Decimation - Recap

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The episode begins with Crixus egging Spartacus into action, but instead Spartacus is more bothered about the fact that his troops are hungry and he therefore is more interested in procuring food and supplies. It apparently seems that a rift is forming between Crixus and Spartacus and they aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on a number of issues. In the meantime, Slaves who have escaped are pouring into the city and are ordered by the rebels to surrender their weapons at the gate and to also prove via some mark or band their status. One slave exposes her chest as a proof and immediately both Gannicus and Saxa seem interested.

Saxa even goes to the extent of inspecting the proof in person. An undercover Cesar in the meantime helps kill the intruders rushing the gate. He then tells Spartacus and his men that he has no mark or evidence to prove he is a slave because he has cut off his slave band. As proof he shows them the injury he suffered while cutting off the band. Turns out, they buy Cesar’s lie and he is allowed into the city. Crassus on the other hand pays his son a visit. He reveals to Tiberius that Caesar has gone undercover as a slave to join the rebels. He then mentions that, he is now going to declare what the punishment will be for the failed attack by Tiberius and his men on Spartacus. Gannicus on the other hand is training a bunch of men how to fight.

He calls on Caesar in order to test his skills. Turns out, there is also a hidden agenda to this exercise. Basically, this is also another way of rooting out the Romans amongst them. The reasoning is that a Roman wouldn’t be able to hide his skills of swordplay and would thus be revealed. Cesar on his part fathoms the intention behind this whole exercise and therefore makes sure that he doesn’t reveal his skills. He as a result loses, but tells Gannicus they will have a rematch one day. Laeta in the meantime is still doing her best to hide Roman refugees in her stable. She tells Spartacus that Crassus is a really smart man. He prods her further and she narrates a story, sighting how cunning Crassus can be.

From what he has heard Spartacus concludes that with a man like Crassus he has to expect the unexpected. Crassus in the meantime reprimands Tiberius for moving on Spartacus at the wrong time. He feels Tiberius rushed into the whole thing, instead of biding his time. Tiberius says he told the men to hold their ground. “Yet they fled, because they feared the enemy more than their commanders” Crassus barks. Tiberius later tells his friend Sabinus that as a punishment Crassus will make his men draw lots. Anyone who draws a black stone shall get to live and anyone who draws a white stone shall be killed. The pirates on the other hand are shown partying. Turns out, Caesar is at the party and is busy gathering intel.

He prods Nemetes for information on his enemies. Sybil on the other sees Laeta carrying food for some unknown purpose. Sybil concludes Laeta is up to something and immediately informs Gannicus about it. Crassus and Kore in the meantime are busy having sex. Crixus goes to Nemetes and tells him to reveal everything that he knows. Caesar later needles Nemetes about the confrontation. Nemetes is apparently suspicious of Cesar and takes him to a Roman who he has kept captive. He as a test tells Caesar to have his way with the woman and after he is done tells him to leave his mark on the woman, with a knife. This he feels would prove that Caesar isn’t a friend of Rome. He then leaves Caesar alone with the woman.

Caesar assures the woman that help is on its way and she would soon be rescued. But, the woman begs Caesar to put her out of her misery and Caesar does as she requested. Nemetes isn’t too happy when he discovers that Caesar killed the woman, but eventually he calms down and admits that he is impressed Cesar had the guts to kill the woman. He therefore concludes that Cesar isn’t a Roman sympathizer and embraces Cesar as his ally. Crassus on the other hand is carrying out his punishment. Apparently Tiberius too is being made to draw a lot with his men. Tiberius much to his relief draws a black stone, which in other words mean he is safe. Sabinus his friend is not so lucky, because he draws a white stone and is therefore toast.

Sybil in the meantime brings Gannicus and Saxa to where Laeta is hiding the Romans. Gannicus orders that they be presented before Spartacus. Nemetes declares that Caesar assisted him in killing a rebellious slave. Crixus and Gannicus on the other hand fight about whether Naevia should have killed the blacksmith, who she suspected was traitor. While they are at it, a Roman prisoner who it turns out is the brother of the woman that Caesar killed, catches hold of Nemetes and begins strangling him. Cesar again wins Nemetes’s trust by throwing a knife and killing the Roman. He now has proven his loyalty to Nemetes once again. Naevia in the meantime hits Gannicus with a rock to help save Crixus. Later, Caesar uses the moment of confusion to sow more seeds of discord among the troops.

Crixus tells the troops to take revenge on the Romans in the city in return for past cruelties against them. The resulting violence is alternated with scenes of Tiberius being forced to club his own friend to death. Nasir in the meantime informs Spartacus that Crixus is decimating the Romans. Spartacus isn’t happy to hear this and arrives just in the nick of time to save Laeta from being executed. Crixus urges Spartacus to kill Laeta because he feels this move will help unite the men. Spartacus on his part is ready to do no such thing, although he agrees with Crixus’s logic. Spartacus says he will not see himself and his men become the very thing they are fighting against. He reprimands Crixus for his actions and even casts aspersions on his leadership abilities.

Spartacus then orders that the surviving Romans be moved to his villa, so they are safe. Crixus and Naevia aren’t at all happy with this decision made by Spartacus and even consider parting ways with him. Cesar sees all of this and is happy that there are faults appearing between Spartacus and his men. The episode ends at this point.