Wrath of the Gods - Recap

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The episode begins, with Spartacus, looking down from Vesuvius; he and his men have at long last made it. He and his warriors plan a sneak attack on the Roman soldiers at the bottom, a desperate attempt to get food, no doubt, as they need supplies to sustain themselves. But the attack doesn’t go quite as planned, and amongst the bloody battle, someone close to Spartacus falls: Mira. She takes an axe to her chest; much to Spartacus’s horror and dismay. Spartacus carries her to safety trying his best in the process to save her, but it’s too late; Mira bleeds out, despite all his efforts, and all Spartacus can do is helplessly look on while she breathes her last.

Spartacus grieves, clearly hurt and frustrated at being unable to do anything to save her life. Spartacus blames Nemates for the botched attack; as he feels if it weren’t for Nemates, she would still be alive, he is visibly angry at him for this. Tensions are frayed all around, due to all that has just transpired, and it all seems to be taking a toll on Spartacus and his men. Meanwhile, Lucretia and Ilithyia speak while taking a wagon ride, about all that is currently happening. Glaber’s wife is determined to have the baby born in Rome, while Lucretia laments being given to Ashur by Glaber, she is clearly disturbed by this and wants out, any way she can.

The two ladies come up with a plan to rid Lucretia of Ashur; as they both realize he is really bad news. Ilithyia gives Glaber Seppius’ bracelet. Glaber responds in the manner as intended by the ladies, but then throws Ilithyia a curveball; much to her surprise, telling her that Lucretia must be done away with; something that she hadn’t at all foreseen. Ilithyia is shocked, to say the least; as she now is at a loss as to how she can get out of this current situation. Meanwhile, Glaber makes his move on Ashur, who thinks his mercenaries will stand with him, in his time of need. However, they are mercenaries, after all, something that Ashur seems to have forgotten.

They abandon Ashur after Glaber agrees to pay them handsomely; thus switching their loyalties for wealth. However, instead of killing Ashur, Glaber plans to use the slave to deliver a message to Spartacus; as he feels that is more important at this point than getting rid of Ashur. With literally nothing to lose now, after all that has transpired, Ashur ascends the mountain and offers up Glaber’s deal, as one last ditch effort to reign in Spartacus and his men. The offer is that, they give up and everyone’s lives will be spared, albeit they shall have to return to cruel servitude; that is the offer he has for them, in return for sparing their lives. Obviously, Spartacus turns down the deal, as he is clearly outraged at the very proposition.

Crixus too is enraged by such an offer and challenges Ashur to a mano-a-mano duel to settle things, once and for all, but he and everyone else is surprised when Maevia wants to fight him, as she wants her vengeance and feels this is the best opportunity to have it. She radiates fierceness and a desire for revenge, with hatred clearly written in her eyes, but it is clear that, while vastly improved as a fighter, she is no match for Ashur, as can be clearly seen. But she does maneuver herself in prime scrotum-slicing position, and cleaves Ashur where he lives. She then hacks away until she finally severs his head, her hatred and anger helping her get the better of him; thus appeasing her thirst for vengeance to quite an extent.

Ashur’s head is then delivered to Capua, which makes Lucretia happy; as she is at last rid of him, without having to try anything herself. She tells Ilithyia of her freedom with apparent joy, but unbeknownst to her, from how things look, Ilithyia approaches Lucretia, whose back is to her, with intentions of pushing her to the water below; as is Glaber’s wish. But when Lucretia suddenly turns around, she sees that Ilithyia’s water has broken, much to both their surprise. The baby is coming! It’s rousing speech time again. Spartacus rallies his troops in the way that he’s become famous for, saying in essence that they will be regarded as gods in the future for what they’ve done to stand against Glaber and the Romans with the utmost show of bravery and courage; thus he manages to rile them up for that one final push towards victory, and achieving their ultimate goal.

The warriors are all united now from the look of things, with a look between Oenomaus and Gannicus signaling the end of their feud; as they stand together shoulder to shoulder ready for the impending battle ahead. They go off to their task, which involves sneaking on the Romans and commandeering their fireball catapult; as it’s important they control it, to cause widespread damage. After gaining control of the catapult, they use the contraption against the Romans quite successfully, in the process burning their encampment to the ground, causing immense damage in the bargain. Meanwhile, Ilithyia is being tended to by her servants, but she hears a cry, and is alarmed. Then, Lucretia appears, bloodied from killing the servant; much to her shock and horror. She then kills the other slave, leaving her alone with Ilithyia; Ilithyia is visibly scared by what she is seeing.

Lucretia has gone quite mad; it seems like from the crazed look in her eyes. She proceeds to do a Caesarian on Ilithyia, eventually leaving the room with the infant boy. Ilithyia crawls after her, trying to stop her leaving, reaching Lucretia as she stands at the precipice of the building, babbling about how happy Crixus would be with a son. With that, she and baby go over the side to a watery death, much to Ilithyia’s shock and horror. Back to the battle. It is a bloody hell, with a gory battle raging on and dead bodies strewn all over the place. The Egyptian is so formidable; it takes both Oenomaus and Gannicus to take him down. One of the two loses his life in the process: Oenomaus. He dies a hero’s death, despite putting in all the effort that he can, and is truly reunited with his old friend before he expires.

As for Spartacus, he eventually gets the best of Glaber in battle, exhibiting his superior fighting skills in the process, and says that, in response to Glaber’s claims that Rome will kill him one day, “Maybe, but this isn’t the day!”. He thus delivers the killing blow, a sword to the inside of his throat; putting him out of his misery. With that, Spartacus and the remaining warriors rejoice, as they have at long last, achieved what they had set out to do. They probably know that the Romans will redouble their efforts, especially since Spartacus has killed their leader and directly challenged the might of the Roman Empire. But that is a concern for another day. Spartacus and his men have achieved their vengeance. The episode ends on this note.