Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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In what year did the show air it's final episode Medium msd85• 1997
• 1998
• 1999
• 2000
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 1991
• 1992
• 1993
• 1994
On what network did the show air Medium msd85• CBS
• Local Syndication
• Sci-Fi
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 175
• 176
• 177
• 178
How many episodes were in the second-seventh seasons Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 17
• 18
• 19
• 20
How many seasons did Star Trek: DS9 run Medium msd85• 5
• 6
• 7
• 8
Including Jadzia's marriage to Worf, how many times has Dax been married with it's previous hosts Hard Microsd• 3
• 7
• 6
• 4
What is the name of General Martok's wife Hard Microsd• Santana
• Selina
• Suriyana
• Sirella
In the very first episode of the show, which TNG character joins the crew of Deep Space Nine Easy Microsd• Miles O'Brien
• Worf
• William Riker
• Deanna Troi
What concept do the beings in the wormhole not understand Medium Microsd• physical space
• they understand none of these concepts
• physical distance
• linear time
Klingons have 2 major drives that influence their decisions, what are they Easy Microsd• Duty and honor
• Glory and power
• Sex and glory
• Influence and money
Who portrays Rom's Son, Nog on DS9 Hard Microsd• James Darren
• Avery Brooks
• Aron Eisenberg
• John Colicos
Who portrays Jake Sisko on DS9 Hard Microsd• Armin Shimerman
• Cirroc Lofton
• Hans Beimler
• Siddig El Fadil
How long does a standard day on Bajor last Medium Microsd• 21 hour
• 23 hours
• 29 hours
• 26 hours
Who's the only actor on DS9 to appear in all episodes of the series Medium Microsd• Colm Meaney
• Rene Auberjonois
• Armin Shimerman
• Avery Brooks
What is Ben Sisko's middle name Hard Microsd• Sidding
• Lafayette
• Alexander
• Faddil
Which U.S. state are Sisko and Bashir trapped in the episode "Past Tense" Hard Microsd• California
• New Mexico
• Texas
• Illinois
In the episode "Trials and Tribble-ations", how did the Defiant go back in time Medium Microsd• The Defiant used a "slingshot" effect around the sun.
• Kira Nerys used the Orb of Time.
• Arne Darvin used the Orb of Time.
• The Defiant got too close to a black hole and got pulled inside.
When DS9 was still Terok Nor, Odo had three innocent Bajorans handed over to the Cardassians and executed. Easy Microsd• True
• False
How often does Odo regenerate Medium Microsd• Every 24 hours.
• Every 13 hours.
• Every 11 hours.
• Every 16 hours.
At the end of season 4, Odo was transformed into a "Solid". Why Easy Microsd• Because he behaved like one.
• Because he wanted to be a solid.
• Because he had killed another of his kind.
• Because he didn't like being a changeling anymore.
Who portrays Gowron in DS9 Medium Microsd• Robert O'Reilly
• Alexander Siddig
• Michael Dorn
• Max Grodenchick
Who portrays Worf in DS9 Easy Microsd• Terry Farrell
• Michael Dorn
• Max Grodenchick
• Cirroc Lofton
Which other crew member does Bashir play darts with Easy Microsd• O'Brien
• Jadzia Dax
• Worf
• Odo
What is Bashir's middle name Hard Microsd• Subatoi
• Faddil
• Richard
• Siddig
What sport is Julian Bashir very adept at Easy Microsd• Basketball
• Soccer
• Baseball
• Tennis
With whom does Julian Bashir begin a romance with at the end of the series Easy Microsd• Jadzia Dax
• Ezri Dax
• Kira Nerys
• Keiko O'Brien
What is Keiko O'Brien's profession Medium Microsd• geologist
• engineer
• botanist
• schoolteacher
What species' motto is 'Victory is life' Easy Microsd• Jem'Hadar
• Cardassians
• Vorta
• Romulans
Who was the host of the Dax symbiont just before Jadzia Easy Microsd• Ezri
• Galron
• Tobin
• Curzon
Which actor portrays Miles O'Brien on DS9 Easy Microsd• Rene Auberjonois
• Colm Meaney
• Avery Brooks
• Armin Shimerman
Whose daughter is Tora Ziyal Easy Microsd• Weyoun
• Q
• Gul Dukat
• Martok
Jadzia Dax was married to which fellow officer Easy Microsd• Worf
• Odo
• Captain Sisko
• Julian Bashir
Who killed Odo (not in the alternate universe) Easy Microsd• Kira
• Dukat
• Sisko
• No-one
Who killed Chancellor Gowron Easy Microsd• Martok
• Himself
• Worf
• Alexander
Who killed Jennifer Sisko Medium Microsd• The Borg
• The Klingons
• The Romulans
• The Jem'hadar
Who killed Jadzia Dax while she was praying to the Prophets Easy Microsd• Dukat
• Garak
• Damar
• Joran
Morn never spoke out loud all through the series. Easy Microsd• True
• False
