Men Of Honor - Recap

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The episode begins with swords being forged from shackles. It indicates the preparation of the battle that lies ahead for Spartacus and his men. Spartacus advises one of his men to make sure the prisoners are fed. But, it’s shown that the rebels are slowly beginning to treat the Romans as wickedly as they themselves were once treated. It is basically the hatred that they have for Romans that is apparent from their actions. Saxa notices a young woman has an eye for Gannicus. He took her master’s life; now she seems drawn to him. But, it seems she has some other agenda, from the looks of it.

Crixus on the other hand spurred on by others, stages a contest between a baker and another Roman to fight for a crust of bread. Gannicus questions the gladiator-like contest and doesn’t seem to feel its right, but Naevia responds that they’re just giving the Romans a taste of their own cruelty and hence there is nothing to feel bad about. In an upset, the baker wins the fight, but Naevia, thinking he’s reaching for a sword to attack Crixus, slices open his hand. As a result, even in victory the Roman is punished. The rebels are becoming more like their former captors every day, it clearly seems. Later Naevia reveals her reason behind the pure hatred she has for the Romans. She shares a story with Crixus about a Roman who regularly raped her in the most horrifying fashion. Turns out, it involved tools.

But then, this Roman presented himself as a caring family man to the world. She is haunted by the episode, and simply can’t get over it. Spartacus’s city encampment in the meantime is discovered by pirates. The leader of the pirates comes to visit. He names Spartacus a brother, and the Romans a common enemy. It seems as if he wants to help, but Spartacus seems wary as a pirate can never be trusted. Julius Caesar and Tiberius on the other hand arrive at the encampment of Crassus’s troops. Caesar is received in a rather grand fashion, but Tiberius much to his chagrin is not treated in a similar fashion. In other words, he is not shown the same respect Caesar is. The pirate wants to work with Spartacus, but Agron and the others don’t trust him and feel it would be a bad idea on Spartacus’s part to accept the pirate’s offer. Attius, a blacksmith, has a chat with Gannicus.

He didn’t like seeing Romans made to battle Romans as the gladiators were once made to fight and lets him know this. Gannicus on his part claims he didn’t start the fight, but the words seem to hit home. A soldier comes to see Caesar and Tiberius. When it becomes clear that the soldier retreated in battle, Caesar kills him. Tiberius, outraged by Caesar’s action, sends Caesar away and asserts his command over the army, as he clearly isn’t happy with Caesar being around. Spartacus in the meantime talks with Laeta. She tells him that his men made the Romans fight for a crust of bread. Spartacus in turn shows her documentary evidence that her dead husband was making his own dirty deals. He asks her to help him find the hidden seals that will allow them to make trades that can bring goods to the city and help feed everyone.

In return, he’ll help her people, he promises her. Laeta apparently believes him. She then brings Spartacus the desired seals; he uses them to strike a deal with the pirates to bring them food. The lead pirate asks for Laeta as part of the bargain.”You mistake me for a Roman,” Spartacus says visibly agitated by this demand. He adds that he doesn’t deal in slaves. They agree to meet and make the trade. Before that, there is a celebration that takes place. The young woman is still making eyes at Gannicus. Saxa notices this and gets her out of there, as she clearly isn’t comfortable with the woman making eyes at him. A naked rebel, who is a part of the celebration, declares his male organ “is magic”. “See it vanish from sight,” Crixus says without reacting much. Spartacus, who is beginning to trust Laeta, gives her permission to move about the city and report any mistreatment of her people.

She asks to move into a stable her dead husband kept at the edge of the city. The wild party continues in the meantime. Nasir runs into a pirate who makes a pass at him; Agron, wild with jealousy, gives the pirate a thrashing before taking his boyfriend back to bed. It apparently seems that now Agron has made an enemy. Agron and Nasir are then shown having some passionate sex. Saxa in the meantime has a surprise for Gannicus. She as it turns out has brought home his young stalker to join them in bed. After taking a long look her unclothed figure, he sends her away as too young, much to Saxa’s surprise. The stalker is there to meet Gannicus later, as she seems to want to talk to him about something. She says that her name is Sibyl. He advises her to stay far away from him “and men of my kind”. Spartacus and his men go to meet the pirates, wary of betrayal.

Tiberius and his men on the other hand are watching the meeting. He’s been told by his father Crassus to keep his distance, but he wants to make a name for himself and feels he can’t really do that by keeping his distance. He therefore tells his men to advance, completely against what his father had instructed. “My father desires a wolf of battle, not a well-heeled dog” Tiberius declares justifying to his men his action, while asking them to move forward. The blacksmith Attius is ready to leave the city, but Naevia thinks he’s up to some sort of betrayal and fights and kills him. “I have had my fill of men such as you” she declares. She then proceeds to brutally mutate the blacksmith’s face in an act of absolute rage and apparent frustration.

The pirates seem ready to fulfill their side of the bargain during their meeting with Spartacus and his men. It seems as if they can be trusted after all. But, both sides come under attack from an unexpected enemy; the Romans. Turns out, the Romans got whiff of the meeting and decided to attack. The pirates help turn the tide by bombarding the Roman army from their ships. Tiberius and his men as a result are forced to retreat, in absolute disgrace. Tiberius realizes his father will not be happy with the news that he has faced humiliation at the hands of a bunch of pirates. Spartacus later seals the deal with the pirates, as he apparently seems to trust them now after all that just happened.

They’ve shown themselves to be loyal, fearless and resourceful and Spartacus and his men realize that the pirates can be of great help, in their battle against the Roman. Laeta on the other hand is using her stable to help the baker and the others escape. The episode ends at this point.