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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Standoff centers on Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman, top-ranked FBI crisis negotiators who are forced to come clean about their secret relationship after it is revealed during a tense hostage standoff that they are sleeping together. Too valuable as a team to be split up, they are now under the watchful eye of their boss and their colleagues. Standoff combines the crackling romantic relationship at its core with intense drama and humor as these negotiators vow not to cross the line and let their personal feelings get in the way of the job. But they learn quickly that, in life and in love, everything is a negotiation.
Special Guest Stars: Tom Wopat as Rick Keeslar |
Guest Stars: Michael Mitchell as Trent Cunningham | Maulik Pancholy as Unknown | Antonio Leon as Unknown | Octavia Spencer as Unknown | Geoffrey Rivas as Unknown | Bryce Johnson as Unknown | Bobby Hosea as Unknown | Kim Johnston Ulrich as Judith Cunningham | Erin Chambers as Krista | Larry Poindexter as Congressman Karl Cunningham |
Co-Guest Stars: Jamison Yang as TV Cameraman | Steve Hasley as Cheryl's Assistant | Maureen Muldoon as Lisa Dunning | Ryan Malgarini as Tyler Keeslar | Jaimie Alexander as Barrista | Tanner Blaze as Henry Keeslar | David Patrick Green as Rapid Air Driver |
Uncredited: Dave Andrews as Businessman | Ria Bellafiore as Counter Girl Hostage | Brea Tisdale as Real Estate Agent Hostage | Ricky Trammell as Concierge
Director: Tim Story
Songs: Theme from MASH -- Suicide Is Painless, Antonio Vivaldi -- The Four Seasons, Natasha Bedingfield -- Unwritten, The Coral Sea -- Yesterday/Tomorrow

2 :01x02 - Circling

When Air Traffic Control error is blamed for a plane crash killing 180 people, the controller at fault hijacks the control tower in defense of his innocence. The stakes are high as dozens of planes circle above, but when Matt and Emily learn that the hijacker's wife is having an affair, the negotiators realize that the pressures at work aren't the only issues the hijacker is coping with. The situation hits a little too close to home as Matt and Emily get a glimpse of what could happen when personal lives get in the way of careers, and Emily pushes a hesitant Matt to go public with their relationship.
Guest Stars: Rashaan Nall as Jesse Roberts | Vincent Angell as Scott Laramie | Tim DeKay as John Barnes | Joe Spano as Joe Suser | Stacy Edwards as Cathy Barnes | Kahan James as Blake Kilroy |
Co-Guest Stars: Sarah K. Peterson as Sabrina Barnes | Derrin Horton as Reporter | Rico E. Anderson as Tropic Gulf Pilot | Matthew Troyer as T.V. News Reporter | Tate Hanyok as Waitress | John Lacy (1) as Pilot One | Brian Fitzpatrick as Pilot | Benjamin Byron Davis as Clumsy Man | Javier Grajeda as Co-Pilot | William Charlton as FAA Official | Felice Heather Monteith as Flight Attendant | Michael Gianelli as Man On Cell | Musashi Alexander as Nick
Director: Brad Turner
Songs: Matt Hirt -- Amigo Mio, Max Bruch -- Violin Concerto #1 in G Minor Opus 26 Adagio

3 :01x03 - Shanghai'd

What seems to be a textbook child kidnapping becomes a tangled mess when it is revealed that the victim is the daughter of David Lao - an Asian crime lord who is currently under FBI investigation. To save the young girl's life, Matt and Emily must compromise the investigation, infuriating the Crime Division's Chief, and deal with a corrupt father who doesn't want their help. With two FBI teams on opposite sides of the same case and a kidnapper who is more experienced than he's revealing, Matt and Emily have their hands full at work while keeping some secrets from each other in the bedroom.
Guest Stars: Peter Hermann as Liam Fowler | Tim Kelleher as Ray Jamison | Sung Kang as David Lau | Tom Wright as Ben Hilton | Michelle Krusiec as Kim Lau |
Co-Guest Stars: Walter Wong as Russell Tze | Kevin Fry as Michael Hendricks | Tim Chiou as Paul | Celine Tien as Andrea Lau | David S. Lee as John Ross | Bobby Nish as Jai | Peter James Smith as Hsu | Roger Ranney as Fuller | Louisa Kendrick as Amy | Adam Donshik as Agent
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Abra Moore -- Family Affair, The Terraplane Project -- It's All Connected, The Vacation -- White Noise

