Spin City

The Complete First Season

Released On: November 04, 2008
Region: 1
Production Company: Shout Factory

Spin City is a smart, sophisticated sitcom about the behind-the-scenes workings of a fictional NYC based City Hall. Workaholic Mike Flaherty (Michael J. Fox) is the Deputy Mayor of New York City, serving as Mayor Randall Winston's (Barry Bostwick) key strategist and much-needed handler. Mike runs the city with the help of his oddball staff: an anxious and insecure press secretary (Richard Kind); a sexist, boorish chief of staff (Alan Ruck); an impeccably groomed gay activist running minority affairs (Michael Boatman); a sharp and efficient, man-crazy accountant (Connie Britton); and an idealistic young speechwriter (Alexander Chaplin). Like Mike, they are all professionally capable but personally challenged.

  • The Spin: The cast and creators look back at how the show began and remember its first season. Includes all-new interviews with Michael J. Fox, Barry Bostwick, Richard Kind, Alan Ruck, Michael Boatman, Connie Britton, and Alexander Chaplin and show creators Gary David Goldberg and Bill Lawrence and more.
  • Prime-Time Partners: Highlights of The Paley Center for Media Seminar presented in October 1996.In October 1996, Michael J. Fox and Gary David Goldberg gave a seminar for members of the Museum of Television & Radio (now know as the Paley Center for Media).
  • Commentaries by Cast, Creators and Crew

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