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Stardate 46910.1: As Dax walk back to her quarters for the evening, two men and a woman take her hostage. Dr. Bashir relays her situation to Ops, but the kidnappers are a few steps ahead. They're able to disable all of DS9's security devices and escape in their ship. Commander Sisko brings the tractor beam back online and lock onto the kidnapper's ship before it escaped the beam's range. Bringing the three back onto the ship, Commander Sisko is handed a warrant by one of the abductors containing murder and treason charges against Lieutenant Dax.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x8
Production Number: 408
Airdate: Sunday February 14th, 1993

Alternate Airdates:

Ireland Nov 09, 1995
France Nov 09, 1995
United Kingdom Nov 09, 1995

Guest Stars
Gregory ItzinGregory Itzin
As Ilon
Anne HaneyAnne Haney
As Renora

Mark Allen ShepherdMark Allen Shepherd
As Morn
Episode Notes
Log Entry:
* Stardate 46910.1 - Chief O'Brien has escorted his wife back to Earth to celebrate her mother's hundredth birthday. In the meantime, the rest of us are trying to keep the station up and running.

The Stardate given actually places the events of this episode after ""If Wishes were Horses" instead of where it originally aired after "Q-Less".

Cityscape: "Angel One"
The matte painting used for the Klaestro IV cityscape is from the Star Trek: The Next Generation season one episode "Angel One". The matte was used rather frequently in TNG, and it will also be used a number of times for DS9.

Episode Goofs
Star Trek Universe Continuity
In this episode, it is revealed that Curzon Dax was Commander Sisko's mentor at Starfleet, thus creating a continuity that completely breaks from the introduction of the Trill in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Host". In "The Host", Counsellor Deanna Troi states that the Federation knows so little about the Trill. Before the events of "The Host", the Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise, Doctor Beverly Crusher, had no knowledge about the relationship between the Trill and its host. It is impossible for the Trill to have entered Starfleet without the Federation discovering their symbiotic relationship.

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