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Spider-Man: Neogenic Nightmare (5): Mutants' Revenge (2)

Spider-Man explains to Wolverine that he was in no way involved in the kidnapping of Beast, and that the last encounter that he had with him was when Beast told him of Professor Landon, who has reportedly found a cure for the mutant gene. Wolverine brings Spider-Man with him to Landon’s laboratory to make certain that he’s telling the truth. Once they end up inside, they see Beast in a cage above a vat of chemicals, which are supposed to destroy all mutants, rather than cure them. Wolverine’s attempt at freeing Beast fails, as he’s hit by a gun which renders him unconscious. The Hobgoblin arrives, and begins trying to destroy Landon’s research, and in his attempt to stop him, Landon lands in the vat of chemicals, turning him into a mutant, his worst fear. Now, Spider-Man and the X-Men must stop Landon, who’s been absorbing all of the electricity of the city.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x5
Production Number: 205
Airdate: Saturday October 07th, 1995

Guest Stars
Alison Sealy-SmithAlison Sealy-Smith
voiced Storm
Alyson CourtAlyson Court
voiced Jubilee
Cathal J. DoddCathal J. Dodd
voiced Wolverine (credited as Cal Dodd)
Catherine DisherCatherine Disher
voiced Jean Grey
Cedric SmithCedric Smith
voiced Xavier
Chris PotterChris Potter
voiced Gambit
David WarnerDavid Warner
voiced Landon
George BuzaGeorge Buza
voiced Beast
John Beard (1)John Beard (1)
voiced Newscaster
Joseph RuskinJoseph Ruskin
voiced Lewald
Laurie OLaurie O'Brien
voiced Genevieve
Lenore ZannLenore Zann
voiced Rogue
Mark HamillMark Hamill
voiced Hobgoblin
Maxwell CaulfieldMaxwell Caulfield
voiced Alistair Smythe
Norm SpencerNorm Spencer
voiced Cyclops
Roscoe Lee BrowneRoscoe Lee Browne
voiced Kingpin
Susan BeaubianSusan Beaubian
voiced Dr. Mariah Crawford
Main Cast
Christopher Daniel BarnesChristopher Daniel Barnes
voiced Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Episode Notes
The X-Men make their last apperance.

Episode Quotes
Spider-Man: I don't have time to play games.
Wolverine: Good, 'cause I ain't playing any.

Spider-Man: Let me look at where they hit you.
Wolverine: Don't worry about me. I heal fast.
Spider-Man: A mutant healing factor. I'm impressed!

Beast: (to Spider-Man who is holding up the cage that he's in and Wolverine is hanging from) Hold it steady!
Spider-Man: Okay, but whatever you do, don't make me laugh!

Beast: Who knew there was a scientist under that mask?
Spider-Man: Takes one to know one, blue boy.

Wolverine: (the the mutant Landon after he picks up Genevieve) Hey, pal, that's no way to treat a lady. (Wolverine lunges at Landon, only to be knocked in mid-air)
Spider-Man: You sure showed him!

X-Mansion's Location

Although it's not disclosed in either of the two parts of this episode, the X-Mansion must be located somewhere in New York, as that's where the Spider-Man lives, and considering he web-slinged there, it has to be in that general area.

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