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Stardate 47329.4: Commander Sisko's inabilty to sleep has caused him to realize that the fourth anniversary of the death of his wife had just passed the day before. Thinking about Jennifer, he meets a woman on Deep Space Nine who he becomes enchanted with. Meanwhile, a terraformer has docked at DS9 in order to have the warp engines on the science vessel Prometheus upgraded so that they will be ready for his mission to restore life to a dead star.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x9
Production Number: 429
Airdate: Sunday November 21st, 1993

Guest Stars
Richard KileyRichard Kiley
As Seyetik
Episode Notes
Log Entries:
* Personal Log, Stardate 47329.4 - I finally realized why I've had trouble sleeping the last few nights. Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the massacre at Wolf 359. The fourth anniversary of Jennifer's death. I'm not sure what bothers me more - the date itself or the fact that it almost passed unnoticed.
* Station Log, Supplemental - Epsilon 119 continues to burn brightly - a fitting memorial to a brilliant man. Meanwhile, I'm happy to report Nidell has made a complete recovery. Unfortunately, she has no memory of Fenna's experiences.

Episode Goofs
As in "Emissary", the Stardate given for this episode, 47329.4, is incorrect. It has not been four years after the Battle of Wolf 359, 43997. 1000 ordinals in a Stardate pass with each year. The fourth anniversary of the death of Sisko's wife would be 47997.

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