Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

When the Cardassian occupation of Bajor ended in 2369, the mining space station Terok Nor was left abandoned, its systems ripped out. By invitation of the Bajoran provisional government, Starfleet stepped in to oversee the rebuilding and day-to-day operations of the newly christened Deep Space Nine. The years of Starfleet's nonintervention into Cardassian matters, however, had taken its toll on relations with the Bajorans. Consequently, Starfleet's position was a tenuous one; many Bajorans, suspicious and hostile as a result of decades of Cardassian oppression and brutality, did not greet the Federation's presence with open arms. The Federation's assistance is put to the test as DS9 becomes a center of travel and commerce that stretches into the Gamma Quadrant.

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Final: 7x26 -- What You Leave Behind, Part II (Jun/02/1999)

In part two of the series finale the Caradassian Rebellion reaches Dominion headquarters leaving Weyoun and the Female Changeling to realize that the end of their reign of terror may be near.

The Federation Alliance wins their final battle against the Dominion and Breen with some heartbreaking consequences.

Available Episodes

What You Leave Behin..
Jun 02, 1999
Season 7 episode 25

The Dogs of War
May 26, 1999
Season 7 episode 24

Extreme Measures
May 19, 1999
Season 7 episode 23

Tacking into the Win..
May 12, 1999
Season 7 episode 22

When It Rains...
May 05, 1999
Season 7 episode 21

The Changing Face of..
Apr 28, 1999
Season 7 episode 20

Strange Bedfellows
Apr 21, 1999
Season 7 episode 19

Avery BrooksAvery Brooks
As Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko
Alexander SiddigAlexander Siddig
As Dr. Julian Bashir
Terry FarrellTerry Farrell
As Lieutenant/Lt, Commander Jadzia Dax (1993-1998)
Cirroc LoftonCirroc Lofton
As Jake Sisko
Colm MeaneyColm Meaney
As Chief Miles O'Brien
Armin ShimermanArmin Shimerman
As Quark
Nana VisitorNana Visitor
As Major/Colonel Kira Nerys
Michael DornMichael Dorn
As Lt. Commander Worf (1995-1999)
Nicole de BoerNicole de Boer
As Ensign/Lieutenant Ezri Dax (1998-1999)



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There are only two words that can truly describe D...Rating: 3 likes, 0 dislikes

... absolutely brilliant!

I am ashamed to admit now that I am one of the many Star Trek fans out there that voiced their skepticism when the premise of DS9 was announced several years back. Thankfully though, I was proven wrong, not to mention hooked by the very first episode. Read more

Review posted on Friday, November 3rd 2006 at 5:21 am

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Recurring Guests

Mark Allen Shepherd as Morn (74 eps)
Aron Eisenberg as Nog (49 eps)
Andrew J. Robinson as Mirror Garak (40 eps)
Marc Alaimo as Dukat (38 eps)
Max Grodénchik as Rom (37 eps)
Jeffrey Combs as Weyoun (33 eps)
J.G. Hertzler as Martok (28 eps)
Majel Barrett as Federation Computer (27 eps)
Judi M. Durand as Station Computer (24 eps)
Casey Biggs as Damar (22 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Sci-Fi | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 11:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 03, 1993
Ended: June 02, 1999
• DS9 (Used In USA)
• Jornada Nas Estrelas: Deep Space 9 (Used In Brazil)
• Star Trek: Hluboký vesmír devět (Used In Czech Republic)
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