4 :01x04 - Partners in Crime

When a serial bank robber hits a string of banks along the California coast, Matt and Emily are determined to catch the thief. But when a confrontation at the next target bank goes awry and Emily becomes a hostage, Matt has trouble putting his personal feelings aside. The chase is on and after realizing that the suspects are a couple in love, Matt uses his knowledge of mixing business with pleasure to catch the robbers before Frank and the team take them out.
Guest Stars: Kali Rocha as Leanne Benson | Mariana Klaveno as Kari Nichols | Jim Parrack as Sam Ellis |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan K. Smith as Deputy | Matt Borlenghi as Maurice Temple | Brandon Ford Green as Male Montecito Customer | Amita Balla as Teller | Michael Yavnieli as Cop | Matthew Lenhart as Cambria Trust Bank Manager |
Uncredited: Robb Reesman as Montecito Sheriff | Ricardo J. Chacon as Montecito Deputy #2
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Joy Kecken
Songs: And You Will Know Us By The Trail -- Will You Smile Again?

5 :01x05 - Life Support

When a girl's health takes a turn for the worse, a young boy takes hostages in a hospital to force a surgeon to operate on his terminally ill sister. But the renowned doctor is on vacation, and the remaining surgeons refuse to perform such a complicated procedure without his help. With lives on the line, Matt and Emily must appeal to the doctor's past and the young boy's future in order to save the hostages and prevent the boy from doing something he will regret.
Guest Stars: Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Goldstein | Allen Maldonado as M. J. Martinez | Corey Stoll as Dr. Wayne | Aki Avni as Dr. Ephraim Khoury | Aisha Hinds as Anne | Mozhan Marnò as Agnacia |
Co-Guest Stars: Tony Lee (1) as Dr. Berg | Linara Washington as Dyanne Martinez | Andrew A. Rolfes as Deputy Haskey | Tim Snay as Patient | Monika Jolly as Resident |
Uncredited: Nathan Kress as Young Matt
Songs: David Gray -- Disappearing World, Mötley Crüe -- Dr. Feelgood

6 :01x06 - One Shot Stop

When a mysterious sniper kills a string of random people, CNU is determined to find the snipers hideout. But when they catch a suspect and announce their success, a police captain is shot and they learn that the man in custody is actually copycat. With the real sniper on the loose, negotiations arent enough and Matt and Emily must work with Frank and Duff to catch the killer before he hurts one of them.
Guest Stars: Raphael Sbarge as Donald Leeson | Todd Tesen as Captain Tim Bayless | Timothy Carhart as Lucas Leeson |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Jeffcoat as Young Cop/Randy Sexton | Kevin Will as Road Rager | Jason McDonald (1) as Patterson | Jane Yamamoto as Janet Muranaka | Bruce Gerard Brown, Jr. as LAPD Spotter | Charlie Bodin as Green FBI Agent | Tony Colitti as BSU Doctor
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Songs: El Boodah -- Enemigo

7 :01x07 - Man of Steele

After a surrogate mother scams a desperate husband out $50,000 for her newborn baby, the distraught man takes matters into his own hands. He shoots the social worker who arranged the illegal adoption and then flees, taking the newborn child and the babysitter hostage. The resulting high-speed chase ends at the scam artists home, where, in an attempt to defend his actions, the man calls shock-jock radio personality Avery Steeles show and his plight goes live on the air throughout Los Angeles. Matt and Emily must enlist Steeles help to negotiate the crisis over the airwaves, but this power to the people jock is anything but cooperative.
Guest Stars: Hanna Hall as Rose Anders | Mireille Enos as Dana | Richard Ruccolo as Ken Mund | Joe Nieves as Carter Mills | W. Earl Brown as Doug Frohmer | Brent Sexton as Avery Steele | Brigid Brannagh as Caryn Frohmer |
Co-Guest Stars: Preston Acuff as Stoner | Justine Boyriven as Trina Flax | Matthew Troyer as Newscaster | Blair Hickey as Lowe | Rob Brownstein (2) as Goodstein |
Uncredited: Yair as Boy
Director: Steve Gomer
Writer: Adam Targum
Songs: Secret Machines -- 1000 Seconds

