Monsters - Recap

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The episode begins; a man peeing with relief in the forest is beset by three Roman soldier at dawn. The two men guarding the temple are also overpowered by them. The masked soldiers hop the wall and walk unhindered through the sleeping masses. Naevia spies them and screams "Romans!" A fight ensues until the soldiers unmask themselves to be Spartacus, Crixus, and Gannicus showing off the emergency Roman alert system. Oenemaus says they won't get caught unaware next time. Seppia sits staring at a pool in the early morning hours. Glaber comes to her to ask what's wrong. She's thinking about her brother. Glaber says they've both suffered immeasurably and should take comfort in each other and rubs her arm. She says she feels bad she didn't give him time to properly mourn his wife. He blows it off saying she's a fleeting memory. He takes down her top and starts making out with her.

She's clearly uncomfortable. Just then Ilythia busts down the door and promptly falls face down in a pool. Later, she awakens and explains Spartacus let her go. He claims it's a blessing and then pumps her for details of her captivity but she says she was blindfolded and knows only it was a place of stone and wood beam with Greek etchings. He asks why Spartacus let her go. She says he said her death would be meaningless. She then notices she's not in their bed chambers and remembers seeing him with Seppia. She laments the state of their union and wonders if there's nothing between them anymore. He reminds her that he asked her that once and asks if she remembers her answer and she shouldn't be so surprised that he doesn't love her anymore considering the way she treated him. She wonders what the man standing before her is: he says "a monster" and walks away. Everyone is bickering at the temple. Spartacus realizes his rallying cries of standing united are only going so far. He cooks up an idea to unite the troops and enlists Agron to help.

Spartacus goes to Mira and commiserates over Lucius' death. He says he wants her to train more archers. She asks if that's all he wants from her since he's turned from her. He says she turned from herself when she tried to kill Ilythia. She says she was trying to save him. He says she was trying to save what they had. She notices the past tense of "had." She wonders if he can no longer find comfort in her arms. He asks if she can find it in his. She says she could if he gave more of his heart. He says he gave all that he had left. She says it's not enough. He agrees. They totally break up. They each get weepy and share a final kiss. Ilythia surveys the landscape. Lucretia sees her and is overjoyed that the Gods answered her prayers. Ilythia says she was the only one praying.

She spills that the baby is Spartacus' and that she is growing to love it. She absolves Lucretia of the guilt of maneuvering her into bed with Spartacus and muses how funny it is that she now clings to a woman she hated. Lucretia points out that they've all made mistakes and that if she's psyched about the baby that's all that matters. Seppia squeaks by. Ilythia says she knows she seeks to take her place. Lucretia spills that Seppia knows that Glaber killed her brother. Ilythia wonders how she can stay. Lucretia points out that if she leaves she'll arouse suspicion and instead know that Seppia burns with thoughts of avenging her brother. Ilythia would see such embers given breath and see her child and herself rise from the ashes. Glaber and Ashur are trying to figure out where Ilythia was kept when one of the evil posse arrives with Lucius' head. After some questioning around they discovered that Lucius was the keeper of a temple in disrepair at the foot of Vesuvius. Glaber is psyched and says they'll march at nightfall.

Ashur warns that there's probably a wall and Spartacus probably has it fortified. Glaber says that just means they'll have to bring to bear the fire of Rome. Glaber says he wants Ashur at his side to share the glory. Ashur claims it shames him to seek reward beyond that glory but he just desires one thing. Glaber says to ask for it then. Spartacus and the temple gang are working on their training. Gannicus sees a wagon approaching. Spartacus has ordered up some booze to bond the gang and then he gives one of his "we're all in this together and we should be free, y'all!" speeches. He also wants to pit nemeses against each other in sport to help bond them further. A quartet of dudes fight. Ashur is looking at his treasure and chatting up Lucretia. He says one thing is missing in his life; freedom. Freedom to spend his treasure without constraint.