The wormhole near Bajor leads to which quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy Easy Microsd• Delta
• Gamma
• Beta
• Alpha
What was Worf's human surname Medium Microsd• Chernenko
• Popov
• Romanov
• Rozhenko
What is the name of Quark's father Hard Microsd• Joseph
• Rom
• Keldar
• Brant
Worf never set foot on Deep Space Nine until he was assigned there. Medium Microsd• True
• False
In which month is Chief O'Brien's birthday Hard Microsd• November
• September
• July
• October
Through the end of "Deep Space Nine", how many hosts did the Dax symbiont have in all Hard Microsd• Six
• Four
• Eight
• Ten
What is Captain Sisko's father's first name Hard Microsd• Marcus
• Jake
• Jackson
• Joseph
On DS9, what's the name of Kasidy Yates's cargo ship Hard Microsd• S.S. Zeus
• S.S. Xhosa
• S.S. Armada
• S.S. Potemkin
On "DS9", Odo must revert to his natural state (liquid) every 18 hours. Medium Microsd• True
• False
What was the name of Miles O'Brien's son Hard Microsd• Kirayoshi
• Kyle
• Kieran
• Kiram
Where is Odo from Easy Microsd• The Delta Quadrant
• The Beta Qadrant
• The Gama Quadrant
• Texas
What is the population of Deep Space Nine Hard Microsd• 200 residents, 50 officers.
• 100 residents, 50 officers
• 200 residents, 25 officers
• 150 residents, 25 officers
What is the name of Worf's son Easy Microsd• Julian
• Nog
• Alexander
• Jake
Who is Jake's best friend Easy Microsd• Odo
• Rom
• Quark
• Nog
What's the currency used by the Ferengi in DS9 Easy Microsd• Gold
• Bronze
• Latinum
• Silver
Apart from novels, some minor parts of the DS9 story were also depicted by a few comic series. Medium Microsd• True
• False
The actress Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) was pregnant during the 4th and 5th season of the series. Easy Microsd• True
• False
The novel Avatar picks up the story where DS9 left it. Easy Microsd• True
• False
Gene Roddenberry was a producer on DS9. Easy Microsd• True
• False
How many Primetime Emmy awards has Deep Space Nine won Medium Microsd• 6
• 4
• 1
• 3
Which one of these episodes was a retold story from The Original Series depicted from a different angle Medium Microsd• Crossover
• Trials and Tribble-ations
• Through the Looking Glass
• Resurrection
Which of these characters was never an operative of the Obsidian Order Easy Microsd• Dejar
• Enabran Tain
• Elim Garak
• General Martok
Who was the father of Elim Garak Medium Microsd• Enabran Tain
• Gul Dukat
• Damar
• Legate Tekeny Ghemor
Which year was Julian Bashir born Hard Microsd• 2349
• 2341
• 2345
• 2340
The name of the drug that was given to the Jem'hadar was: Easy Microsd• Cordrazine
• Ketracel-white
• Neurozine
• Benzocyatizine
What were the names of Julian Bashir's parents Hard Microsd• Richard and Amsha Bashir
• John and Helenna Bashir
• Ricardo and Marta Bashir
• Jackson and Amanda Bashir
What did Sisko do to Q that Picard never did to him Medium Microsd• Beg him
• Cooperate with him
• Hit him
• Befriend with him
Which season did Worf become a regular character on Deep Space Nine Easy Microsd• Season 2
• Season 6
• Season 5
• Season 4
Who has never been to Empok Nor Medium Microsd• O'Brien
• Nog
• Garak
• Bashir
How long did the Cardassian Occupation on Bajor last Medium Microsd• 40 years
• 50 years
• 30 years
• 60 years
Jadzia was the _____ host of the Dax symbiont. Medium Microsd• 3rd
• 4th
• 8th
• 15th
The actor who plays Weyoun, also played as the Ferengi Brunt in DS9. Medium Microsd• True
• False
Jadzia Dax dies in season 4 Easy Microsd• True
• False
When did the first DS9 episode air Easy Microsd• 3rd March 1993
• 3rd January 1993
• 3rd February 1993
• 3rd April 1993
What was the name of the episode in which Keiko O'Brien started her school Hard Microsd• Emissary
• Past Prologue
• A Man Alone
• Q-Less
Where was Miles O'Brien born Hard Microsd• County Cork, Ireland
• Glasgow, Scotland
• Dublin, Ireland
• Killarney, Ireland
What is the name of Worf's adopted parents Hard Microsd• Nikolai and Shannara Rozhenko
• Sergey and Helena Rozhenko
• Alexander and Shannara Rozhenko
• Nikolai and Helena Rozhenko
Worf's birth parents were killed at the Battle for ________ Easy Microsd• Khitomer
• Qo'noS
• Bajor
• Boreth
In the episode "The Visitor", older Jake wrote a book. What was the name of that book Hard Microsd• Anslam
• Anslem
• Anish
• Atom
What was Dr. Bahsir's class rank at Starfleet Academy Medium Microsd• 6th
• 2nd
• 3rd
• 10th
What's the first Rule of Acquisition Hard Microsd• Keep your ears open.
