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Star Trek: Enterprise

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Question Diff. By Answers
Which one of these singers performed the Enterprise theme "Faith of the Heart" Hard Microsd• Jim Morrison
• Robert Wyatt
• Russell Watson
• Mick Jagger
In season 4 of the show we see Data creator's ancestor, what was his name Medium Microsd• Noonien Soong
• Lore Soong
• Jack Soong
• Arik Soong
The Enterprise follows a story in the Delphic Expanse in the season 3 of the series. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
What was Hoshi Sato's duty aboard the Enterprise Easy Microsd• Chief engineer
• Armory officer
• Helm
• Communications officer
LeVar Burton has directed several episodes of the show. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
What's the name of the species which killed several million people on Earth Easy Microsd• Xindi
• Klingons
• Andorians
• Romulans
When did the first episode of the series air Medium Microsd• November 2001
• September 2001
• January 2002
• July 2001
What's the exact number of episodes Enterprise had during it's 4 year run Medium Microsd• 110
• 92
• 98
• 99
How many seasons did Enterprise originally run for Easy Microsd• 1
• 6
• 4
• 3
Who portrays Hoshi Sato aboard the Enterprise Medium Microsd• Jolene Blalock
• Terry Farrel
• Linda Park
• Zoe Seldana
What are the military units stationed aboard the ship known as Medium Microsd• MAKO
What species is Doctor Phlox Easy Microsd• Breen
• Denobulan
• Andorian
• Klingon
Who portrays Malcolm Reed on ST: Enterprise Medium Microsd• Dominic Keating
• Anthony Montgomery
• Robert Picardo
• Scott Bakula
Who portrays Dr. Phlox aboard the Enterprise Easy Microsd• Scott Bakula
• Anthony Montgomery
• Connor Trinneer
• John Billingsley
Captain Archer's father designed warp engines. What was his name Hard Microsd• John
• Michael
• Steven
• Henry
Commander Tucker is from Texas. Medium Microsd• True
• False
Enterprise is a warp five starship. Easy Microsd• True
• False
On Enterprise, who is the tactical officer Medium Microsd• T'Pol
• Travis Mayweather
• Malcolm Reed
• Hoshi Sato
In "Star Trek: Enterprise," which species designed a super weapon to destroy Earth Medium Microsd• Klingon
• Cardassian
• Romulan
• Xindi
Who is the doctor aboard Enterprise Easy Microsd• Spock
• Hoshi
• Phlox
• Archer
Who is second in command aboard Enterprise Easy Microsd• Hoshi
• Malcolm Reed
• Travis Mayweather
• T'Pol
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 2001
Ended: May 13, 2005
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