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Star Trek: Enterprise


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Honestly....Rating: 4 likes, 9 dislikes
I am a Trekkie from the age of seven when I sat on my Grandma's floor and watched my first episode of TOS. I fell in love with Kirk. When I realized there was a new Star Trek series on at that time, I fell in love with the whole crew. And then we were given DS9 and Voyager. And though I admit, I don't love these shows as much as I did the first two series, I still enjoy them to this day. I have all the episodes on dvd. My small children sit and watch them with my husband and I.

When I heard that there was a new Trek series in the work, I was extremely excited. I remember how long the months seemed until the pilot episode was aired. And I remember the disappointment. My heart melted and I am sure Roddenberry cried. This show was not at all like any of the other series. The Klingons had facial ridges????? Didn't we have to go through this same dilema with TNG? Hadn't we discovered that an evalutional accident happened to create the 200 year progression from no cranial ridges to severe cranial ridges? Then how was this to be explained? I didn't watch anymore episodes after that one. I am not even sure if that was in the pilot episode or not. I didn't want to confuse my knowledge of the Star Trek universe with anything from that show.

They could have made this a much better series and saved on budget too, assume. I don't mean to upset those of the viewing audience that followed this show faithfully. I admire you for having more of an open mind then I do. Unfortunately, I was unable to get over this chronological fatal errors the writers, costume developers, or crew of the series in general made with it. With the world of Star Trek, chronology is a big issue. Hopefully, the creators will have a burst of muse and create another show.

Review posted on Sunday, April 15th 2007 at 1:13 am


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Concerning the previous reviewer of this series, I don't know how someone can review a show, honestly, after only viewing ONE episode. Also the thing they brought up with the Klingons, Roddenberry stated that Klingons have ALWAYS had ridges, it's just during the filming of TOS they didn't have the ability to bring his vision to life with the make-up effects that they had available to them at the time.

Now on to the program. I am also a life-long Trekkie and well, this wasn't my favorite of all the shows but I do like it. It has it's good points (i.e. a likable, strong cast and guest appearances, some good story-lines) but it does appear to stray from some of Roddenberry's vision - one of the more obvious ways and the main thing that irked me the most is how they portrayed Vulcans. I don't know what possessed the "Killer B's" to practically villainize the most beloved race in all of Trekkiedom, but they did and it was poorly done. I know for a fact this rubbed many a Trekkie the wrong way. Now, I can understand the producers wanted to "do their own thing" but they should have considered the fact that the people who would loyally watch this type of program are the ones who will fiercely expect them to hold to the canon of the series.

Would I suggest this show? Yes, but I would also suggest going in to it without expectations of it being another TNG or even DS9. It does have a slow start, so give it a few episodes.

Review posted on Tuesday, March 15th 2011 at 9:38 pm

Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 2001
Ended: May 13, 2005
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