Mors Indecepta - Recap

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The episode begins with Spartacus and his army freezing. They are trapped between the Roman forces and the Roman fence. Hundreds of Spartacus’ dead followers line the trench. Those who are trying to climb out are struck down by the looming Romans. Spartacus and the rebels see that, from the other side, Crassus’ army has begun to advance. Crixus readies the men for a last stand. Spartacus realizes the Romans aren’t advancing but, instead, they’re awaiting the arrival of their commander. Spartacus says he once served in the Roman auxiliary and knows their tactics.

Crassus has a gift for Tiberius. Crassus gives Tiberius his armor and his weaponry back. He wants him by his side when he finally crushes Spartacus. Tiberius is overjoyed that his father has given him another opportunity to prove himself. Caesar is frolicking with a couple of women, completely unaware of this. Spartacus’ men are ready for battle, and see that a storm is coming. Spartacus has a chat with Laeta, who is now his prisoner. She tells him all about the humiliation she had to suffer. They bond over the pain and humiliation of being branded as slaves. Tiberius meets Kore and taunts her saying that, from now on, she is going to serve under him. Kore is shocked to hear this, and goes to talk to Crassus about it. Crassus is preoccupied with the battle arrangements. He says he will talk to her about this issue after the battle.

Spartacus reminds his commanders that they’ve succeeded in the past, not by using brute force, but by using smart tactics. He tells them that he has noticed Crassus has placed his tent too close to the frontline. He feels Crassus has done this because he wants to witness his victory up close. Spartacus feels this arrogance of Crassus’ should be exploited. Spartacus and a bunch of his men launch a nighttime strike. They fight their way to Crassus’ tent, but discover that he isn’t there. Instead, they find the crucified corpse of Donar, with the words “Mors Indecepta” carved across his torso. It means that Spartacus and his men can’t cheat death, try as they might. Spartacus realizes it’s a trap. It seems Crassus had expected Spartacus to do something like this, because he had done something similar before.

Roman soldiers attack them and Spartacus, along with his men, fight their way out of there. They somehow manage an escape, but Naevia is seriously injured in the process. Crixus isn’t happy that they had to, once again run, away from Romans like cowards. At the Roman camp, Crassus informs Caesar that he has to serve under Tiberius again. Cesar isn’t happy to hear this. Crassus reminds Caesar that he has already been awarded appropriately for his services, and orders him to fall in line. Kore overhears their conversation and, later, she meets Caesar in private to conspire with him. Caesar isn’t initially interested in what she has to say but, when she points out that Tiberius’ victory against Spartacus will solidify his position in front of Crassus, he looks interested.

Back at the camp, Spartacus sees Sibyl and the others praying. He turns away to visit Crixus and the injured Naevia. Crixus is angry that Spartacus isn’t being bold enough, and that Crassus is out-thinking him. Crixus feels it’s time they took on Crassus head on, but Spartacus doesn’t agree with him. Crixus says he will lead his own force against Crassus’ men but, when Spartacus commands him to fall in line, they get into a heated argument about the issue. Crixus, in anger, strikes him in the face. The two of them brawl, while their army looks on. Gannicus and Agron break up the fight. They suggest the two of them to take shelter, reminding them the storm is inching closer.

Caesar brings Kore to the battlefield, for a chat with Crassus. Tiberius sees this and looks worried. Crassus tells Kore that he isn’t really handing her over to his son. He, instead, wants her to guide him. He says that he plans to visit her often in her new set up, far away from the prying eyes and wagging tongues of Rome. Kore quickly realizes there will be no swaying Crassus against his son. The two make love but, after Crassus falls asleep, Kore ominously reaches for a dagger nearby. Spartacus is tending to Laeta’s needs.

Agron frees Castus, at Nasir’s request, while Saxa expresses her concern to Spartacus that she can’t find Gannicus. Spartacus goes looking for him but, when he can’t find him, he eventually gives up. Gannicus is with Sibyl, who has cut herself as a religious offering. He is trying to stop her from freezing and bleeding to death. Spartacus and Laeta cozy up under a blanket, and seem to be slowly forming an attraction towards each other. Unable to reach the camp, Gannicus carries Sibyl to an overturned cart for shelter. The two huddle for warmth and finally give in to their passions.

In the morning, Spartacus learns that the praying slaves have frozen solid, and some 1000 of his men were lost to the storm. Saxa is really upset, when she finds out Gannicus spent the night with Sibyl. Spartacus apparently derives an idea from the frozen bodies. He tells Crixus that they should use this opportunity to launch an attack. Spartacus says nothing is ever as it seems with Crassus. He feels the Roman camps might not be as well defended as it looks, and it’s probably another trick Crassus is playing on them. Spartacus says, even if he is wrong, Crixus will get the glorious battle that he has wanted all along.

Over at the trench, the rebels take out the nearest guards, climbing up the ridge with a grappling hook. Spartacus and Crixus find the Roman force far smaller than previously thought, and the rebels mount an assault. Once the battle turns in their favor, Spartacus urges Lugo to get to work hammering out a passage through the ridge. The Roman officials wake Crassus in his tent, informing him of the wall’s breach. Crassus also realizes that Kore must have cut her way out of the tent’s rear and fled. It shown, that Kore has joined the rebels.

Crassus, Cesar, and Tiberius observe that Spartacus managed to lead his people over the trench by building a bridge from the bodies of the dead. Their realization is quickly interrupted by Spartacus and the others attacking from the ridge. Crassus and his men are forced to flee, as Spartacus prepares his men to move out, and eventually avenge their losses. The episode ends at this point.