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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Emissary, Part I

Stardate 46379.1: Just over two years ago, the Borg took Captain Jean-Luc Picard from the U.S.S. Enterprise and made him one of their own. Unable to stop what was to come, Picard watched helplessly as 39 ships and almost 11,000 lives were lost at the Battle of Wolf 359. One of the destroyed ships, the U.S.S. Saratoga, carried Lieutenant-Commander Benjamin Sisko. Over two years later, with the commencement of peace talks between the Cardassians and the Federation, the Cardassians have ended their occupation of the planet Bajor, leaving behind a space station. The Federation, acting as administrators until the Bajorans are able to govern themselves, sets up command at the station, dubbed Deep Space Nine, with Commander Benjamin Sisko put in charge of the station's operations.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 721
Airdate: Sunday January 03rd, 1993

Alternate Airdates:

Ireland Sep 28, 1995
France Sep 28, 1995
United Kingdom Sep 28, 1995

Special Guest Stars
Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
As Captain Jean-Luc Picard / Locutus of Borg

Guest Stars
Camille SaviolaCamille Saviola
As Kai Opaka
Felecia M. BellFelecia M. Bell
As Jennifer Sisko
Marc AlaimoMarc Alaimo
As Gul Dukat

Co-Guest Stars
April GraceApril Grace
As Hubbell
Aron EisenbergAron Eisenberg
As Nog
Cassandra ByramCassandra Byram
As Conn Officer
Diana CignoniDiana Cignoni
As Dabo Girl
Donald HottonDonald Hotton
As Monk #1
Frank Owen Smith (1)Frank Owen Smith (1)
As Curzon Dax
Gene ArmorGene Armor
As Bajoran
J.G. HertzlerJ.G. Hertzler
As Vulcan Captain
Judi M. DurandJudi M. Durand
voiced Station Computer
Lily MariyeLily Mariye
As Ops Officer
Lynnda FergusonLynnda Ferguson
As Doran
Majel BarrettMajel Barrett
voiced Federation Computer
Max GrodénchikMax Grodénchik
As Rom (Ferengi Pit Boss)
Megan ButlerMegan Butler
As Lieutenant
Parker WhitmanParker Whitman
As Cardassian Officer
Stephen DaviesStephen Davies
As Tactical Officer
Stephen RoweStephen Rowe
As Chanting Monk
Steve RankinSteve Rankin
As Cardassian Officer
Thomas HobsonThomas Hobson
As Young Jake
William Powell-BlairWilliam Powell-Blair
As Cardassian

Mark Allen ShepherdMark Allen Shepherd
As Morn
Episode Notes
Log Entries:
* Commence Station Log, Deep Space Nine, Commander Benjamin Sisko, Stardate 46388.2 - At the request of the Bajoran provisional government, Starfleet has agreed to establish a Federation presence in this system following the withdrawal of the Cardassian occupational forces. The first contingent of officers, including my Chief of Operations, Miles O'Brien, arrived two days ago on the Enterprise.
* Station Log, Stardate 46390.1 - The Enterprise has been ordered to the Lapolis System. They're scheduled to depart at 0500 hours after off-loading three Runabout-class vessels. Meanwhile, our medical and science officers are arriving and I'm looking forward to a reunion with a very old friend.

J.G. Hertzler, who plays the Vulcan Captain of the USS Saratoga in the Battle of Wolf 359, would appear later in the series in the recurring role of the Klingon Martok.

Armin Shimerman, who stars as the Ferengi bartender Quark, started out his career in the Star Trek Universe as one of the Ferengi in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, "The Last Outpost". The episode was the first one to showcase the Ferengi, although they had been mentioned once before in the very first TNG episode, "Encounter at Farpoint".

Judith Durand's voicing of Deep Space Nine's computer is not new. She had originally voiced the computer of the Federation Spacedock in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Rene Auberjonois, who stars as Constable Odo, originally played "Colonel" West in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

This episode marks the only appearance of the Borg on the series.

Episode Goofs
Stardate Inaccuracy
At the beginning of the episode, the Stardate for the Battle of Wolf 359 is given as 43997. The next stardate shown is in the caption, "STARDATE 46379.1/THREE YEARS LATER". Every year covers 1,000 ordinals on the Stardate charts. Three years after the Borg attack would be 46997. In actuality, just under two and a half years have passed.

Commander Sisko and his son enter Deep Space Nine with Chief O'Brien, who had arrived two days ago. Chief O'Brien then goes on to explain to the Commander why the station is in such disarray. However, Sisko and his son arrived at Deep Space Nine three days ago. Taking into account that a star year spans 1,000 ordinals, that number divided by 365 days shows that about 2.74 ordinals pass each day. The time from when Sisko arrived, Stardate 46379.1, to now, Stardate 46388.2, (or 9.1 ordinals) covers just over three.

Starfleet Uniforms Changed
Just after Commander Sisko speaks to Captain Picard for the first time, he is seen in the Security Office talking with Odo and Quark. His uniform has now changed from the second-generation Starfleet uniforms to the third-generation uniforms. The black collar is no longer present and a turtleneck shirt is worn under the uniform to provide a place to pin the rank on.

In the scene where Sisko removes the ball and glove from under his sleeping son's hand, telling Jake that he was thinking how much Jake looks like his mom, he reaches out with his right hand and touches Jake's face. The next shot shows Sisko with his right arm at his side while his left arm is extended towards his son.

Star Trek Universe Continuity
Terry Farrell's character, that of a Trill named Lieutenant Dax, is inconsistent with her arrival as a Starfleet Officer. The disappearance of Trill forehead ridges as well as the now shared relationship between the Trill and its host aside the presence of Trill in Starfleet is more than just suspect. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Host", where the Trill were first introduced, Counsellour Deanna Troi says that the Federation does not knw much about the Trill. The Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise's, Doctor Beverly Crusher, didn't even know about the Trill's symbiotic relationship. Less than a year and a half has passed since the events of "The Host" and the beginning of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Stardate 44821.3 to Stardate 46390.1, and Dax's species have not only entered Starfleet Academy, but Dax herself has been promoted twice since graduation. Those who graduate from Starfleet start out as Ensigns. The next rank is Lieutenant Junior Grade and then full Lieutenant, which Dax is. Since the Federation knew nothing about the Trill's symbiotic relationship less than two years ago, it is impossible for Dax to have graduated from the Academy let alone obtained the rank of Lieutenant so quickly. The Trill's history with the Federation will become even more flawed in "Dax".

Cultural References
U.S.S. Saratoga: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Sisko's former assignment was as first officer aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga, a Miranda-class vessel that had carried the same name and ship class as the U.S.S. Saratoga seen in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

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