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Kirk and Spock are chosen by a mysterious race to lead an expedition of alien specialists to an "insane planet" and recover a missing artifact, the Soul of Alar, before the avian Skorr go on a galactic jihad.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x16
Production Number: 22014
Airdate: Saturday January 12th, 1974

Guest Stars
David GerroldDavid Gerrold
voiced EM/3/Green
James DoohanJames Doohan
voiced Tchar, Sord
Majel BarrettMajel Barrett
voiced Lara, Vedalan
Main Cast
William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
voiced Captain James Tiberius Kirk
Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy
voiced Commander Spock
George TakeiGeorge Takei
voiced Lt. Hikaru Sulu


The Enterprise is sent to a Vedala asteroid on a mission. The Vedala are the oldest known space-faring race and have discovered a threat to the entire galaxy. They have sent for a team of specialists, including Kirk and Spock. The two officers beam down to the asteroid and find themselves in a clearing with four other aliens and a Vedala representative. It introduces the other aliens: Tchar, hereditary prince of the Skorr; then Sord, a large strong reptiloid Next is Em/3/Green, a coward, lockpick, and thief. Lara, a humanoid female, has a flawless direction sense. Spock has been chosen for his scientific expertise and Kirk for his leadership and adaptability. Tchar explains that his people were great warriors two centuries ago and threatened to overwhelm the galaxy. They became civilized because of Alar, their religious leader and their teacher. When he died, Alar's brain patterns were recorded in an indurite sculpture. Someone has stolen the sculpture and the Skorr are prepared to make war on every non-Skorr in the galaxy. Spock warns that within two years, the Skorr could breed an army of 200 billion warriors. The Skorr government has kept the theft secret and they must recover it before the Skorr discover it is gone and launch a holy war on the galaxy. The thief is unknown but the Vedala have found its location: a "mad" planet wracked by all matter of natural disasters. Three previous expeditions have failed and the Vedala can't survive on the planet. All six specialists agree and the Vedala teleports them to the planet...

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Episode Quotes
Em/3/Green: I was sentenced to this mad expedition. My people are cautious, what you would call cowards.

Sord: I like this planet. It's got variety!

Lara: Vulcans. Never liked them much myself. Cold-blooded critters, all of them.
Kirk: I wouldn't say that. Mr. Spock is a... unique personality.
Lara: But not human, like you and me. Maybe you got different customers. My world there's a lot of females, not so many men. Come we find a man attractive, we say so. I'm saying so. How do you find me?
Kirk: Fascinating. But we're not here on a pleasure trip, Lara.
Lara: All the more reason to take what pleasure there might be in it.

Em/3/Green: We'll all die here.
Spock: A statistical probability.
Lara: You ever quote anything beside statistics, Vulcan?
Spock: Yes. But philosophy and poetry are not appropriate here.

Lara: Close
Spock: Far too close, Captain. I appreciate your action on my behalf, but your first duty is to the group and the mission.
Kirk: Quite right, Spock. And that responsibility includes not losing the best science officer in Starfleet.
Sord: You two going to argue honors or are we going to get on with it?

Kirk: That's it. End of a long hard journey.
Lara: We still have to go back, James. I'd tell you true, I find you an attractive man. If we were...together, the trip'd be easier. And if anything happened, why... we'd have some green memories.
Kirk: I already have... a lot of green memories.

Vedala: We cannot reward you. For the good of the Skorr, this must be forever secret. You have only our thanks.
Sord: Got nowhere to keep a medal, anyway.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorGene Roddenberry
ProducerLou Scheimer  |  Norm Prescott
Associate ProducerD.C. Fontana
MusicNorm Prescott  |  Ray Ellis
Story EditorD.C. Fontana
Art DirectorDon Christensen
Supervising DirectorHal Sutherland
Background ArtistDon Peters (1)  |  Karen Shaffner  |  Paul Xander  |  Maurice Harvey  |  Tom O'Loughlin  |  Pat Keppler  |  Curt Perkins  |  Boris Gorelick  |  Rolando Oliva  |  Janet Brown (2)
Production ManagerRock Benedetto
Executive ConsultantGene Roddenberry
Special EffectsReuben Timmins
Editorial SupervisorJoseph Simon  |  Doreen A. Dixon
Camera SupervisorR.W. Pope
LayoutCliff Voorhees  |  Robert Kline (2)  |  Virgil Raddatz  |  John Perry (1)  |  Carol Lundberg  |  Malcolm Weizer  |  George Goode  |  James Koukos  |  Tom Burton  |  Martin Muller  |  Jim Willoughby  |  Wes Herschensohn  |  Ken Leonard  |  Lorna Smith  |  Les Kaluza  |  George Jensen  |  Dick Hall (1)  |  Warren Marshall  |  Wendell Washer  |  George Wheeler  |  Maria Bennett  |  Glen Keane  |  Christopher Lane (1)
Key Assistant AnimatorMike Hazy  |  Bill House
StoryboardJack Miller (1)  |  Louise Sandoval  |  Michael O'Connor (5)  |  Ken Southworth  |  Dawn Huntley  |  Paul Fennell  |  Sherman Labby  |  Dale Hale
Director Of ColorErvin Kaplan
Key LayoutAlberto De Mello  |  Kay Wright  |  Herb Hazelton
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