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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Treachery, Faith and the Great River

Needing a stabilizer on the Defiant, Captain Sisko orders Chief O'Brien to have part in place on the ship when he returns in three days. Unfortunately, O'Brien won't be able to procure the item for three weeks. Overhearing the conversation with the Captain is Nog, who offers to use a bit of his Ferengi sense of commerce to find the stabilizer for the Chief in three days. Elsewhere, Odo receives a message from his Cardassian contact, long thought dead, to rendezvous with him at their usual location. While there, Odo discovers that his contact is in fact dead. In his place stands Weyoun, who has decided to defect to the Federation.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 7x6
Production Number: 556
Airdate: Wednesday November 04th, 1998

Guest Stars
Aron EisenbergAron Eisenberg
As Nog
Casey BiggsCasey Biggs
As Damar
J.G. HertzlerJ.G. Hertzler
As General Martok
Jeffrey CombsJeffrey Combs
As Weyoun
Max GrodénchikMax Grodénchik
As Rom
Salome JensSalome Jens
As Female Changeling
Episode Notes
The working title of this episode was Untitled Odo/Weyoun.

Jeffrey Combs has stated that this was his favorite episode, not only because of the amount of screen time he got but also because of interacting with himself and the like.

Nog quotes Chief O'Brien the one hundred sixty-eighth Ferengi Rule of Acquisition: Whisper your way to success.

Episode Quotes
Odo: I don't think the universe is ready for two Weyouns.
Weyoun 7: I couldn't agree more.

Nog: (speaking of the Great Material Continuum) It's the force that binds the universe together.

Odo: Has it ever occurred to you that you believe the Founders are gods because that's what they want you to believe? That they built that into your genetic code?
Weyoun 6: Of course they did. That's what gods do. After all, why be a god if there's no one to worship you?

Episode References
"Improbable Cause"
Gul Russol, mentioned by Odo as his Cardassian contact, was last seen meeting with Odo in the season three episode "Improbably Cause".

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