Blood Brothers - Recap

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The episode begins with the sight of blood. The rebels are shown storing the bodies of the dead Romans. Spartacus wants the bodies salted and preserved because they would still be of some use to them. Spartacus then reveals to Agron that he is leaving the city for some work. Agron doesn’t feel it’s a good idea for him to leave at this juncture given the current situation. He reminds Spartacus about his soured relations with Crixus and hints that Crixus might create problems. Spartacus pays no heed to what Agron has to say and wants the discussion ended.

Next, Spartacus rents the ship from the Silesian pirates. The pirates allow it, but make it clear that they will not accompany him on his mission. Tiberius hasn’t yet been able to get over the fact that he had to kill his friend. In addition he is also having to live in humiliation with the other Roman soldiers who fled the battle against Spartacus. Crassus’ men are shown working on a wooden sculpture of some sort. A senator from Rome pays Crassus a visit. The senate in Rome is baffled as to why Crassus hasn’t launched an attack on Spartacus yet. He is informed that Pompey is making a real name for himself with his victories and if Crassus doesn’t act soon Pompey shall be handed the responsibility of dealing with Spartacus.

Crassus tells the senator that a part of his plan involves Caesar mingling with the slaves and winning their trust. He tells him that if the senator isn’t happy with how he is going about things, then the senator is welcome to launch an attack on Spartacus with his own men. The senator and his men aren’t warriors and he therefore declines. Crassus tells him to go back home and asks him to leave matters of war to “men who wage them”. Crixus and everyone else in the city find out that Spartacus has left the city for a mission. Crixus isn’t at all happy to hear this and Caesar only makes matters worse by adding more fuel to the fire. Crixus meets Agron to discuss this issue with him.

He makes his displeasure known and says he never thought Spartacus was a scheming man or that he liked to keep secrets. He resolves to have a strong word with Spartacus when he returns. Spartcaus and Gannicus are sailing to some undisclosed location. Spartacus is planning to lay siege on a store of food meant for Crassus’ army. This would put pressure on Romans to defend what remains. During the journey, Spartacus asks Gannicus to take over the reins if he were to get killed on this mission. Gannicus feels he doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader. Spartacus seems to disagree and feels Saxa might one day give Gannicus a reason to lead. Later, Spartacus and team lay siege on the Roman supplies.

In bed, Crassus and Kore talk about Tiberius and how he is worried he is slowly losing Tiberius. A little later Kore and Crassus have sex. Caesar is partying with the pirates. He apparently has won their trust completely and they don’t mind sharing information with him. They reveal to him the mission Spartacus has embarked on. Nasir and Agron are arguing. Agron is not happy about the fact that Nasir is becoming a bit too friendly with the pirates and is jealous. Their argument comes to a halt when it’s discovered that Roman scouts are gathering outside the city. Crixus is warned by Naevia that the scout numbers might soon grow.

Crixus immediately asks the men to ready themselves with weapons and be ready. Agron doesn’t think opening the city gates to confront the scouts is a good idea but Crixus pays no heed and is all charged up for a confrontation. A while later, before anything has happened, Spartacus arrives. He asks that the gates be opened but not for a confrontation but to set the Roman prisoners free. He then calms Crixus. Kore reaches out to Tiberius. She says she is there on Crassus’s behalf. Back in the city, Spartacus reveals to Laeta that he is planning to take all who are willing to come with him to Sicilia and somewhere beyond. Laeta says Spartacus is running away like a coward.

Spartacus says he is planning to leave and to never to return. Later, Spartacus sees off the Roman prisoners who have been set free. Crixus who isn’t at all happy about any of this, confronts him. It turns out that Spartacus is hoping Laeta would tell Crassus about his plan to flee to Sicilia. Then, when Crassus makes him move to stop them they will send the man and his legions to their end. Crixus and Spartacus strategize on how to go forward with this plan. The plan is for the salted Roman bodies to be stuck to the walls to make it look like Crixus is still in the city and has parted ways with Spartacus. Spartacus will then attack Crassus’s granaries.

Crassus will as a result have to divide his army to protect the granaries that are running in short supply thanks to Spartacus’s recent attack. Crixus and his men will attack and Spartacus will return from Sicilia to help Crixus. Spartacus then reveals to everyone that the whole conflict between him and Crixus was simply an act to fool the Roman prisoners. Laeta is brought before Crassus. She tells him what Spartacus had hoped she would tell. The senator on hearing her, says this is the apt opportunity to launch an attack. Crassus apparently has other plans. Kore and Tiberius are having wine together. She is trying to talk him into reconciling with Crassus. They hear Crassus’s army march out to battle.

Tiberius tears up and Kore hugs him. Soon they begin kissing each other. Kore stops but Tiberius is in no mood to stop. He feels his father took away something from him and it’s only fair he take something from his father. Tiberius then rapes Kore. The rebels out to battle. Naevia apologizes to Gannicus for killing the blacksmith. But he doesn’t buy the fact that she is apologetic. The pirate leader Nemetes tells Caesar that the dye has been cast. Caesar sees this as a good opportunity and reveals his true identity. Nemetes offers to join Caesar and go against Spartacus but Caesar apparently doesn’t want his aid. He slits Nemetes’s throat and get rid of him.

Sybil wishes Gannicus luck before he embarks for the battle. Spartacus is waiting for the pirates to arrive with the ship. But turns out, the pirates have been bought off by the Romans and their ship is crammed with Roman soldiers. Caesar heads towards the city. Agron and Caesar then battle it out. Crixus and Naevia arrive at the docks to assist Spartacus with the battle. They take care of the pirates and then at a distance see Roman ships approaching.

Caesar has set fire to the gate of the city and is and is battling both Agron and Saxa. Roman soldiers burst through the gate that has been weakened by the fire. The soldiers have broken through using a battering ram Crassus’s men were shown carving earlier. The episode ends at this point.