Lamia: Girl Of Destiny - Recap

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Orion is pleased to hear of Captain Carters death because he was jealous of him. X-Bomber finally finds the Skull Ship and try to communicate with it to try and learn the secret of F-01. A voice replies and tells them he wants to talk to the one who wears the special tolken (he is talking about Lamia's pendant) but Doctor Benn refuse to let Lamia go and speak to the Skull without knowing why. Lamia runs off because she is upset and Shiro goes after her. Lamia asks Shiro if he will take her to speak with the Skull Ship and he agrees. Shiro and Lamia leave in a space chopper and head towards the Skull.
Back on the Imperial Cruiser Makara picks up Shiro and Lamia trying to communicate with the Skull and prepare to launch an attack on both ships.
Shiro and Lamia final find the Skull Ship and prepare to go aboard. As they do Makara launches an attack on them in order to kidnap Lamia (because they believe she is F-01)
On board the Skull Ship a man named Halley introduces himself to Lamia and Shiro. Halley asks Lamia for the pendant and then shoots her with a laser gun. Lamia is unharmed. He tells them he shot her to test if the pendant was real. Shiro prepares to leave Lamia on the promise that when she has finished talking to Halley she returns to X-Bomber, but before he leaves a fleet of Imperial Fighters arrive and blast at the Skull Ship. Lamia gets blasted into outer space by an explosion. Shiro goes after her in the space chopper as she floats away in space.
As she drifts in outer space an Imperial Alliance Ship grabs a hold of her with its dropping claw. Shiro follows the Imperial Alliance Ships and frees Lamia by blasting the claw. Although Lamia is free she is once again drifting in outer space. Shiro rescues her and she gets on his space chopper.
Lee arrives in the leg section of Dai-X, and clears a path for Shiro to get Lamia back to X-Bomber. X-Bomber then arrives and fires a blast that make Orion’s battle cruiser retreat. On board X-Bomber Shiro receives a cold welcome, and is even punched by Hercules. Lamia is examined in the medical bay and Dr. Benn tells everyone eventually she will be okay, and she seems unharmed. Later when Shiro tries to visit her Kirara throws him out of the room.