell her. She says it's true but there's no reason for it to matter now. He is clearly torn. Mira says to see Ilythia to her grave. He says he wants to but won't his vengeance make him just like Glaber. Glaber and Seppia get it on and this time they aren't interrupted. He seems very satisfied. She says he hopes it took his mind unfortunate events. He says the fate of his heir does weigh heavily but he's less concerned about his wife. She wonders if the bonds of marriage are so cold. He says there was a time when things were rosier between them but the bloom came off. She says she'll treat him like he deserves to be treated.

He admits Albinius and the senate don't hold him in such esteem. She says when he offers up Spartacus' head their estimation will soar. Ashur's treasure chest grows. Lucretia comes to him. She asks after Ilythia. He wonders why Glaber didn't fill her in. She says he's getting busy with Seppia. She says her bloom will wither when Ilythia returns. She can't believe they haven't found path to Gannicus. He says they made a noble. Lucretia says she will entreat the Gods for a response. Ashur wants to "pray" together. She tries to escape and he grabs her and mocks her Gods. She slaps him and immediately regrets it. She apologizes. He makes her apologize again and again as he rapes her. Spartacus is working out his angst in the yard and flashes back to the brutal taking of his wife.

Lucius tries to sneak off but Spartacus decides to walk with him and "break" words. Gannicus finally chats with Oenemaus. He says he doesn't want to see more fall to the cause. Oenemaus says he can't call himself that anymore and they can't mend their fences. Gannicus says he'd give his life. Oenemaus says he would take it. Oenemaus says killing him wouldn't bring back his lady it would just lift Gannicus' own guilt. Gannicus says he stands condemned then. Oenemaus corrects him and says he stands for nothing as he always has. Agron and his boy toy start getting it on even though they are standing guard. Mira catches them and they all giggle. She tells them to hit the hay and she will stand watch other Ilythia. Mira approaches Ilythia and she begs, for her child. Mira asks if it's true if the baby is Spartacus’s. She swears it is. Mira says Spartacus is a good man and she won't let this destroy him.

Ilythia is excited thinking Mira is going to help her. Mira says she's going to help her out of this world and starts to choke her. Spartacus stops her. She says she was trying to spare him. Spartacus pulls out his blade and says her time here is at an end. Lucretia calls on Seppia again saying she glows like the morning sun. Seppia says she won't allow Lucretia to threaten her. Lucretia says she hasn't come to threaten her but to warn her about Glabur. Seppia says to save it. Lucretia has something to show her but just then Lucius arrives to spread the word that the rebels hold Ilythia. Glabur says there will be a reward. Lucius says Ilythia told him Glabur could return his land. Then things turn dark and Lucius approaches and asks what of his wife and children slaughtered in the name of Rome? Glabur goes for his sword.

Lucius says if they lay a hand on him and his wife dies and any attempts to follow him and she dies. Glabur asks what Spartacus wants. Glabur is to enter a city with three men and Spartacus will hold the same. Ilythia will be returned in exchange for a weapon weighted with armor and supplies. Glabur scoffs, but Lucius agrees. And if his troops are seen on the road, Ilythia and his child will be lost to him forever. He departs unarmed. Seppia says she doesn't trust them. Ashur agrees they can't aid the enemy. Glabur says he doesn't trust them either but he doesn't know what else to do. Lucius returns and gives Spartacus all the news. The assembled thinks this means they'll get weapons and Spartacus will kill Glabur. But Spartacus says he has to honor his word. Agron, Crixus, and Oenemaus volunteer to be his three. Oenemaus is not yet well enough for that and Gannicus offers to stand in his place, because Oenemaus believes in the cause and one day he might believe too.

They meet at the appointed hour and place, each with their three men. Spartacus offers up a swatch of Ilythia's dress. Glabur says he has many regrets since meeting Spartacus and he hopes this isn't one of them. Spartacus says Glabur will see Ilythia again but everytime he looks at his heir Spartacus' memory will be staring back at him. Glabur says they are different. As Crixus, Agron, and Gannicus approach the wagon that's supposed to be weighted with armor it turns out it carries a very different cargo: Ashur and his brutish posse. And a massive fight ensues. Mira shoots Glabur and strikes him. Lucius and Mira continue shooting. A soldier sounds his horn and more troops appear on the horizon.

Lucius saves Crixus and the gang takes off. He keeps shooting. He is quickly dispatched by the mad Egyptian. Lucius is glad that it wasn't a Roman that did him in right before the guy chops off his head. Lucretia is livid but Seppia is proud as Glabur gets his wounds tended too. Lucretia argues that Ilythia must return to this house, the Gods demand it. He says he'll mourn his wife and child but he'll get over it. Lucretia goes to Seppia and shows her the bracelet and says it came from Ashur's treasure and connects the dots for Seppia that Glabur ordered her brother killed. In the bath with Glabur she seethes as he talks about how they found their way to each other’s arms.

Spartacus takes Ilythia to the woods. He asks if she knows what it feels like to love and be loved and filled with light and hope. He says that is what Glabur took from him. He says he would take the same from him except Glabur decided vengeance on Spartacus was more important than his wife's life and therefore taking her life would balance nothing since Glabur does not love her as he loved his wife. He leaves her alone in the woods. She's surprised he's letting her live. He tells her not to consider it a kindness. The episode ends.