Season 2

17 :02x01 - The Pirates of Orion

Spock is stricken ill with a disease that is fatal to Vulcans. With time running out, the Enterprise must rendezvous with another ship carrying the cure. However, Orion pirates hijack the shipment and Kirk must deal with them before Spock dies.
Guest Stars: James Doohan as Transporter Chief, Captain O'Shea, Orion Commander, Orion Ensign | Majel Barrett as Huron First Officer | George Takei as Huron Helmsman, Orion Lieutenant
Director: Bill Reed (1)

18 :02x02 - Bem

The Enterprise plays host to Ambassador Bem, an arrogant member of a neutral race. However, Bem endangers all of their lives when he conducts a test of suitability upon Kirk and Spock during an exploratory mission on a primitive planet.
Guest Stars: James Doohan as Commander Ari bn Bem | Nichelle Nichols as Alien Entity
Director: Bill Reed (1)

19 :02x03 - The Practical Joker

After avoiding a Romulan ambush by entering a strange energy cloud, the Enterprise finds itself at the mercy of an insane ship's computer that indulges in a series of increasingly aggressive practical jokes.
Guest Stars: Norm Prescott as Romulan Crewman | Lou Scheimer as Romulan Commander | James Doohan as Search Party Crewman | Majel Barrett as Enterprise Computer
Director: Hal Sutherland

20 :02x04 - Albatross

The Enterprise goes to the planet Dramia II to deliver medical supplies, only to have McCoy arrested and put on trial for deliberately spreading a disease that wiped out an entire colony. Now Kirk must clear his friend's name before the doctor is executed.
Guest Stars: Lou Scheimer as Demos | James Doohan as Supreme Prefect, Kol-Tai
Director: Bill Reed (1)

21 :02x05 - How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth?

Backtracking a mysterious probe, the Enterprise confronts a ship in the form of a giant feathered serpent. Its captain, Kukulkan, insists on putting Kirk and others through a test to determine if they have grown sufficiently to receive his wisdom.
Guest Stars: James Doohan as Ensign Dawson Walking Bear, Kukulkan | Majel Barrett as Female Yeoman
Director: Bill Reed (1)

22 :02x06 - The Counter-Clock Incident

The Enterprise inadvertently locks a tractor beam on a ship diving into a nova, and finds itself pulled into a bizarre parallel universe where time flies backward and the crew becomes younger at an alarming rate.
Guest Stars: James Doohan as Commodore Robert April, Karl Four | Nichelle Nichols as Dr Sarah April, Karla Five
Director: Bill Reed (1)
Writer: Fred Bronson
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 08, 1973
Ended: October 12, 1974
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