8 :01x08 - Heroine

The team rescue Anya Reid from a hostage situation who then appears to develop a crush on Matt. When Anya reveals she may have a stalker, Emily is not so sure and thinks there may be more to Anya than she's letting on.
Guest Stars: Nikki Magnusson as Bar Patron (uncredited) | Jeff Daniel Phillips as Neil van Sickle | Robert Reinis as Roger Selby | Robert Zepeda as Unknown | Scott Michael Campbell as Graham Brewster | Elizabeth Reaser as Anya Reid |
Co-Guest Stars: Lance E. Nichols as Henry Bremner |
Uncredited: Michele Moreno as Mexican Mother | Thomas Silcott as FBI Man | Tyler R. Brooks (1) as Thin Man
Songs: El Boodah -- Enemigo

9 :01x09 - Peer Group

In a revenge-of-the-nerds case, Matt and Emily must negotiate with three armed teen geeks who have taken two athletes and a pretty girl hostage and are taunting them---live on a Web site they have set up via real-time video. And when CNU blocks the site, they threaten to kill the cool kids. For Emily, the case is personal: She had been bullied herself as a teen. Matt, on the other hand, had been a bully.
Guest Stars: Shawn H. Smith as Andre King | Mandy June Turpin as Kate Freymuth | Tamara Clatterbuck as Linda Bolt | Roy Werner as Jerry Langdon | Noel Fisher as Owen Johnson | Sean Marquette as Michael French | Anne Marie Howard as Susan Langdon | Paul Schulze as Dale Steckler | Drew Tyler Bell as Chuck Langdon | Josh Zuckerman as Cary Steckler | Ash Christian as Billy Freymuth | Scout Taylor-Compton as Tina Bolt |
Co-Guest Stars: David Pearl (2) as Neighbor | Michael Patrick McGill as Scott Freymuth | Mark Edward Smith as Ron King | Dan Sachoff as Robert French | Annie LaRussa as Raechel Steckler | Connie Jackson as Lisa King
Writer: Daniel Knauf
Songs: Dirty Vegas -- Days Go By (Acoustic)

10 :01x10 - Accidental Negotiator

Just moments after she was fired, a worker at a credit union's headquarters takes a call at her desk---from an armed man in a branch office who wants to speak to her boss. But he has just left the office, and a hostage situation ensues. Meanwhile, Emily and Matt are at odds because she left his apartment early in the morning without waking him.
Guest Stars: J.C. MacKenzie as William Tate | J.D. Pardo as Vin Leon | Joel Bissonnette as Baron Lent | Kym Whitley as Angela Worthington |
Co-Guest Stars: Emily James as Clerk | Matthew Troyer as Reporter | Dileep Rao as Robert | Marco Bardales as Danny Estevez | Val Morrell as Charlene | Shirley Saunders as Jennifer Grant | Jack Impellizzeri as Tim Winters | Kate Gladfelter as Receptionist | Timothy McNeil as Driver |
Uncredited: Derrin Horton as Reporter | Emily Schweitz as Laura Jenkins
Director: Craig Ross, Jr.
Writer: Daniel Knauf

11 :01x11 - Borderline

The tables are turned on Matt and Emily when a Mexican drug lord escapes during negotiations with Emily. The pair and two DEA agents soon catch the fugitive in an abandoned tavern in Mexico---then are surrounded by his cohorts while out of communication range with headquarters.
Guest Stars: Reynaldo Gallegos as Ramon Leal | Bradford Tatum as Agent Griffin | Jorge Pallo as Kyle Fernandez | Lombardo Boyar as Felix Aguila | Marc Vann as Roger Lestak |
Co-Guest Stars: Anthony Tavera as Tucker | Frank Merino as Lieutenant | Emily Kosloski as Jeanette Divine
Director: Helen Shaver

12 :01x12 - No Strings

When a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent insists on letting a container pass through the Port of Los Angeles without inspection, it quickly escalates into a hostage situation when his colleagues question his judgement. Meanwhile, Emily receives a job offer from Quantico and must decide if she wants to take it or not.
Guest Stars: James MacDonald (1) as Lionel Struthers | Gwendoline Yeo as Sadka Ratana | Xander Berkeley as Paul Fisk | Diana-Maria Riva as Marta |
Co-Guest Stars: Keith Pillow as Reporter One | Sonny King as Caricaturist | Robert Della Cerra as Paramedic | Louise Bennett as Reporter Two | John Eric Montana as Reporter Three
Songs: Band Of Horses -- The Funeral

