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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Looking for par'Mach in all the Wrong Places

Worf sees a Klingon woman arrive at Deep Space Nine and is captivated by her. Unfortunately, the woman has come to see Quark. Grilka ("The House of Quark") returns to DS9 to have Quark assist her in calculating her finances. Elsewhere, Chief O'Brien concentrates on making Major Kira, the holder of his child, as happy as she can be.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x3
Production Number: 501
Airdate: Monday October 14th, 1996

Guest Stars
Joseph RuskinJoseph Ruskin
As Tumek
Mary Kay AdamsMary Kay Adams
As Grilka
Phil MorrisPhil Morris
As Thopok
Rosalind ChaoRosalind Chao
As Keiko O'Brien

Mark Allen ShepherdMark Allen Shepherd
As Morn
Episode Notes
This episode marks the directorial debut of Andrew J. Robinson (Elim Garak). Unfortunately, this is the only episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that he would directo. He would go on to direct two episodes of Star Trek: Voyager.

Episode Goofs
When Jadzia is talking to Worf in Ops, she mentions that to the best of her knowledge the time on Qo'noS was the last time that Quark saw Grilka. When she says this, the camera is showing her hands on her hips. As she finishes her sentence, she crosses her arms. In the next shot, from her right side, her right arm is positioned so that her hand would again be on her hip (farther away from her torso and arched slightly behind her body) even though there was no break in the scene for her to shift from her arms being crossed. In the next shot, while continuing to talk to Worf, the camera shows her from the front again with her hands crossed.

Cultural References
"War, what is it good for?": Edwin Starr
Quark's paraphrases the refrain of Edwin Starr's 1969 rebellion song "War". More information on the song and Edwin Starr can be found here and here.

It has been readily apparant since their first meeting in "The Way of the Warrior", all the "battles" that they partook of in the holosuite, and other moments spent together that Jadzia had feelings for Worf. Her quote to Worf when they first met in the aforementioned episode, "Louk, a jeek CHIM-ta law" ("Yeah, but I'm a lot better looking than [Curzon] was.") and Jadzia's initial sparring match with Worf in the holosuite a while later would eventually lead to the events in this episode.

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