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Spider-Man: Neogenic Nightmare (3): Hydro-Man (aka I Cried a River Over You)

Mary Jane’s previous boyfriend from high school, Morrie Bench, whom she broke up with due to his constant jealousy, has returned, and now possesses the power to control all liquids, which he’s been using to steal jewelry for Mary Jane. Morrie believes that he’s in love with Mary Jane, however, she doesn’t feel the same for him. Morrie, now going as Hydro-Man, won’t take “no” for an answer, and persistently stalks her, bringing Spider-Man into the picture.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x3
Production Number: 203
Airdate: Saturday September 23rd, 1995

Story: John Semper
Teleplay: James Krieg

Guest Stars
Marla RubinoffMarla Rubinoff
voiced Liz Allen (credited as Marla Jeanette Rubinoff)
Ray BerriosRay Berrios
voiced Additional Voices
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Morrie Bench/Hydro-Man
Main Cast
Christopher Daniel BarnesChristopher Daniel Barnes
voiced Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Episode Notes
This episode marks the first appearance of Morrie Bench, a.k.a. Hydro-Man, though it won't be the last.

Episode Quotes
Spider-Man: Whoa! It's snack time, and I'm the main course.

Spider-Man: Great, Jameson will probably be selling "Spider-Man really is the thief!" T-shirts by tomorrow.

Morrie Bench: I always said I'd give you the world -- this is just the down-payment.

Mary Jane: What are you doing here?
Spider-Man: A five-hundred foot geiser in Washington Square, and you're wondering why I'm here?

Man: Call the police!
Woman: Call a lifeguard!

Hydro-Man: This has nothing to do with you, Spider-Man, so butt out!
Spider-Man: Can't, they'd take away my superhero license.

Hydro-Man: Do you really think you can match the power of Hydro-Man?!
Spider-Man: Did you say "Hydrant-Man"? The dogs must love you!

Hydro-Man: My name is Hydro-Man, and it'll be the last name you'll ever know.
Spider-Man: For somebody new to this super-villain gig, you've sure got the clichés down.

Spider-Man: No surfing in the park, dude!
Hydro-Man: Forget your water-wings, dude?!

Spider-Man: What about the --
Mary Jane: Turning into water? That's new; I don't recall him doing that at the prom.

Spider-Man: Three minutes underwater. Do I get my merit badge?

Mary Jane: Brother, now you sound like my friend, Peter.
Spider-Man: Hey! Don't insult me!

Episode Goofs
Although Spider-Man can act really fast, it's pretty hard to believe that he can change from Peter to Spider-Man within two seconds.

Cultural References
Spider-Man: I'd better find MJ before Don Juan in a bottle does.

Don Juan, a.k.a. Bishop Don "Magic" Juan, is an american rap artist and a self-proclaimed pimp.

Episode References
"Battle of the Insidious Six (2)"

Spider-Man: Doc Connors says I might be mutating into some type of freak.

This is a reference to the last scene of the episode listed above, in which Dr. Connors informs Spider-Man that the transformation that gave Spider-Man his spider-powers was not a one-time process; he will continue to mutate until he turns into something inhuman.

Spider-Man: Sub-Mariner, eat your heart out!

This is a reference to Namor, the Sub-Mariner, of Marvel Comics. He basically possesses all of the powers of Aquaman of DC Comics.

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