Spoils of War - Recap

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The episode begins and the gates of the city comes tumbling down and Roman soldiers begin pouring in. Caesar tells the rebels that it would be a good idea for them to run, but the rebels decide to stay put and fight. Soon they realize that they are outnumbered and just then Crassus enters the city and is welcomed by Caesar. Spartacus discusses with Crixus and others how they were betrayed by Heracleo and Caesar. Crixus feels they should stay and fight to their last breath, but Spartacus feels otherwise. He says they should escape to the snowy mountains above the city and should use the north gate for their escape.

Someone needs to hold off the Romans until everyone can escape and Gannicus offers himself for this cause. After protesting a bit, Spartacus along with everyone else reluctantly agrees and Gannicus begins looking for a way to slow down the Romans. Agron searches for Nasir, who is in a spot of trouble until Castus and Agron help him out. Agron believes Castus to be part of Heracleo’s schemes, but Nasir defends him. Gannicus starts a fire to distract the Romans, but Crassus guesses what the plan is and orders his men to march to the north gate. Just as Spartacus and his men are about to escape the Romans soldiers begin to arrive. Spartacus and team fight their way out of there just in the nick of time and Caesar along with the remaining soldiers run into the gate.

Crassus doesn’t seem too affected with the news of the escape and is happy with the victory. He orders that the remaining rebels be killed and to escape getting killed Gannicus and Sybil hide in the stables where Laeta had hidden the Romans. Caesar isn’t happy that Spartacus got away, but Crassus says they will always get another opportunity to catch him. Metellus, the Roman senator, also seems happy with how things have turned out. Caesar sees Laeta being brought in and orders she be released and he even asks that she be given a bath and clean clothes. Kore is with Crassus and before she can tell him anything, Tiberius arrives and praises Kore for comforting him when his spirits were low. Crassus then tells Tiberius to organize a celebration in Caesar’s honor, but he isn’t happy to hear this.

Crassus explains that it’s important to keep your friends close your enemies closer. Gannicus uses Sibyl as a distraction to kill a few guards, who have arrived at the stable in search of some firewood. Tiberius meets Kore and warns her to not say anything to Crassus about the rape, or he will tell his father that she threw herself at him. Laeta is all cleaned up and taken to Caesar. Crassus then questions her about Spartacus and she says he isn’t a bad person and doesn’t want revenge, but is only fighting for a cause he believes in. Crassus concludes that this very fact makes Spartacus dangerous and Laeta adds that Spartacus will never give up till his last breath, however adverse the situation.

Just then Heracleo arrives and he is there for his full payment which also includes Laeta. Laeta is horrified and protests angrily, but Crassus has no more use for her and so he hands her over to him. Tiberius meets Caesar in his chambers and Caesar tires to be nice to him, but Tiberius is alarmed when he hints at the fact that he knows what happened between him and Kore. Gannicus and Sibyl see Heracleo alive and are not happy about it. They also see that he is wearing a pendant that allows him free range around the city. Taking Laeta to a small, enclosed room, Heracleo promises that he will cherish her and to ensure that no other man ever even thinks about touching her, Heracleo brands Laeta on her forearm with an “H”. Just then, Gannicus charges in, wanting both revenge on Heracleo and his pendant.

A fight ensues and Gannicus kills all of Heracleo’s men, but Heracleo himself has Sibyl. Laeta nails Heracleo from behind and saves Sibyl. Sibyl wonders what they should do with Laeta, but Gannicus doesn’t seem to care what happens to her. Sibyl takes pity on her and also feels; now that Laeta has been branded, she too is a slave. Roman soldiers are enjoying a game of tug of war, only with a captive rebel in the middle. While enjoying the games, Metellus reminds Crassus that a few of the Romans in town survived, including Laeta, but Crassus says that she has left and will never return, especially not since he sold her to pirates. Tiberius watches the mayhem from the sidelines as the beefiest rebel of all grumbles about what he would do if he got his hands on a Roman.

Tiberius then gives a speech about Caesar being brave and noble and even offers Caesar a sword and a chance to kill the last rebel himself. Turns out, Tiberius has unlocked the prisoner’s shackles, so when Caesar moves to strike, the rebel breaks free and strikes Caesar with his chains. Crassus is not amused with what Tiberius has done, but Tiberius enjoys it, until Caesar gets the better of the rebel and then brutally kills him. Caesar is cheered by everyone for his bravery, while Tiberius watches on in anger and disgust. Gannicus and the women make their way to the gates, but happen to pass Caesar, who smells something’s fishy. Gannicus realizes that Caesar is on to them and attacks him, injuring him in the process.

They then climb onto horses and make good their escape but not before, Laeta takes a spear in her side and is badly injured. Caesar fumes while his wounds are dressed and blames Crassus for letting even more rebels escape, but Crassus only smiles and tells Caesar everything is going according to plan. Up on the snowy ridge, the rebels have set up a temporary encampment and Crixus, Agron, and Spartacus argue over what their next move should be. Just then Gannicus, Sibyl, and Laeta arrive on horseback. Saxa is really happy to see Gannicus, but isn’t too pleased with Sibyl’s arrival.

Laeta’s wounds are tended to and Gannicus wonders why everyone is simply sitting around and not doing anything. Spartacus then shows him that Crassus had an enormous ditch dug around the ridge and there is no way out. This is the reason why Crassus took so long to attack the city and this is also the reason why he was so confident, he would easily corner Spartacus on the ridge. The rebels are trapped, the snow is falling, and the Romans are waiting below. The episode ends at this point.