13 :01x13 - Backfire

Two bank robbers have taken twenty-five hostages on a train, but Emily must handle the negotiations by herself, as Matt has been called away to another hostage crisis. However, when she suspects that the entire stunt is merely a decoy so that the real thieves can get away, things become much more complicated. Meanwhile, Matt must try to convince a psychiatric patient to release two people that he has taken captive.
Guest Stars: Marnie McPhail as Sarah Polniaczek | Christopher Bradley as Dr. Bruce Golden | Scott Lawrence as Jeff Thomas | Pat Skipper as Red | Christina Chang as Dr. Meredith Golden | Wayne Pére as Neal Polniaczek |
Co-Guest Stars: Jesse Escochea as HRT Man #1 |
Uncredited: Loreni Delgado as Isabel

14 :01x14 - Road Trip

When a fanatic polygamous cult leader abducts one of his daughters, who had tried to escape, Matt and Emily track them and discover a plot for revenge that could lead to the deaths of many other people.
Guest Stars: Vince Grant as Malcolm Durst | William Russ as Warren Keegan | Shanna Collins as Hahna Keegan | Bree Turner as Natalie | Saxon Trainor as Ruth | Michelle Page as Darah | Mageina Tovah as Gwen Keegan
Director: John Badham

15 :01x15 - Lie to Me

When a young boy is abducted from the Santa Monica Pier, Emily is thrown into the middle of the crisis. The situation becomes volatile when her personal life is brought into the public eye and she must confront her demons in order to save the child.
Guest Stars: Terry Hoyos as Carol Wolfe | Gregory Scott Cummins as Jeb Sanders | Lisa Kaminir as Mrs. Gendon | Tanya Wright as Mrs. Marsh | Drew Matthews as Oliver Marsh | Sterling K. Brown as Mr. Marsh | John M. Jackson as Tobin Jensen | Susan Gibney as Alison |
Co-Guest Stars: Samantha Perez (2) as Girl On Carousel | Michelle Barkowski as Girl On Carousel | Anthony Jennings as Rob Cirillo | Keith Pillow as Reporter #1
Songs: Damien Rice -- 9 Crimes

16 :01x16 - Ex-Factor

Cheryl becomes personally involved in the case after the key witness in a federal money-laundering case and his wife are kidnapped and held hostage.
Guest Stars: Shea Whigham as Jared Kendall | Ned Vaughn as Scott | Curtis Armstrong as Mr. Burke | Jeffrey D. Sams as Sam Weaver | John Billingsley as Dennis Riker | Maggie Egan as Mrs. Riker
Songs: Puracane -- Big Day, Bird York -- Have No Fear

17 :01x17 - Kids in the Hall

A hostage crisis at a juvenile-detention center is sparked by a sensitive, intelligent teen who demands that the facility remain open. But his plans to keep the inmates from being transferred to a more crowded facility are thwarted by a thuggish teen. Meanwhile, Matt and Emily must fill out partner-evaluation forms. One question asks whether there's any situation the two can't resolve, and Matt answers no, but he does so before this situation unfolds.
Guest Stars: Benito Martinez as Senator Richard Espinosa | Will Rothhaar as Jerome Kaden | Aldis Hodge as Nathan | Harrison Page as Superintendent Fletcher |
Co-Guest Stars: David Campbell (3) as SORT Officer | Louise Bennett as Reporter | Steele Justiss as Kid One | Kareem Grimes as Hoody | Brian Catalano as Rookie Cop/Tony | Joseph Carberry as Carl | Derek Anthony as Classroom Guard | Link Baker as Security Room Guard | James Molina as Sebastian | Teo Olivares as Hector Garza |
Uncredited: Chad Guerrero as Chilly
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Sarah Watson

18 :01x18 - Severance

Series finale: Having broken up as a couple, Matt and Emily decide they want to break up as a team as well. So Cheryl sends Matt out without Emily to defuse a crisis involving a distraught filmmaker, who makes racy videos, and his equally distraught wife, who runs the business. But one hostage situation soon becomes two, and Cheryl must call in reinforcements.
Guest Stars: David Starzyk as Howard | Aimee Garcia as Tina Markovich | Camille Saviola as Mrs. Markovich | Gonzalo Menendez as Mike Delgado | John Livingston as Alex Winston | Henri Lubatti as Reggie Markovich |
Co-Guest Stars: Tania Verafield as Kiki | Rosemary Garris as FBI Agent | Edward Diaz as Officer Gordon | Jacob Bruce as Miller | Caroline Macey as Ariel | Patrick Robert Smith as Officer Mendez
Director: Jesse Bochco
Warning: Standoff guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 05, 2006
Ended: July 20, 2007
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