• Once you have their money, you never give it back.
• Never place friendship above profit.
• Expand or die.
Where is the sword of Kahless Medium Microsd• Encased in an asteroid
• In a sacred cave on Q'onos
• Adrift in space
• On Martok's ship in his quarters
Jake and Nog try to get Captain Sisko a vintage baseball card. Who is on the card Hard Microsd• Willie Mays
• Jackie Robinson
• Babe Ruth
• Micky Mantle
Dax kissed a woman. Easy Microsd• True
• False
What do Quark and Rom call their mother Medium Microsd• Mother
• Female
• Ishka
• Moogie
What special device does the Defiant have Medium Microsd• Special holodeck
• Transphasic torpedoes
• Laser cannons
• Romulan cloaking device
Who owns a bar on the station Easy Microsd• Rom
• Quark
• Bashir
• Sksko
If you wanted to curse someone in Klingnon, what would you call them Medium Microsd• Q'Pla
• A Bath'leth
• A P'tach
• A Par'mach
Jake Sisco discontinued his Starfleet training to become: Easy Microsd• A cook
• A photographer
• A writer
• A chemist
The leader of the Bajoran Religion is called: Easy Microsd• Opaka
• Vedek
• Emissary
• Kai
How many rules of "Rules Of Acquisition" are there Medium Microsd• 173
• 341
• 450
• 285
Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) married someone from the original DS9 crew. Who was it Medium Microsd• Alexander Siddig (Julian Bashir)
• Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat)
• Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko)
• Rene Auberjonois (Odo)
Who killed Tora Ziyal, Gul Dukat's daughter Medium Microsd• Garak
• Bashir
• Damar
• Martok
The changelings gave Odo the impression someone powerful was an undercover changeling in 'Broken Link'. Who Medium Microsd• Martok
• Bashir
• Gowron
• Ben Sisko
What is the name of the Klingon Homeworld Easy Microsd• Q'Pla
• Qo'noS
• K'aTra
• P'TaQ
Who portrays constable Odo in DS9 Medium Microsd• Alexander Siddig
• Avery Brooks
• RenĂ© Auberjonois
• Colm Meaney
What was the name of General Martok's starship Hard Microsd• B'Moth
• Rotarran
• Bortas
• Buruk
Who are the leaders of the Dominion Easy Microsd• The Bord
• The Changelings
• The Vorta
• The Jem'hadar
In the alternate universe episodes, the humans are referred to as something different. What are they called Medium Microsd• Slave People
• Bajorans
• Terrans
• Rebels
At the end of season six, who is killed Easy Microsd• Captain Sisko
• Jadzia Dax
• Major Kira
• Elim Garak
In the episode "Favour the Bold", Sisko's fleet was awaited by _____ (exact number) of Dominion ships. Hard Microsd• 3000
• 5302
• 1254
• 10000
Where was Dukat's daughter found Hard Microsd• Bajor
• Dominion mining facility
• Breen labor camp
• Cardassian prison
DS9 was originally owned and operated by which race Easy Microsd• Romulans
• Klingons
• Bajorans
• Cardassians
What was the initial name of Deep Space Nine while it was under Cardassian command Hard Microsd• Empok Nor
• Terok Nor
• Kerok Nor
• Loval
What was the name of the episode in which Odo got his shapeshifting abilities back Hard Microsd• The Adversary
• What You Leave Behind
• The Alternate
• The Begotten
Who is the Bajoran attache to DS9 Easy Microsd• Quark
• Kira Nerys
• Jadzia Dax
• Elim Garak
What's the first name of Rom's son Medium Microsd• Jake
• Benjamin
• Miles
• Nog
What's the name of Rom's wife Medium Microsd• Kira
• Leeta
• Ezri
• Jadzia
What is the name of the starship assigned to DS9 Easy Microsd• Defiant
• Rotarran
• Enterprise
• Reliant
What species was Jadzia Dax Easy Microsd• Human
• Bajoran
• Trill
• Cardassian
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Sci-Fi | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 11:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 03, 1993
Ended: June 02, 1999
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