Enemies of Rome - Recap

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The episode begins on a battlefield soaked in blood, with bodies and limbs everywhere. It is taking place on a mountainside. The Romans are complaining about how well the enemy forces are doing. Suddenly Spartacus arrives on his horse unleashing death in his path. His horse is speared and he falls. Just as a leader yells at his men to kill him, the uprising comes up from behind and the battle is afoot, blood spurting, necks cracking, swords swinging. The Roman leaders finally, retreat as Spartacus and his troops do in the final stragglers. There is much rejoicing by Crixus, Gannicus, and Naevia but Spartacus says they haven't won anything yet.

Later at a bathhouse Roman leaders are bemoan being bested by "errant slaves". In flashbacks, it is shown that after Spartacus did in Glaber several months back, he liberated thousands of slaves at some mines and recruited them to the mission and they've been destroying the Romans with the energy of the newly freed slaves. The senator says the Senate's resources are drained and they don't have money to recruit more men. They say there is one man who can help pay without pain but they don't want to be beholden to him. The man they are talking about is Crassus. The senator says he'll have a talk with him. Spartacus in the meantime is getting reports from Agron and Crixus. He wonders where Gannicus is, and they say he's out celebrating. Spartacus says he's ready to strike again. Back in Rome two men are shown sparring sparring in a pit.

It is Crassus and a slave trainer. A young man, his son Tiberius, watches him with a sneer. He's watching his dad and disapproves thinking he should be paying attention to more "pressing matters". The slave he's sparring with accidentally slices him. Crassus forgives him and they talk about improving his moves. The senator enters to beseech him for financial assistance in fighting the conflict. He asks how much. The senator asks for 10,000 men. Crassus says that will be expensive. The senator says he'll have his own title and everything. Crassus wonders why the leaders haven't come to him. The senator says they are holed up regrouping and the situation is dire. Crassus agrees to the terms. Crassus says all that matters is that Spartacus falls and the glory of Rome is restored. In the slaves encampment Gannicus and others trade war stories over wine.

Later, a drunken Gannicus arrives to give his "report" from the battle and Spartacus is visibly angry. "We fought, we won" reports Gannicus. Spartacus wants to promote Gannicus to a true leadership role. Gannicus resists, he wants to remain one of the brotherhood unlike Spartacus, who is becoming seen like a God. Gannicus also points out that by defeating a couple of Roman generals it won't be over, more will come. Spartacus is confident that they will defeat them as well. Gannicus says most of those that did them wrong are long gone. Spartacus says that isn't the issue. Gannicus admits that he was once in love and he had vengeance like Spartacus did and it left him empty just as it did Spartacus. Spartacus says he couldn't save his wife and he will fight until a day when no innocent life is so easily disregarded.

Gannicus hopes he finds peace when this day arrives. Gannicus says he will fight all the way to the steps of the Roman senate, if that's where Spartacus's madness leads. Crassus on the other hand is tallying up what he needs to pay to lure their potential new soldiers with Tiberius. He gives him the info and Tiberius is off to make the offers of land and money. A young boy and his mother enter. He is impressed that his dad is going to fight with the Romans. He wants to go too. Not yet, says Crassus. His wife points out that Tiberius deserves a title that befits his name. Crassus says he's too young. Tiberius discusses the coming battle with his buddy Sabinas. Tiberius complains that his dad doesn't seem to hunger for laurels and adulations but he says he burns white hot with desire for it.

Sabinas jokes he won't stand too close for fear of melted wings. Tiberius grabs his arm and says he doesn't want him out on the battle. Sabinas protests and says he'll be there. Tiberius's mom comes out and catches this intimate gesture. They break apart and Sabinas says he's off with the orders for the men. She reminisces about them being kids. She tells him to not give his father further reason to doubt him. At the slave camp, new recruits spar to have their skill assessed by Crixus, Spartacus, and Agron. Later, they set a trap for the Romans. Naevia digs in the road as they ride up. They harass her and she knives the leader and then Spartacus and his men attack from the woods. They intercept the message saying the 10,000 men are in hand. Crixus, Gannicus, Agron and Spartacus strategize.

They think they need to strike at the heads of the commanders to turn their tides. They deduce where Crassus is hiding in his villa. The plan is for Crixus, Gannicus and Spartacus to sneak into the villa undetected. Agron is to stay behind to lead the troops. In their tent Naevia complains about the dangerous plan to Crixus. He flatters her about how strong she's become. She wants to fight by his side. He tells her to stay near Agron. She tells him to kill many Romans and return to her arms with their blood hardened upon him. Crassus on the other hand spars again with the slave while Tiberius whines they should be doing something about Spartacus. Crassus tries to point out how Spartacus is better than some of his own men. Tiberius sneers at this, saying the wealthy and powerful tower above slaves in all things.

So Crassus gives him the sword and tells him to fight the "common slave". He's not very impressive and the slave bests him, knocking him to the ground. Crassus calls this a sorely needed lesson, one that Spartacus has already learned regardless of his "station" in life. Spartacus and his men have embarked on their mission. Another Roman leader gets word that the rebels are amassing in the north and orders men to start moving that way. That movement shows Spartacus and his men which villa holds Crassus. Tiberius’s mom in the meantime tends to his wounds as he continues to whine about Crassus who is sparring with his slave again quite vigorously. She tells him to think as his father would and he will gain insight. Crassus tells the slave to stop holding back and really try to kill him. He says that's no good because if he does he'll be himself killed.

Crassus makes Tiberius promise to the slave that he shall be freed and given money if he succeeds in killing Crassus. They then fight. Crassus eventually kills him but not before seriously being injured himself. He thanks the slave for training him well and says he'll build a statue in the former gladiator's honor. Spartacus and his group get in and after some bloodbath manage to corner the two main leaders, swords to throat. They try to surrender but Spartacus decapitates them. He then tells Crixus and Gannicus to get the heads. Word of the "calamity" gets to Crassus and he begins to worry that the men will fall apart without leadership. The senator points out that it's curious that the messengers rode so close to the rebel camp. The senator says it's time to look forward and the job of leading the conflict is now Crassus's if he wants it.

Crassus readily agrees to take on the responsibility. Tiberius comes over impressed that his devious father masterminded the murders of the leaders who wanted Crassus's money but denied him a leadership position. Tiberius wonders how he knew Spartacus would attack the leaders. Crassus says it's what he would've done. Crixus, Agron, and Gannicus want to strike now while the iron's hot and the Roman spirit is low but Spartacus wants to find a defendable area and to lay low for the winter so cold and famine don't do them in, and so they can later fight Crassus's new army. Spartacus says only a city can hold their numbers now and they will gleefully tear one away from the Romans. The episode ends at this point.