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Spider-Man (1994)

Spider-Man (1994)

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\"Though the world may mock Peter Parker, the timid teenager...it will soon marvel at the awesome might of Spider-Man!\"
Taken from cover of Amazing Fantasy, issue 15, the first appearance of Spider-Man

Spider-Man follows the adventures of Peter Parker, more commonly known as Spider-Man. He gained these powers by being bitten by a spider whose DNA was altered by neogenics. Peter, first, decided to use these new found powers to benefit himself, instead of helping others, though on one fateful night when he refused to stop a criminal who had just robbed the fight promoter’s office, he lived to regret it. The robber went on to break into Peter’s house. Peter’s Uncle Ben was awoken by the noise, so he got up to see what had happened and startled the robber, who fatally shot Uncle Ben. Peter found out what happened to Uncle Ben, and became determined to catch the murderer as Spider-Man. He caught him in a warehouse, where he learned that it was the robber whom he refused to stop. Spider-Man now lives by the words of his Uncle Ben, “With great power – there must also come great responsibility”, and lives to fight for justice, though even with his constant efforts to do good in the city, he’s constantly labeled as a criminal by the Daily Bugle, in which the editor, J. Jonah Jameson, is determined to expose Spider-Man as a criminal himself.

Peter Parker being bitten by a radio-active spider.


This series featured nearly every significant villain from the comic books to date, though the Sandman was unable to appear due to the feature-length movie written by James Cameron that featured Sandman and Electro as the lead villains. The writers for the series were instructed to not have the two foes appear in the series, so the writers did as they were told. The movie production ended up being canceled, leaving the series without an appearance of Sandman. However, Electro made an appearance in the fifth season \"Six Forgotten Warriors\" story arc.

Most of Spider-Man\'s villains

Story Arcs and Guest Appearances

Spider-Man is known not only for its consistency with the comic books upon which it was based, but also its many crossovers with other Marvel heroes. Some heroes include Daredevil, Blade and Whistler, Iron Man and War Machine, Dr. Strange, the Punisher, and many more. Aside from Marvel heroes, a guest appearance from the creator of Spider-Man, himself, Stan Lee appeared in an episode of the series.
Many story arcs from the comics were also featured within this series, such as the \"Secret Wars\" saga, \"Spider-Clones\" saga, as well as a few others.
These listed aspects are what contribute to this series widely being accepted as the best Spider-Man series to-date.

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Spider-Man appeared in 1994 for on the FOX Kids Saturday morning block. The series is the currently the longest running Spider-Man series to-date with a total of sixty-five episodes, though as stated before, it’s primarily remembered for its crossovers and consistency with the comics. The series was popular from the start in 1994, motivating Marvel Films Animation to produce more episodes; however, FOX wasn’t interested in making anymore than sixty-five episodes, as that’s the amount that was agreed to be made on the contract for the series. Even with the series gigantic popularity at the time the series was nearing sixty-five episodes FOX was still focused on canceling the series, which is why it was canceled prematurely. A few years back, Disney bought the rights to both Spider-Man and X-Men, and aired the series previously on Toon Disney on weeknights and ABC Family Saturday mornings on their JETIX blocks, though it no longer airs on either channel. A few episodes were released on DVD (that are listed in the Merchandise section), though there has yet to be a seasonal DVD release on the series.


Spider-Man Future Development

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Opening Theme
Performed by Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Episodes Information

First Telecast: 10/Jan/1994
Last Telecast: 19/Nov/1999
Episode: 65 Color Episodes (21 half-hour episodes, 16 two-parters, 3 three-parters, and 1 five-parter)
Movies: 1 (Unaired/ Unreleased)
Spin-Off(s): Spider-Man Unlimited
MPAA Rating: TV-Y7
Production Company: Marvel Animation Studios
Original Distributors: FOX
Current Distributors: Disney
Current Series Owners: Disney

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Episode Info

Final: 5x13 -- Spider Wars (2): Farewell, Spider-Man (Jan/31/1998)

With Spider-Man having beaten Spider-Carnage, he is taken to the power-less Spider-Man's dimension, in which he is a comic book hero, and the power-less Spidey is an actor who plays him! When he gets there, he meets Stan Lee, and takes him for a web-slinging adventure. Once he is done, Madame Web takes him to Mary Jane.
Available Episodes

Day of the Chameleon
Jun 11, 1995
Season 1 episode 13

The Hobgoblin (2)
May 27, 1995
Season 1 episode 12

The Hobgoblin (1)
May 20, 1995
Season 1 episode 11

The Alien Costume (3..
May 13, 1995
Season 1 episode 10

The Alien Costume (2..
May 06, 1995
Season 1 episode 9

The Alien Costume (1..
Apr 29, 1995
Season 1 episode 8

Kraven The Hunter
Apr 01, 1995
Season 1 episode 7

Christopher Daniel BarnesChristopher Daniel Barnes
voiced Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Edward AsnerEdward Asner
voiced J. Jonah Jameson
Gary ImhoffGary Imhoff
voiced Harry Osborn
Jennifer HaleJennifer Hale
voiced Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
Julie BennettJulie Bennett
voiced Aunt May (SO2-SO5)
Linda GaryLinda Gary
voiced Aunt May Reilly-Parker (SO1-SO2)
Rodney SaulsberryRodney Saulsberry
voiced Joseph "Robbie" Robertson
Sara BallantineSara Ballantine
voiced Mary Jane Watson


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2x9: Neogenic Nightmare (11): Tablet of Time (1) recap: This episode begins with three men, dressed in explorer’s clothing, staring at the pyramid before them. They explain that it is ten centuries old, and that inside it is the Tablet of Time. They travel inside of it, going through cobwebs and climb a flight of stairs. Their lantern goes out, and a new light suddenly appears, which is coming from the Tablet of Time... read more.

1x1: Night of the Lizard recap: The episode begins with two men working in the sewer, who are frightened by the appearance of a humanoid lizard. They climb up the ladder to get away from him, and while one gets away successfully, the other is caught by the foot through a storm drain and pulled under. The other sewer worker drives off, frantically, while having hallucinating images of the Lizard. Spider-Man catches him before he kills someone, then tells him not to “blame this one on me”, and then web-slings off... read more.
Recurring Guests

Roscoe Lee Browne as Kingpin (35 eps)
Rodney Saulsberry as Henry (30 eps)
Jennifer Hale as Felicia Hardy, Student (28 eps)
Linda Gary as Aunt May (27 eps)
Gary Imhoff as Harry Osborn/Green Goblin (22 eps)
Joseph Campanella as Lizard (20 eps)
Maxwell Caulfield as Ultimate Slayer Smythe (18 eps)
Nick Jameson as Richard Fisk (17 eps)
Majel Barrett as Anna Watson (17 eps)
Patrick Labyorteaux as Flash Thompson (15 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November, 1994
Ended: January, 1998
• Spider-Man (1994)
• Spider-Man's Web Files (Promotional Title (1998))
• Spider-Man: the Animated Series
• Spiderman (Alternative Spelling)
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