Separate Paths - Recap

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The episode begins with Spartacus and his men are on the run and with Crassus and his legions in pursuit. Caesar argues that Crassus is pushing the men too hard and that they need to rest. Senator Metellus arrives seeking an audience and he is not happy that Crassus let Spartacus get away from the ridge. Metellus tells Crassus that his name is tainted because of what has happened. Crassus doesn’t take kindly to the criticism and gives Metellus a beating. Caesar tires to intervene, but Tiberius stops him. Caesar does eventually prevent Crassus from beating Metellus to death.

At the rebel camp, Nasir and Agron are sharing an intimate moment that is disrupted, when Castus arrives with some extra firewood that is meant to be a peace offering. Castus flirts around a bit with Agron, when Nasir isn’t around. Kore and Laeta help deliver the baby of a woman in the camp, while Spartacus stands by calming the mother. While at it, Spartacus sees the mark of Crassus on Kore’s hand and is immediately suspicious. He believes she is a spy, but she swears that she left because of the ill treatment she received. Spartacus is apprehensive, but Laeta defends Kore and Spartacus eventually leaves Kore under Laeta’s supervision.

Tiberius is having a meal with his men, when Caesar storms in and says he is worried about Crassus. Caesar tells him that Crassus is out of control and urges Tiberius to talk reason to him. Tiberius is in no mood to do anything of the sort. Caesar also asks Tiberius if he raped Kore, which is something he has been suspecting for a while. When Tiberius doesn’t give him an answer, Caesar concludes that his suspicion might be right. Caesar threatens Tiberius to either talk sense to his father, or he’ll figure out what really happened between him and Kore and tell Crassus everything.

At the camp, Crixus talks to Naevia about a future he can never provide her; one with a home and perhaps a child of her own. Naevia tells Crixus to not worry about it and says how he not only saved her life, but he was the one who made her strong. She says she will always stand by his side no matter what. Gannicus and Lugo have ventured ahead and come across a series of largely unprotected villas. Spartacus lays out his plan to cross the Alps and emerge into the broad territory north of Rome. He says the slaves can scatter there, so Crassus can never round them all up, ensuring that some will remain forever free. Crixus disagrees with the idea and argues that west of their position is Rome itself, guarded only by one legion, headed by someone named Arrias, who they can easily defeat.

Spartacus tells Crixus that the Romans will never let them go if they don’t flee. Crixus says it was Spartacus who opened his eyes to this whole idea of standing your ground and fighting for your freedom, so he (Crixus) can’t quit now. Spartacus agrees to not stand in Crixus’ way and allows him to do as he pleases. They both decide to follow their own path and allow each person in the camp to decide, who between the two they want to accompany. Before departing, the rebels attack the villas in the valley and indulge in feasting and an orgy.

During the celebrations, Gannicus and Sibyl kiss openly. Before taking it any further with Sibyl, he tells Saxa that their relationship is over, but Saxa appears nonchalant about the whole thing. She tells him that he will eventually come crawling back to her. Agron tells Nasir that he is going with Crixus. Nasir wants to come with him, but Agron says a no and tells him that he wants Nasir to stay with Spartacus. Nasir is barely able to hold back his tears and insists on accompanying him, but Agron does not want him to undertake such a dangerous journey. He tells Nasir that he wants to see him live. They hug and kiss before parting ways.

Spartacus and Crixus have a heart-to heart. They have made peace with each other and feel their bond has deepened as a result. Crassus is still baffled as to why Kore left him and discusses the issue with his son. Tiberius can’t come up with a convincing explanation, but tries to somehow shift the blame on Caesar. At the rebel camp, Agron tells Spartacus that he will not be accompanying him. Spartacus is hurt by Agron’s decision and turns to Laeta for solace. They playfully spar against each, flirt a bit and eventually make love.

The next day Crixus tells Gannicus to accompany him, but he seems hesitant and Crixus looking to Sibyl seems to understand why. Crassus has figured out what the rebels are up to. He concludes that those generally unable or unwilling to fight will head for safety, lead by Spartacus and protected by a small force, while the bulk of the army, lead by Crixus, will head for Rome. Caesar is worried on hearing this because Rome is practically undefended, but Crassus really wants to get Spartacus now. He seems to be perfectly content to let Rome defend itself.

Caesar goes to Tiberius and says that he knows exactly what Tiberius did with Kore. A working woman saw him exiting Kore’s tent and saw a battered Kore immediately afterward. Caesar says he will keep this a secret, if Tiberius convinces Crassus to turn to Rome. Tiberius instead of giving in hits Caesar with a wine jug and has his men grab hold of Caesar. Tiberius then begins raping him. As he is doing the deed, he tells Caesar that if he says anything to anyone he (Tiberius) will tell the world how the mighty Caesar was raped like a woman. The rebels arrive at the gates of Rome, only Arrias and his legion stand between them and the city.

The rebels send flaming balls of fire into the Roman army to disrupt them and after a short battle Crixus and the rebels prove victorious. Spartacus is making his way north, while Crixus after finishing off Arrias is celebrating with the rebels. Their joy is short-lived because Crassus and his army arrive and it’s clear the rebels are vastly outnumbered. Before attacking, Crassus notices Caesar’s bruises and asks him about it. Caesar only sulks and doesn’t say much. The two sides clash and Crassus is pulled from his horse. Still, the rebels are outnumbered vastly and Crixus tells them to fall back. Agron sees Caesar, but before he can attack him, Tiberius kills Agron.

Crixus and Caesar are fighting and Naevia tries to help Crixus, but Caesar tosses her aside. Crixus seems to be getting the better of him, when Tiberius runs a spear through Crixus and Naevia screams in horror on seeing this. Crassus arrives and after he has taunted the barely alive Crixus he signals Tiberius to finish him off. Naevia watches helplessly as Tiberius decapitates Crixus. The episode ends at this point.