He says Glaber will give his freedom after they take Spartacus at Vesuvius. Lucretia says that Glaber will then head to Rome with Ilythia and he'll be free but alone. Nope, Ashur informs her that not only will be free but Lucretia will be his wife and Glaber has promised the homestead to him and they'll forge a new legacy as husband and wife and they will see the moon rise on the House of Ashur. She is, understandably, aghast. The Roman troops amass but Varinius has arrived to advise a different course. He says the Senate wants him back in Rome and stop pursuing Spartacus. Glaber says they can't tell him what to do. Maybe, says Varinius but a man who wants to rise above his station would be wise to heed the will of the Senate.

He calls him out on trying bag Ilythia. He nyah-nyah's back that his wife was "taken" by a slave. Ilythia materializes and says she's only taken to bed and that the bruise on her face was from misplaced footing in the bath. Varinius tells her to be more careful. Glaber tells Varinius to be more careful with his words. He and Ilythia exchange a glance. Varinius tells him to come back to Rome and take care of Ilythia before another man makes a run at his wife. Glaber says nope, he's going after Spartacus in Vesuvius. So that's where he is, says Varinius. In that case he says he's going to go get him a Glaber should head to Rome and untangle the mess he's made for himself. Seppia runs after Varinius and hugs him and thinks she lied to him about Ilythia's abduction and Seppius' murder.

He disentangles himself calling her a stupid girl thinking that a bracelet is proof of anything and that she should stop bugging him. She is stunned. He departs. Back at the temple the sporty fights continue and the crowds cheer and they are clearly having the uniting effect Spartacus wanted. Oenemaus commends his strategy. He pits Agron and Crixus and Oenmaus and Gannicus for the final battle of enemies. The crowd cheers. The four men face off. Naevia roots loudly for Crixus and Mira is glad to see the change in her, the life return to her. She admits to Naevia that she and Spartacus broke up. Gannicus and Oenemaus prevail and everybody hugs and Crixus and Agron make nice, in their way. Spartacus is happy. Lucretia talks to Seppia who is upset about being shunned by Seppia. Lucretia says she is no longer a girl, now she's a woman. Seppia cries about the thought of Gaius' hands on her.

Lucretia consoles her and then presents her a big dagger to kill him. Seppia thinks it's impossible. She tells her to think about her future, one in which Glaber lives in the lap of luxury in Rome while her brother's death goes unpunished. Seppia says it shouldn't be that way. Lucretia agrees saying everything was taken from her-- this house, her husband-- and to turn from seeking justice would be to turn from those they claimed to love. She puts the dagger in Seppia's hand. She wonders if there's no other way. She says to avenge Seppius, blood must be spilled and she kisses her, smiles, and leaves. A tearful Seppia, nicks her finger and sucks the blood. Ilythia and Lucretia meet up and agree that this is the way to go. They kiss. Glaber is being undressed and he grumbles about having to return to Rome.

She dismisses the slaves and finishes helping him. She floats the idea again that Spartacus killed Seppius and he goes along with it saying it's a tragedy. Now all naked he tries to touch her and she freaks out and whacks him with a pitcher and he falls by the pool. She jumps on him, pulls out the dagger, and is about to kill him when Ilythia grabs her from behind and drives the dagger into Seppia's chest. She then cuts her throat for good measure, spraying blood all over Glaber. Seppia falls into the pool. Glaber says he's surprised that she saved his life after he cast her aside. She says he's her hubby. He says they can't be what they were. She says that they should be what they are. She says they've done terrible things to each other and now must unite and turn that venom outward to those who deserve it. She says she'd even move against Varinius.

She says they're both monsters and together they should seize the heavens. And Ilythia proceeds to reclaim her husband by banging him with a vengeance, her all pregnant, him all bloody, with Seppia's body floating in the pool. Meanwhile Crixus and Naevia finally manage to get it on back at the temple, while the party rages on outside with drunken singing. Spartacus stands watch on the wall. Gannicus joins him. Spartacus spies a signal on the mountain. Spartacus simple says "Glaber." He says he comes from the rear- the cowards' way-- in tight formation. He says it's the Roman way but they will teach them their way. And they head off. Apparently, all sober now. The episode ends.