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Star Trek: The Animated Series: Once Upon a Planet

The Enterprise travels to the shore leave planet for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. The planet can create organic androids based on the crew's imagination, but they soon discover that the planet has a hostile mind of its own.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x9
Production Number: 22017
Airdate: Saturday November 03rd, 1973

Guest Stars
George TakeiGeorge Takei
voiced Amusement Park Computer
James DoohanJames Doohan
voiced Gabler, White Rabbit
Majel BarrettMajel Barrett
voiced Queen of Hearts
Nichelle NicholsNichelle Nichols
voiced Alice
Main Cast
William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
voiced Captain James Tiberius Kirk
Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy
voiced Commander Spock
DeForest KelleyDeForest Kelley
voiced Dr. Leonard Horatio "Bones" McCoy
James DoohanJames Doohan
voiced Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Lt. Arex
Nichelle NicholsNichelle Nichols
voiced Lt. Uhura
George TakeiGeorge Takei
voiced Lt. Hikaru Sulu
Majel BarrettMajel Barrett
voiced Nurse Christine Chapel, Lt. M'Ress


The Enterprise has set course for the "shove leave" planet for R&R. The planet's sole purpose is to provide amusement for space travelers, manifesting bio-constructs based on their thoughts and imagination. McCoy, Uhura, and Sulu are among the first to beam down and Sulu remembers when they saw the White Rabbit on their previous visit. The planet immediately manifests a White Rabbit and Alice running by. They separate and Uhura enjoys herself by a lake. McCoy finds himself at a Southern-style manor when suddenly the Queen of Hearts and two soldier playing cards attack him. He runs for it and calls for transport up to the ship. Uhura overhears the transmission and checks in, but a robot appears and takes away her communicator...

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Episode Notes
This episode is a sequel to the Star Trek episode "Shore Leave".

Episode Quotes
Spock: The Queen of Hearts and her cards are characters from Alice Through the Looking Glass, Captain.
Kirk: I read the book as a child, Mr. Spock, but I wasn't aware you indulged in the literature of fantasy.
Spock: Light reading is considered relaxing, Captain. My mother was particularly fond of Lewis Carroll's work.

Amusement Park Computer: Unfortunately, I have no use for more hostages which leaves me no choice but to turn them off.
Uhura: Turn them off?
Amusement Park Computer: Again redundant. I will make them cease to function. I will turn them off.
Uhura: That's murder.
Amusement Park Computer: That is a word meaning to cease to function?
Uhura: Yes, but...
Amusement Park Computer: Good. It is as I wish. I will turn them off.

Spock: Our amusement park seems no longer content to amuse.

Uhura: There is no shame in serving others when one does it of his own free will.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorGene Roddenberry
ProducerLou Scheimer  |  Norm Prescott
Associate ProducerD.C. Fontana
Story EditorD.C. Fontana
Art DirectorDon Christensen
Supervising DirectorHal Sutherland
Production ManagerRock Benedetto
Executive ConsultantGene Roddenberry
Special EffectsReuben Timmins
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